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The Resource Association is a new professional advocacy body (lobby group) for the reprocessing and recycling industries.

Our mission is to support the development of a sustainable and healthy industry by providing a voice, forum and leadership for the materials reprocessing and recycling industries, as well as related environmental and social interests. Member companies will promote the management of materials as resources not wastes.

Our vision is for a resource-efficient materials economy that realises value, prizes quality and seeks to maintain the integrity of the secondary materials that are still too commonly treated as waste.


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  • Nov.21.2018: Demand Recycled: Policy Options for Increasing the Demand for Post-Consumer Recycled Materials. The report analyses a range of policy options and sets out fresh thinking on the likely effectiveness of various policy interventions. It reviews the approaches used to date to increase recycling, investigates the causes of market failure and considers a wide range of potential policy measures to enhance the market for recycled material. It then investigates in detail a short-list of 4 types of policy measures to increase demand: materials taxation; a fee-rebate (or ‘feebate’) system; tradable credits and the establishment of a single Producer Responsibility organisation. It recommends further consideration of a ‘feebate’ system as the most attractive policy option. It rejects materials taxation based on the complexity of delivery. The report suggests that a single compliance scheme and single organisation for producer responsibility would be complementary to any policy option used to increase demand for PCR. The feebate scheme would comprise a levy on all packaging which is refunded to organisations demonstrating their use of PCR through the number of certified credits they hold. Resource Association, WWF.