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The Prince of Liechtenstein Foundation was created in 1970 to manage the assets of the Princely Portfolio, owned by the Princely Family of Liechtenstein.[1] The portfolio holds a multitude of private companies, museums, and art collections,[1] such as the LGT Group, the Hofkellerei Wineries, Wilfersdorf Agricultural & Forest Company, RiceTec, and real estate holdings in Vienna, Austria.[2]

The Foundation operates ~19,600 hectares of agricultural and forestry land, a vineyard, and a variety of real estate properties in Austria. In addition, it operates companies that are active in the fields of agriculture, forestry and energy production in Austria and abroad. Website

Agricultural Businesses

  • Wilfersdorf Agricultural and Forestry Company. Kalwang Forest, Webpage
  • Real Estate Management Vienna looks after the real estate owned by the Foundation Prince Liechtenstein in Vienna.[3]
  • Liechtenstein Energie GmbH & Co KG focuses on generating energy from water power, Webpage
  • LIECO GmbH & Co KG, a company producing container-grown forest seedlings.[4] Webpage
  • RiceTec Inc, America’s biggest hybrid rice seed producer. Website
  • Lichtenstein Collections, one of the most important private collections in the world.[5][6]
  • Foundation Hofkellerei, Hofkellerei Wineries. Website

LGT Group Holding Ltd

LGT Group is the Private Banking and Asset Management arm of the Princely House of Liechtenstein, and is the world’s largest family-owned and managed financial services company. Originally known as the Liechtenstein Global Trust, it is divided into two main areas of Private Banking and Asset Management.Website
  • LGT Bank AG: private banking. Formerly known as LGT Bank in Liechtenstein AG; renamed to LGT Bank AG in Jan.2013. The company was founded in 1920 and is based in Vaduz, Liechtenstein.[2] Website
  • LGT Capital Partners: private equity, asset management; invests in the public equity, fixed income, and alternative investment markets.[3]Website


  • Prince Maximilian, CEO (2012-date).ref Prince of LiechtensteinWikipedia-W.svg
    • Prince of Liechtenstein Foundation
      • LGT Gruppe Stiftung (LGT Group Foundation), reg. Liechtenstein Flag-Liechtenstein.svg


  • LGT Group Holding Ltd,[7] (Aug.2017), reg. Liechtenstein Flag-Liechtenstein.svg
    • LGT UK Holdings Ltd, OpenCorporates-sm.svg + SC EH Invest + SC Financiere Hermitage (Sept.2018)
      • 60%: LGT EC Holding Ltd, OpenCorporates-sm.svg, managing partners hold 40%, rems to be acq'd in 2019+2021
        • LGT Private Dent (UK) Ltd (was European Capital Ltd; European Capital Fund Management Ltd), advisory services to Alternative Investment Funds, acq'd Jun.2017 OpenCorporates-sm.svg
      • 75.57%: LGT Vestra LLP (rem. 24.43% to be acq'd in 2019+2021), wealth and financial advisory services, OpenCorporates-sm.svg
        • LGT Vestra (Jersey) Ltd, OpenCorporates-sm.svg, reg. Jersey Flag-Jersey.svg
        • LGT Vestra US Ltd, OpenCorporates-sm.svg
        • Vestra Nominees Ltd, OpenCorporates-sm.svg
        • Vestra Wealth (Jersey) Nominees Ltd, OpenCorporates-sm.svg, reg. Jersey Flag-Jersey.svg
      • LGT Capital Partners (UK) Ltd, marketing and promotion of funds, OpenCorporates-sm.svg
        • LGT Capital Partners (Australia) Pty Ltd. OpenCorporates-sm.svg

  • LGT Group (was Liechenstein Global Trust AG), private weath and asset manager for the Prince of Liechtenstein Foundation, ref,ref, ref
    • LGT Bank in Liechtenstein AG (private banking)
    • GT Global (mutual and unit trusts)
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European Capital

  • Feb.2017: European Capital Fund Management Ltd, the publicly-traded European investment affiliate of American Capital Ltd, was bought from Ares Capital Corporation's Ivy Hill Asset Management LP (AR-2017, p.6). European Capital formed LGT UK's private debt investment centre.ref Funds continued to be managed by the same team.ref,ref,ref The firm was subsequently renamed "LGT European Capital Ltd".
  • May.1998: Bermuda-registered LGT Asset Management,ref a division of Liechenstein Global Trust AG, was sold to Amvescap plc. LGT included GT Global Inc, an international mutual-fund company based in San Francisco, and pension fund manager Chancellor LGT Asset Management, a New York institutional money management company. GT Global had operations in Hong Kong, Japan, Canada and Germany, where it operated the 2nd-largest foreign-owned asset manager.[8]
  • Jul.1996: Chancellor Capital Management Inc, an American institutional asset manager, was purchased by LGT Asset Management, the San Francisco-based money management subsidiary of Liechtenstein Global Trust. The deal brought LGT more American institutional customers, and gave Chancellor more investments to sell, particularly international mutual funds.[9]


  • Feb.26.2008: Liechtenstein: where the missing billions go. Liechtenstein is a throwback to the days when princes ruled. It is also the focus of a very modern industry: tax evasion. Banks and "discreet" financial services are the core of its economy. ...dangerous supergrass called Heinz Kieber, a 50-year-old Liechtenstein citizen who began working for the principality's main bank, the Liechtenstein Global Trust (LGT) in 1999. Tony Paterson, The Independent. See also Liechtenstein Scandal.


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