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Plan B is a charity, established to support strategic legal action against catastrophic Climate Change. By ensuring those responsible for greenhouse gas emissions bear the costs of loss and damage, we will increase the incentives for investment in clean technologies, harnessing market forces towards a better future for us all.

Plan A was an international agreement to establish a global "carbon budget", consistent with avoiding the worst effects of climate change; and principles for a fair division of that budget between countries. Political obstacles (including entrenched opposition from fossil-fuel backed US Republicans) derailed Plan A. The difference between 1.5° and 4° warming is the difference between life and death on a grand scale.
The Paris Agreement is misleading: it calls for decarbonising in the 2nd half of this century. That implies we have ~80 years to wean ourselves off fossil fuels. The UNFCCC's own assessment shows this is delusional. A plan is needed now.
Those shaping international energy policy are being wilfully blind; partly due to ideology, and partly due to corporate capture. The law is society’s fundamental safety mechanism - and that is what we are using.ref

Plan B focuses on the development of a networked, international legal strategy to meet the long-term climate goal; and in developing and publishing legal tools and resources to support citizens, NGOs and others in bringing their own actions around the globe.ref


Plan B -vs- the UK

Case Page

  • Jan.30.2019: The Court of Appeal rejected our appeal to have our case heard on the 2050 Target. That's now the end of the road for the appeal process. The court’s analysis is cursory. Nevertheless, there’s no doubt the legal action has made an impact: within 1 month of commencing legal proceedings, the Climate Change Committee had recommended a review of the 2050 carbon target in light of the Paris Agreement, which is what we had been urging, and the govt announced announced a review in Apr.2018. That review is now well underway, and we are watching closely.'

Plan B -vs- Heathrow Expansion

Case Page The govt recognises that climate change is an existential threat, and has committed to international "climate leadership" and to making a fair contribution to the Paris Agreement temperature limit of 1.5°C and "well below" 2°C to safeguard its citizens. Nevertheless, it advances policies that are completely at odds with that commitment, including subsidies for fossil fuels and fracking. Parliament passed the [Planning Act 2008], which specifically requires the govt to consider its climate change obligations before approving major infrastructure plans. So how did Transport Minister Chris Grayling deal with the inconsistency? He simply ignored it.
Plan B argues that Grayling has acted (a) in excess of his powers; (b) irrationally; and (c) in breach of the Human Rights Act 1998, Section 3.
Plan B joins Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, and the Mayor of London, in challenging the Heathrow expansion on a range of different grounds. A full trial begins on Mar.11.2019.