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  • Mar.26.2018: The Case for Local Election PR and Directly Elected Mayors. In addition to the 7 powerful regional mayoralties that exist in England, there are 23 directly-elected mayoralties across our boroughs and cities. London is unique in the fact that it not only has a regional mayor, but also 4 Labour-run boroughs which deemed it necessary to have mayors too. ... It is imperative that organisations running £multi-million public services, often borrowing treble digit sums in the name of funding local facilities, are given the proper democratic scrutiny which can only be ensured by built-in opposition through proportional representation. Conversely, new arrangements could foster far greater levels of bipartisanship and consensus than we see currently and nurture a fully representative decision-making process where the views of the voting minority are genuinely taken into consideration by elected mayors. The current directly elected mayoral arrangements are clearly allowing for the hollowing out of local govt and could eventually debase and undermine the legitimacy of local democracy. The transformation and modernisation of local government can only continue where overview and scrutiny are guaranteed. CAER.
  • Jan.08.2017: Developers accused of treating Manchester objections with 'total contempt' over Northern Quarter hotel plans. Councillors told the firm to look again at their plans for Shudehill... but now EXACTLY the same proposal has been resubmitted (Fred Done’s property firm Salboy and partners Factory Estates; building designed by 5Plus, Council Pat Karney; All 3 city centre councillors plus Ollie Manco councillor for the neighbouring Ancoats ward; city centre councillor Joan Davies and committee member Coun Basil Curley ). Manchester Evening News.