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  • Nov.16.2017: 'Rees-Mogg said you got it WRONG' Mark Carney GRILLED on negative Brexit forecasts. BANK OF ENGLAND Governor Mark Carney was grilled over allegations of doom-mongering Brexit forecasts after prominent eurosceptic Jacob Rees-Mogg recently branded him the “enemy of Brexit”. The Express, Joe Barnes
  • Jul.08.2017: Bank of England chief Mark Carney "takes £5,000 a week" of taxpayers' money to pay rent. Bank of England governor Mark Carney’s annual financial package shows that he has received over £1m in housing allowance since he took up his role in 2013. The sum equates to almost £5000 a week to help with his rent. The money, awarded as part of a renumeration package worth almost £900,000, was offered to Mr Carney by George Osborne while he was Chancellor. James Price, campaign manager at the Taxpayers' Alliance, said: "Taxpayers will be understandably angry to learn that Mr Carney receives more from his housing allowance than the value of most peoples' houses. Mr Carney pays 45% on the housing allowance. He has turned down a pay rise every year on his £480,000 salary. The Express, Sam Sholli