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LafargeHolcim is a Swiss multinational manufacturer of construction materials, primarily cement, aggregates and concrete, with a presence in ~80 countries. The company operates through the following divisions:[2017]

  • 61.3%: Cement and clinkers: 209.5m tons sold, with 271 production sites worldwide; Webpage
  • 10.5%: Aggregates: 278.7m tons of sand, gravel, and chalk sold, with 629 production sites worldwide; Webpage
  • 28.2%: Other: primarily ready-mix concrete (50.6m m3 sold; owns 1,479 sites) and asphalts. Concrete Webpage, Asphalts Webpage

Corporate Support for Climate Policies: InfluenceMap  D+
LafargeHolcim publicly professes support, but it has criticised the "material adverse" effect of moving away from fossil fuels. It has strong connections to organisations such as MEDEF and the European Round Table of Industrialists, which lobby against climate change legislation. Peter Hoddinott, CEO of Lafarge Africa and ex-VP of Lafarge, was president of CEMBUREAU (2013-2015), when CEMBUREAU strongly lobbied against reforms to the EU ETS, and for maintaining free allowances of emission permits for the cement sector.[1]



Total float: 79.9%
Source: MarketScreener.svg, Mar.2020


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  • 2001: Blue Circle Industries plc was bought by Lafarge SA.ref

Blue Circle Industries plc



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