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Misc News Articles

  • May.01.2018: British govt says it has 'never been naive' about Iran's nuclear programme, after Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu accuses Islamic republic of deceiving the world in live presentation. Spokesman also said Atomic Energy Agency inspections vital to ensure peace. Comes after Netanyahu stepped up pressure on US to pull out of nuclear deal. Israeli PM yesterday said Iran lied about never having nuclear weapons plan Reuters, Iain Burns, The Mail Online.
  • 2018.01.02: What’s going on in Iran? Everything we know about the protests so far, New Statesman, Julia Rampen
  • 2018.01.02: Corruption and inequality fuelling protests in Iran as Rouhani faces pressure to crack down. Bloody suppression of demonstrators could turn other countries against Iran and fatally undermine the nuclear deal, The Independent, Parrick Cockburn
  • 2018.01.02: A grassroots struggle against the Iranian theocracy – with its deplorable combination of fake elections, brutality and sexual repression – self-evidently deserves the backing of the western left, @J_Bloodworth >> Why have left wingers greeted the Iran protests with miserable silence, [ International Business Times, James Bloodworth