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James Dimon, JP Morgan CEO, 2019: "the excesses of capitalism are threatening the foundation of society". Salary: $31m.
James Dimon, 2020: trousered $31.5m, a 1.6% increase on 2018. Forbes estimates Dimon's fortune to be $1.7bn.[1]

JPMorgan Chase & Company is an American multinational financial holding company, and is one of the biggest banking groups in the world with 5,130+ banking agencies.[2018] The group operates in the USA (76.4%), Europe/Middle East/Africa (14.8%), Asia/Pacific (6.5%), Latin America and the Caribbean Islands (2.3%).
Business activities are through the following segments:

  • 46.6%: Retail banking: sale of standard and specialised financial services such as real estate loans, automobile loans, insurance, credit cards sales, etc;
  • 32.6%: Corporate & Investment banking: consulting for mergers-acquisitions and restructuring, capital increases, investment capital, active on the stock, bond, and derived product markets, stock market brokerage, etc.;
  • 12.7%: Asset & Wealth Management;
  • 8.1%: Commercial banking.

Tax Policy: 20 JP Morgan Chase maintains 170 subsidiaries in tax havens.ref

BankTrack-Fossil-Bank.svg Financing Fossil Fuels:[2]
 Tar Sands: $2.09bn   Arctic Oil: $377m   Offshore: $6.80bn   Fracking: $10.44bn   LNG Export: $1.65bn   Coal Mining: $318m   Coal Power: $1.18bn 



Total float: 74.4%
Source: MarketScreener.svg, Mar.2020


The Firm’s principal operating subsidiary in the UK is JP Morgan Securities plc, a subsidiary of JPMorgan Chase Bank NA.

For a description of the firm’s business segments, and the products and services they provide to their respective client bases, refer to "Business Segment Results" on pages 55–74, and Note 31. AR-2017, p.40 Securities, B'berg, CH, Asset Management


JPMorgan Chase’s principal bank subsidiaries are JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association, a national banking association with branches in 23 states, and Chase Bank USA, National Association, a national banking association that is the firm’s principal credit card-issuing bank.

JP Morgan Cazenove

JP Morgan Cazenove became a wholly-owned part of JP Morgan in 2010, having originally operated as a joint venture between JP Morgan and UK investment bank Cazenove. Webpage, J.P. Morgan CazenoveWikipedia-W.svg

JP Morgan Private Bank

Webpage Is this US-only?

JP Morgan Chase Bank NA

Chase Bank, formally known as "JP Morgan Chase Bank NA", is a USA bank headquartered in New York City. It is the wholly-owned consumer and commercial banking subsidiary of JPMorgan Chase & Company. Chase Bank has 5,100+ branches nationwide.
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JP Morgan UK

London is the regional headquarters for our EMEA business. We are recognised as one of the premier financial institutions in the UK, and provide our clients with a range of integrated services from across our franchises under both the JP Morgan and JP Morgan Cazenove brands.
Through the JPMorgan Chase Foundation, we make philanthropic investments in cities where we have major operations, assisting those at a disadvantage by helping them build better lives for themselves, their families and their communities. ref


JPMorgan Chase’s principal nonbank subsidiary is JP Morgan Securities LLC, a US broker-dealer.

JP Morgan Asset Management

JP Morgan Asset Management is the brand name for the asset management business of JPMorgan Chase & Company and its affiliates worldwide. JP Morgan Asset Management (UK) Ltd is part of the JP Morgan Asset Management marketing group, which sells investments, life assurance and pension products.ref, CH
JPMorgan Investment Management Inc operates as a subsidiary of JP Morgan Asset Management Holdings Inc.ref

JP Morgan Securities plc

JP Morgan Securities is the wholly-owned brokerage subsidiary of JP Morgan Chase Bank. The firm was established in 1992, and provides banking, investment banking and broker-dealer services. It is headquartered in London. MarketScreener, B'beg, JP Morgan, OC, CH


  • Jan.11.2020: Want to Do Something About Climate Change? Follow the Money. ...Money inside the vaults of banks like Chase is driving the climate crisis. Cutting off that flow of cash may be the single quickest step we can take to rein in the fossil fuel industry and slow the rapid warming of the earth." In the last 3 years, JP Morgan Chase financed the fossil-fuel industry to the tune of ~$196 billion - much of it to fund extreme new ventures: ultra-deep-sea drilling, Arctic oil extraction, etc. Lennox Yearwood Jr, Bill McKibben, The New York Times.
  • May.2018: JPMorgan Chase can’t hide from the truth. JPMorgan Chase is the top US funder of extreme fossil fuels –– aka the dirtiest fossil fuels on the planet that drive climate change, human rights abuses and environmental disasters. In 2017 alone, Chase bankrolled a whole suite of extreme fossil fuels — including tar sands, Arctic oil, coal, deepwater drilling, and liquefied natural gas –– to the tune of $11.6bn. Ruth Breech, Rainforest Action Network. See also Banking on Climate Change


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  • MLP Investment Holdings Inc. is an investment advisor headquartered in New York City. The firm is a subsidiary of the Bear Stearns Companies LLC, ultimately held by ...ref
  • Jul.2006: CCMP Capital Advisors LP: JP Morgan Partners LLC, the private equity arm of JPMorgan Chase, separated out to fly free, forming CCMP Capital. Portfolio, Website
  • Jul.2004: Bank One Corporation was acquired by JPMorgan Chase & Company. In Sept.2003, Zurich Life Insurance, part of Zurich's USA life and annuity operations, was sold to Bank One Corporation.
  • 2000: Chase merged with JP Morgan; Chase Capital Partners was renamed as JP Morgan Partners LLC.
  • 1996: Chemical Bank merged with Chase Manhattan Bank; Chemical Ventures Partners was renamed as Chase Capital Partners.
  • 1991: Chemical Bank merged with Manufacturers Hanover; Manufacturers Hanover Capital Partners merged into Chemical Venture Partners.
  • 1984: Chemical Venture Partners, a unit of Chemical Bank, was founded.
Sources: History


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  2. ^ Banking on Climate Change: Fossil Fuel Finance Report 2020. The new Report shows financial support for the Fossil Fuel Industry has increased every year since the Paris Agreement was adopted in Dec.2015. Again, the big USA banks dominate; again, JPMorgan Chase leads the pack, with Wells Fargo, Citigroup, and Bank of America close on their heels. These 4 banks alone are responsible for 30% of all fossil fuel financing out of the 35 major global banks since the Paris Agreement was adopted. Rainforest Action Network, Mar.20.2019.