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RES is a global renewable energy company which has been active in the renewable energy industry for over 30 years. Its core business is to develop, construct and operate large-scale, grid-connected renewable energy projects for commercial, industrial and utility clients. RES is active in the wind (both on- and offshore) and solar energy sectors, and is increasingly focused on the transition to a low-carbon economy providing transmission, energy storage and demand side management expertise. (WP)

UK & Ireland

Company Structure

  • McAlpine Partnership Trust, 98.4% ref + K McAlpine 1972 Settlement, 1.6%
    • Renewable Energy Systems Holdings Ltd, CH (subsids on p.70)
      • Renewable Energy Systems Ltd, 100%, CH (subsids on p.33)
ToDo: Look into Newarthill Limited, CH p.57, also controlled by the Trust, involved in a shed-load of PPPs; and has a ton of offshore companies.

Renewables Infrastructure Group Ltd

TRIG was created in 2013 with the purpose of investing in a range of diversified assets which generate electricity from renewable sources, with an initial focus on onshore wind farms and solar PV parks in the UK and Northern Europe. The company’s intention is to provide investors with long-term, stable dividends, while preserving the capital value of its investment portfolio through re-investment of surplus cash flows after payment of dividends. ref, p.7 TRIG completed its IPO in 2013, raising £300m; it is a member of the FTSE-250 index with a market capitalisation of ~£1.1bn, as of Jun.2018. ref, ref

InfraRed Capital Partners provide the financial know-how, and RES provide the engineering expertise. The Renewables sector is a growth opportunity; in 2017, for the 2nd year running, more than 50% of newly-installed electricity generating capacity globally and approximately 85% in the EU was in the form of renewable energy infrastructure.


  • The Renewables Infrastructure Group Ltd, reg. Guernsey May.2013, GR, ref


link, p.15, p.94 + map on p.16. Yet more consolidation (sigh).

ToDo: check if RES is transitioning its ownership to TRIG. Hmm, it seems as if they are, see here, p.99, and Origination of Further Investments.
  • TRIG has a portfolio of 50+ investments in operational onshore wind and solar energy generation assets in the UK, France and Ireland.ref
  • TRIG investing in renewable energy infrastructure projects located in the UK and Northern Europe including France, Ireland, Germany, and Scandinavia. Its portfolio includes wind, solar PV, and battery storage investment projects. The company is headquartered in St. Peter Port, Guernsey. ref
  • The Renewables Infrastructure Group Limited is an investment company. The Company invests in a range of assets that generate electricity from renewable sources, with a particular focus on onshore wind farms and solar PV parks. ref
  • The Renewables Infrastructure Group Limited specializes in infrastructure investments. The fund typically invests in operational assets which generate electricity from renewable sources, with a particular focus on onshore wind farms and solar photovoltaic parks. It seeks to invest in United Kingdom and Northern European countries including France, Ireland, Germany and Scandinavia. The fund seeks to invest through equity and shareholder loans. ref
  • Renewables Infrastructure Group is a large British investment trust dedicated to investments in assets generating electricity from renewable sources. Established in 2013, the company is a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index. ref
  • The Renewables Infrastructure Group eyes offshore wind, batteries and PPAs as solar tightens, ref
  • Telegraph News, ref