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Südzucker is a German company operating in the Sugar Industry, and is the largest sugar producer in Europe, thanks in no small part to the EU Commission's Common Agricultural PolicyWikipedia-W.svg, which happily hands over €billions of taxpayer's money every year. This catastrophic practice of rewarding "those with the most" has meant the death of thousands of small farmers all over Europe,[1] coupled with environment-destroying mega-farms.[2]

Südzucker, through its subsidiaries, produces fast food, chilled frozen foods, starch and fruit concentrates, and bioethanol. It operates through 4 segments:[3]:28

  • 43%: Sugar: produces and markets sugar, sugar specialties and animal feed;
  • 29%: Special Products:
    • Beneo: Ingredients for food, animal food, and pharmaceutical sectors; Beneo.svg
    • Freiberger: Frozen and chilled pizza, frozen pasta dishes, snacks; Freiberger-Lebensmittel.svg
    • PortionPack Europe: Portion packs; PortionPack-Europe-Group.svg
    • Agrana + Südzucker: Maize and wheat starch for the food and non-food sectors, and bioethanol;
  • 17%: Fruit: fruit preparations (Agrana); fruit juice concentrates (Austria Juice), ingredients for the fruit juice industry.
  • 11%: CropEnergies manufactures bioethanol for the fuel sector, and for protein feed; holds a 50% stake in CT Biocarbonic GmbH which produces food-grade liquid CO2. Crop-Energies.svg



Total free float: 31.5%
† SZVG is owned by Verband Süddeutscher Zuckerrübenanbauer (Sugar beet growers' associations).
‡ via Zucker Invest GmbH, representing Austrian shareholders of Raiffeisengruppe.ref
Source: MarketScreener.svg, Mar.2020


  • Flag-Germany.svg Südzucker AG Suedzucker.svg
    • Flag-Germany.svg Freiberger Lebensmittel GmbH & Co. KG Freiberger-Lebensmittel.svg
      • Flag-USA.svg Richelieu Foods Inc Richelieu-Foods.svg

Subsids: see p.196; structure: see p.28 or here

  • Südzucker holds a 41.9% stake in Agrana Beteiligungs AG; 39.2% indirectly via Z&S Zucker and Stärke Holding AG, and 2.7% directly. Z&S Zucker und Stärke Holding AG is a 100% subsidiary of Agrana Zucker, Stärke und Frucht Holding AG. In addition to Südzucker, Zucker-Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH holds a 50% stake minus one share in Agrana Zucker, Stärke und Frucht Holding AG. The Austrian Agrana co-owners (among others, Raiffeisen Holding Niederösterreich-Wien and representatives of Austrian beet producers) have consolidated interests in Zucker-Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH.[AR-2018/19,p.162]
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Sources: The Südzucker Group, Profile 2019


WIP: Working on Profile 2019, ReportsArchive-org-sm.svg

Südzucker AG

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  • AR-2018/19: acquired 100% of Hungarian fruit juice concentrates producer and distributor Brix Trade Kft, Nagykálló; 49% of Algerian fruit preparations producer SPA Agrana Fruit Algeria (previously: Elafruits SPA), Akbou.
  • Dec.2018: 100% stake in the agricultural company Mazurs-Abro SRL, headquartered in Donduseni, Moldova
  • 2018: Südzucker and DouxMatok announced partnership.
  • 2016:
    Wheat starch factory in Zeitz starts operations.
  • 2015: Südzucker AG: the company changed its name.
  • 2014:
    Introduction of new logo. logo history
  • 2012: ED&F Man: a 24.99% equity stake was purchased in ED&F Man Holdings Ltd, a British commodities trading company,ref[4] formed by an MBO of the agricultural commodities business from investment management firm Man Group plc in Jan.2000.ref,ref In 2016, Südzucker raised its stake in ED&F Man to ~35%. Website, Reports, OpenCorporates-sm.svg
  • 2010:
    CO2 production facility starts up in Zeitz, Germany (joint venture).
  • 2008:
    Bioethanol plant in Pischelsdorf, Austria started production.
  • 2008:
    Bioethanol plant in Wanze, Belgium started production.
  • 2008: Sugar Quoteas: due to the EU sugar market regulation reforms, Südzucker Group had to surrender a total of 871,000 tonnes, or 21%, of its sugar quotas. As a result, 9 factories were closed in Europe. To safeguard its EU market position, Südzucker signed a contract with Mauritius for the supply of 400,000 tonnes of sugar annually, with deliveries starting in 2010. The agreement expired in Sept.2015.[5]
  • 2007:
    Fruit preparations factory in Brazil starts production.
  • 2007:
    Beneo GmbH was formed from the merger of formerly independent companies Palatinit, Orafti and Remy.[6][7] Beneo produced food ingredients, eg. Inulin, Oligofructose, Isomalt, Palatinose, rice starches, rice flours, etc. Chicory root: fat & sugar replacement; Sugar beet: Sugar replacement; Specialty rice ingredients: Fat-like mouthfeel, Clean label, product stability; Proteins: excellent baking performance, meat replacement, texture stability, neutral taste.[8] Beneo.com
  • 2006: Bioethanol: Europe-wide expansion of bioethanol business, with production plants in Austria, Belgium, Hungary and France being built/expanded.[9]
    May.2006: CropEnergies AG was established by Südzucker AG Mannheim/Ochsenfurt combining the bioethanol activities of Südzucker Bioethanol GmbH, Zeitz, BioWanze SA (Brussels, Belgium) and Bioenergy Loon-Plage SAS (Paris, France) into a newly-formed, Mannheim-based company.[10]
    Sept.2006: CropEnergies AG was listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, with Südzucker retaining a majority shareholding of 70.58% in the company.
  • 2006:
    First joint venture with a leading apple juice concentrate producer in China.
  • 2006:
    Beneo-Orafti factory in Chile started production. Beneo-Orafti built a 52,000 tonnes-per-year production plant for Inulin in Chile, which started up in spring of 2006. Chile's climate is outstanding and, due to the opposing seasons of the Southern Hemisphere, it is possible to produce InulinWikipedia-W.svg almost year-round by alternating with the factory in Belgium.ref
  • 2005: Bioethanol: start of production in Zeitz. As of spring 2005, the facilities started producing 260,000 m3 of bioethanol and 260,000 tonnes of protein-based animal feed annually.ref
  • 2003:
    Slaska Spólka Cukrowa in Poland was acquired, bringing 14 Silesian sugar factories into the fold.
  • 2001:
    Saint Louis Sucre SA, the 2nd-largest sugar producer in France, was acquired. ref Website.arch, Website
  • 1996:
    Beginning investments in sugar division in Poland.
  • 1996:
    Freiberger Lebensmittel GmbH & Co. KG: a majority interest was acquired in the Berlin-based producer of ready-made pizzas and pasta. The outstanding minority interest was purchased in 1998. Website
  • 1995:
    Schöller Holding GmbH & Co. KG was formed when Südzucker and Schöller Lebensmittel GmbH & Co. KG merged their ice cream, frozen and banked goods divisions. Südzucker already had a 49% stake in Schöller, acquired at the end of the 1980s. In 1998, the baked foods division was sold to the Lambertz Group in Aachen. info, info, lambertz.us, lambertz.de In Feb.2002, Nestlé acquired the remaining divisions, after the EU regulators smiled on the transaction.[11] pics, pics, pics
  • 1991: Südzucker GmbH, Zeitz was formed.
  • 1990:
    Acquisition of the East German sugar factories from the TreuhandanstaltWikipedia-W.svg, an agency established in Jun.1990 to privatise East German enterprises, prior to reunification.
  • 1989: Raffinerie Tirlemontoise SA: the Brussels-based company was taken over, two years after its listing on the stock exchange.ref
  • 1988: Südzucker AG Mannheim/Ochsenfurt: Süddeutsche Zucker AG (Mannheim) merged with Zuckerfabrik Franken GmbH (Ochsenfurt).ref The Mannheim and Ochsenfurt head offices were amalgamated in 2014/15, and the company was renamed as Südzucker AG.
  • 1977: VZAG Obernjesa: sugar factories in Wabern, Warburg and Obernjesa merged to form VZAG as a subsidiary of Zuckerfabrik Franken GmbH.
  • 1975: Actien-Zuckerfabrik Wabern was acquired by Zuckerfabrik Franken GmbH.
  • 1972: Zuckerfabrik Warburg AG: a majority shareholding was acquired by Zuckerfabrik Franken GmbH.
  • 1971: Zuckerfabrik Obernjesa AG was acquired by Zuckerfabrik Franken GmbH.
  • Early.1970s: Hellma Gastronomie-Service GmbH: Zuckerfabrik Franken GmbH (Ochsenfurt) acquired a stake. See #PortionPack Europe for more. In 1971, Hellma was spun out of food wholesaler Karl Hellmann & Co.; in 1988, when FrankenZucker merged with Südzucker, Hellma was taken over completely. In 1995, Schöller Holding GmbH & Co. KG was founded in Nuremberg, into which Südzucker contributed its Hellma shareholdings.[12]
  • 1962: Common Agricultural PolicyWikipedia-W.svg was introduced. Agricultural policy has been subject to the farming lobby's power ever since.
  • 1959: Zuckerfabrik Franken GmbH Zeil was formed as a subsidiary of Zuckerfabrik Franken GmbH Ochsenfurt
  • 1951: Zuckerfabrik Franken GmbH was formed.
  • 1926: Süddeutsche Zucker-Aktiengesellschaft in Mannheim emerged from a merger of 5 regional sugar companies: Zuckerfabrik Frankenthal AG; Zuckerfabrik Heilbronn AG; Badische Gesellschaft für Zuckerfabrikation (Mannheim); Zuckerfabrik Offstein AG; Zuckerfabrik Stuttgart AG (Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt).
  • 1837: Badische Gesellschaft für Zuckerfabrikation, the first sugar company, was formed in Waghäusel.
Sources: History of the company. Südzucker AG. Original archived on Jan.01.2020.The Südzucker Group: Profile 2019. Südzucker AG. Original archived on Jul.13.2019.

PortionPack Europe

PortionPack Europe Holding BV, part of the Südzucker Group, is a grouping of companies originating from seven European countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and the UK – all specialising in portion packs. Group companies are:[13] Van Oordt, PortionSolutions.co.uk, SAES.es, Hellma Austria, Hellma Czech Republic, Hellma Gastronomie-Service GmbH, Collaborative Packing Solutions Ltd. logos, PortionPack Europe Group logo > https://elite.oordt.com/images/content/page1587/29668e96e8ppe_logo_2017.jpg, Hellma logo
  • Feb.2020: Portion Solutions Ltd was formed from the merger of the UK's two largest portion packing operations, Single Source Ltd and CustomPack.[14] PortionSolutions/SingleSource logo
  • Oct.2018: CustomPack Ltd, a single portion items producer based in Telford, UK, was acquired by Single Source Ltd, and hived up.[15] Origins: Chequer Foods Ltd, established in 1962 in Hounslow, Middlesex, specialised in the production of individual portion products.[16] In 1971, Chequer Foods was acquired by the Autobar Federation, which merged it with three other companies. In 1982, the business was sold to The Kuwaiti Investment Office. In Jun.2015, the company was re-launched as CustomPack Ltd.[15] OpenCorporates-sm.svg, Chequer.co.ukArchive-org-sm.svg, CustomPack.co.ukArchive-org-sm.svg, logo, logo 2014
  • Sept.2018: Elite became part of Van Oordt, The Portion Company BV in Oud-Beijerland, Netherlands.[17] Elite.Oordt.com, elite portionpack belgium 2015 logo, elite portionpack belgium logo, current logo
  • 2011: Union Edel Chocolate, a chocolate manufacturer in Haarlem/the Netherlands, was acquired and incorporated into "Elite, The Portion Company".[18] Union Edel Chocolate was founded in 1902, producing couverture chocolate. Post-WWII, the firm's emphasis moved towards consumer products. In 1978, Vobeco acquired the business; in 1995, Neuhaus took over the company.[19] UnionChoc.nlArchive-org-sm.svg, Union logo 2004
  • Oct.2009: Single Source Ltd, a manufacturer of bespoke single-serve portion products and bulk packing business to the foodservice sector, was acquired. Single Source was founded in 1984 to develop personalised print for sugar and similar portions. In 1995, the business was acquired by HJ Heinz Company. In 2001, Heinz divested the dry portions segment to a buyout by the Single Service management team, who formed Single Source Ltd.[20][21][22] SingleSourcePortions.comArchive-org-sm.svg, PortionSolutions.co.uk, logo 2001, logo 2015
  • 2009: SAES (Sociedad Anónima de Azúcares Especiales), a Barcelona-based manufacturer of single-serve pre-packaged portions of sugar, biscuits, jams, sauces and spices, etc. for the foodservice sector, was acquired. SEAS was founded in the early 1980s.[23] SEAS.esArchive-org-sm.svg, SAES.es logo
  • Jun.2007: CoSo (Collaborative Packing Solutions Ltd) was founded in Midrand, Johannesburg, to provide a contract packing solution focused on dry foods such as powders and flakes. logo
  • 2004: Elite, The Portion Company was formed by the merger of Elite Biscuits and Cocachoc.[18]
  • 2002: Cocachoc was incorporated, giving PortionPack Europe a total of 9 affiliated companies in 6 countries: Holland, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Poland and Czech Republic.
  • 2001: Hellma Poland and PortionPack Landgraaf (formerly Sogeler) were added to the group.
  • 1999: Elite Biscuits and Akvina were both taken over.
  • Jan.1998: PortionPack Europe Holding BV was established by Belgium company Tiense Suikerraffinaderij in Oud-Beijerland, Netherlands, with four European portion pack companies: Van Oordt, Hellma Germany, Hellma Austria, Hellma Czech Republic.
  • Jan.1998: Hellma Gastronomie-Service GmbH, a Stuttgart, Germany-based portion-packer of single-serve own-brand products, became a wholly-owned partner of newly-founded PortionPack Europe. Hellma was spun out of food wholesaler Karl Hellmann & Co. in 1971; Zuckerfabrik Franken GmbH (Ochsenfurt) acquired a stake in Hellma in the early 1970s; when FrankenZucker merged with Südzucker in 1988, Hellma was wholly taken over; Schöller Holding GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1995, and Agrana contributed its shares in Hellma.[12] Hellma.deArchive-org-sm.svg, Hellma.de
  • 1734: Van Oordt was founded by Hendrik van Oordt. He began a refinery located in Rotterdam which processed cane sugar supplied by the Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie. Portieverpakkingen.nl logo
Additional Sources: The Company. PortionPack Europe Holding BV. Original archived on Jun.13.2006.Members. PortionPack Europe Holding BV. Original archived on Jun.13.2006.

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Agrana Beteiligungs AG

Agrana is an Austrian food and industrial products group, based in Vienna. Agrana produces fruit preparations and fruit juice concentrates, starch and bioethanol, as well as sugar, mainly sold to the processing industry. Agrana is chiefly known to end-consumers through the "Wiener Zucker" sugar brand. wiener-zucker.at,logo Agrana runs around 50 facilities with major production bases in Australia, Austria, Argentina, Brasil, China, France, Germany, Hungary, Korea, Morocco, Mexico, Poland, Romania, South Africa, Ukraine, United States. Agrana has 28 fruit production plants in 21 countries.[AR-2018/19,p.10]


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  • Almara Holding GmbH (subsidiary of Raiffeisen Holding Niederösterreich Wien reg. Gen. mbH) + Marchfelder Zuckerfabriken Gesellschaft mbH + Estezet Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH + Rübenproduzenten Beteiligungs GesmbH + and Leipnik Lundenburger Invest Beteiligungs AG.
    • Z&S Zucker Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH

  • Südzucker AG (50%) + Zucker Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH (<50%) + Agrana Zucker GmbH (1 share)
    • Agrana Zucker, Starch and Frucht Holding AG
      • Z&S Zucker und Starke Holding AG (78.34%) + Südzucker AG (2.74%) + Free float (18.92%)
        • Agrana Beteiligungs AG, MarketScreener-sm.svg
          • Agrana Zucker GmbH
Sources: AR-2018/19, p.62

Group 2015

Business Segments

  • Agrana Zucker Gmbh / Agrana Sugar: processes sugar beet from contract growers and refines raw sugar purchased worldwide. Sold into downstream industries for use in confectionery, non-alcoholic beverages, pharmaceutical applications, fertilisers, animal feedstuffs. Markets a wide range of sugars and sugar specialty products to consumers through food retailers.
    • 10 production sites in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Herzegovina.
  • Agrana Stärke Gmbh / Agrana Starch}}: processes and refines raw materials grown by contract farmers or purchased in the open market (mainly corn, wheat and potatoes) into starch products. Sold into the food and beverage industries, the paper, textile, cosmetics and building materials sectors; fertilisers and animal feeds. Also produces bioethanol for blending with petrol.
    • 5 production sites in
  • Agrana Fruit / Agrana Internationale Verwaltungs und Asset-Management GmbH (?Agrana J & F Holding Gmbh?): custom-designs and produces fruit preparations, fruit juice concentrates, fruit wines, beverage bases and aromas for the dairy, bakery, ice cream and food service industries.
    • 43 production sites in
  • Agrana Research & Innovation Center GmbH: research and development company for starch, bioethanol, sugar and fruit businesses. Develops innovative products from sugar beets, potatoes, corn, waxy corn, wheat and fruits.
Sources: AR-2018/19, p.4


  • Jan.2020: Marroquin Organic International Inc, a distributor of organic and non-GMO ingredients based in Santa Cruz, California, was acquired.ref,ref
  • Nov.2019: a 2nd wheat starch plant was opened at the Pischelsdorf site in Lower Austria.ref
  • Mar.2019:
    Agrana's 2nd factory in China started up, making fruit preparations using strawberries, blueberries and peaches, for the fruit yogurt, baked goods and ice cream industries, as well as the food services sector.ref
  • Jul.2018: Elafruits Spa: Agrana acquired a 49% equity stake in the Algerian producer of fruit preparations, formerly known as "Frulact Algérie". The factory produces standard fruit preparations for yogurt and ice cream, fruit purées and basic ingredients for the beverage industry.ref Extended its presence in the North-African market. Located in Akbou, Algeria, around 200km east of Algiers, Elafruits is a subsidiary of Groupe Batouche Eurl. Renamed as "Agrana Algeria" in ?? Website, Elafruits.arch, Elafruits.fr.wp, Frulact.com, Logo Batouch: info, info,info
  • Dec.2018: Agrana entered into a joint venture with USA sugar producer the Amalgamated Sugar Company, for the construction of a betaine crystallisation plant (the 3rd worldwide) at its sugar factory in Tulln, Austria. Betaine is produced from sugar beet molasses, and is used as an ingredient in animal feedstuffs, food supplements and sports drinks, and in cosmetic products.ref,[AR-2018/19,p.54]
  • 2018: Agrana acquires stake in Algerian fruit preparations producer Elafruits SPA
  • 2017: Agrana acquires fruit processing plant in India
  • 2016: Agrana acquires Argentinian fruit preparations producer Main Process SA.
  • 2014: Südzucker and Austrian shareholders increase participation in Agrana Beteiligungs-AG
  • 2014: Agrana starts up fruit preparations plant in Lysander, New York, USA.
  • 2013: Agrana opens wheat starch plant at site in Pischelsdorf, Austria
  • 2012: Austria Juice GmbH, a ??/?? JV between Agrana and RWA Raiffeisen Ware Austria AG, was founded. Website link, history
  • 2019: ground-Breaking Ceremony for Betaine plant in Tulln, Austria - joint venture with Amalgamated Sugar Company.
  • 2019: Expansion of the wheat starch plant in Pischelsdorf, Austria.
  • 2019: opening of a second fruit preparations plant in Changzhou|China
  • 2018: expansion of the company´s presence of fruit preparations in Algeria by acquiring 49% of shares in Elafruits SPA.
  • 2017: expansion of market position in Asia through the acquisition of the Indian fruit processing plant Saikrupa Fruit Processing Pvt. Ltd.
  • 2016: acquisition of 100% of the shares in Main Process SA, an Argentine producer of fruit preparations.
  • 2015: opens new packaging centre in Kaposvár | Hungary
  • 2014: Opening of the new Agrana Research & Innovation Center in Tulln, Austria.
  • 2014: opens the 4th production plant for fruit preparations in Lysander, New York, USA.
  • 2013: opens wheat starch plant at site in Pischelsdorf, Austria
  • 2012: Ybbstaler Agrana Juice GmbH: merger of Agrana Juice Holding GmbH and Ybbstaler Fruit Austria GmbH.
  • 2011: inaugurates the second-largest sugar silo in Europe at its sugar factory in Tulln, Austria.
  • 2011: Opens a production plant for fruit preparations in Johannesburg | South Africa
  • 2011: Acquisition of 100% of the shares of Xiangyang Andre Juice Co. Ltd
  • 2010: Expanded its presence in the Middle East and Africa with a joint-venture in fruit preparation in Egypt in addition to existing facilities in Turkey and South Africa.
  • 2010: Agrana Nile Fruits, based in Egypt, has been established since 2010 as a successful joint venture between Agrana Fruit and Nile Fruits, which offers high-quality fruit solutions to customers in the Middle East and North Africa.ref
  • 2008-2011: 2nd joint venture for apple juice concentrate with Yongji Andre Juice Co. Ltd in Yongji, Shanxi province, China.
  • 2007: Bioethanol: start of pilot operations at the new bioethanol plant in Pischelsdorf, Austria.
  • 2007: started operations at a new fruit preparations plant in Cabreuva, Brazil.
  • 2006: a raw sugar refinery was established in Brcko, Bosnia & Herzegovina jointly with the Bosnian-Austrian company SCO Studen & Co Holding, Vienna as 50% partner.
  • 2006: Xianyang Andre Juice Co. Ltd: a 50% stake in the concentrates manufacturer based in Shaanxi Province, China, was acquired.
  • 2006: A sales joint venture was established between Agrana (51%) and Bulgarian sugar producer Zaharni Zavodi AD (49%).
  • 2005: The plant of Austria Juice Magyarország Kft in Vasarosnameny started its activity in 1994 under the name Wink Kft. By the merging with the other two Agrana-owned companies of the country in Aug.2006, the present structure of Austria Juice Magyarország Kft was formed. The plant in Anarcs was bought by Wink group in 1999. The plant in Hajdusamson joined the Steirerobst group in 2002 by merging with three companies under the name Hungariaobst Ltd. The reorganisation of the management was done in 2006 when the merging with the other two plants was completed. ref
  • 2005:
    Opened a new fruit preparation plant in Serpuchov (South of Moscow).
  • 2005: DSF-Deutsch-Schweizerische Früchteverarbeitung GmbH, based in Constance, Germany, was acquired.
  • 2004: Wink Group, a German manufacturer of fruit juice concentrates, was acquired.ref
  • 2004: Dirafrost, a Belgian manufacturer of deep-frozen speciality fruit products, was acquired.
  •  ??.2004: Start of the 4-stage acquisition of France's Atys Group, a world leader in fruit preparations. In Dec.2005, the remaining 37.5% was acquired, including the 50% stake in Atys Austria previously held by Ybbstaler Fruchtsaft GmbH; and increased its stake in Atys Merko in Turkey from 50% to 100%.ref Agrana Holding merged Steirerobst and Atys after the final acquisition.
  •  ??.2003:
    Steirerobst AG: an initial stake was acquired. Steireobst was an Austrian manufacturer of fruit juices, syrups and jams, formerly "IFH Internationale Fruchtholding AG". In Oct.2005, Steirerobst was delisted,ref and in 2006, Agrana increased its sake to 100%. Website.arch
  •  ??.2003:
    Vallo Saft A/S, founded in 1946 as KV Saft, a Danish rhubarb juice manufacturer,ref was acquired when it fell into the dolgrums after the death of its founder.ref Agrana renamed the company to "Agrana Juice Denmark".
  • 2003: Fruit Division: establishment of a new fruit division, operating units Agrana Juice and Agrana Fruit, due to growth limits under antitrust law, and the change in the European sugar market regime.
  • 1998-2001: Factory acquisitions: acquisition of stakes in 4 sugar factories in Romania; 2 sugar factories in Slovakia; 2 more sugar factories in the Czech Republic; purchase of a maize starch factory Tandarei.
  • 1996: Magyar Cukor Zrt: Agrana took a majority share in the company. Magyar was established by 5 Hungarian sugar plants in Jul.1995.ref
  • 1994: Entry into the Czech market: takeover of one sugar factory in Hrušovany
  • 1991: The company was listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange in order to accelerate expansion.ref
  • 1990:
    Entry into the Hungarian sugar industry and acquisition of a 49% stake in Hungarian Hungrana Kft's maize starch and isoglucose factory. In 2015, ADM acquired Tate & Lyle's shares in Eaststarch CV, thereby acquiring a 50% share in Hungrana Kft, with Agrana holding the other 50%.ref
  • 1989: Südzucker AG Mannheim/Ochsenfurt acquired a shareholding in Agrana, enabling access to the Austrian and Hungarian sugar and starch markets.ref
  • 1988: Agrana was founded as the parent company for the merged Austrian sugar and starch industries. It initially operated 3 sugar factories, a potato starch factory, and a corn starch factory.
Sources: Agrana.arch, Our History, Jan.31.2020


Süddeutsche Zuckerrübenverwertungs-Genossenschaft eG is an agricultural holding company for the southern German beet growers, and also manages growers' sugar beet delivery rights. SZVG holds a majority stake in Südzucker AG of ~57%, as well as 5.17% in bioethanol producer CropEnergies AG.

1950 Süddeutsche Zuckerrübenverwertungs-Genossenschaft eG (South German Sugar Beet Processing Cooperative eG Stuttgart-Ochsenfurt) was founded on the initiative of the regional sugar beet growers' associations. The SZVG collected agricultural capital for the construction of the Ochsenfurt sugar factory and, in 1956, began to acquire a stake in Süddeutsche Zucker AG, Mannheim.[24]
1937 ?name?: the Syndikat Süddeutsche Zucker-Aktien (South German sugar shares trust) was dissolved, and a new trust formed by Süddeutsche Zucker-Aktiengesellschaft, Deutsche Bank (Berlin) and Rabbethge & Giesecke AG (now KWS SAAT SE & Co. KGaA, 4th largest agricultural seed producer worldwide).
1934 Wirtschaftsgruppe Zucker: (Economic sugar group) the Verein der deutschen Zuckerindustrie (Association of the German sugar industry) converted.
1933/34 Interessengemeinschaft ostdeutscher Zuckerfabriken GmbH (Special Interest Group of East German sugar factories Ltd) was formed by 4 companies: Vom Rath, Schoeller & Skene AG in Klettendorf near Wroclaw; Zuckerfabrik Bauerwitz GmbH in Baborów; Aktiengesellschaft Zuckerfabrik Haynau in Chojnów; Ratiborer Zuckerfabrik GmbH in Racibórz; and Hotzenplotzer Zuckerfabrik AG with the raw sugar factories Oberglogau and Schönowitz near Zülz. Süddeutsche Zucker-Aktiengesellschaft acquired an interest in Vom Rath, Schoeller & Skene AG.
Mar.1931 Wirtschaftliche Vereinigung der Deutschen Zuckerindustrie (Economic association of the German sugar industry) was established to achieve a binding curtailment of sugar production for the German sugar industry as a whole. Süddeutsche Zucker-Aktiengesellschaft was a founding member.
1929 Syndikat Süddeutsche Zucker-Aktien (South German sugar shares trust) was formed by the Italian Montesi Group (82.5%); the Flegenheimer family’s Württembergische Melassefutterwerke (Württemberg molasses feed factories); and Deutsche Bank und Disconto-Gesellschaft.
1926 Süddeutsche Zucker-Aktiengesellschaft was founded in Mannheim by the sugar companies of the special interest group.
1920 Badische Gesellschaft für Zuckerfabrikation (Baden company for sugar production) in Waghäusel and the sugar factory Frankenthal joined together to form a special interest group. Shortly afterwards, the sugar factories in Heilbronn, Stuttgart and Offstein followed with their plants.
1897 Verein der Deutschen Zuckerindustrie (German sugar industry association): the entire German sugar industry was merged, and the raw sugar factories syndicate was formd. A year later, the refineries syndicate followed.[24]
Additional Sources: History of the company. Südzucker AG. Original archived on Apr.17.2019.
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Freiberger Lebensmittel GmbH & Co. KG

Freiberger is a German company, and an international manufacturer of frozen and chilled pizza, pasta dishes and snacks, headquartered in Berlin. Freiberger products are sold worldwide under various private labels. Own brands are "Alberto" and "erno's".

Richelieu Foods Inc, an American a private label and contract packing food company, was acquired by wholly-owned subsidiary Freiberger USA Inc from private equity firm Centerview Capital Holdings LLC.[25]
Jul.2017 Hasa GmbH in Burg, Germany, a producer of deep-frozen pizzas, was acquired. Hasa's core business is private label; own brands are "Italissimo" and "Pizza Amore". Hasa-Burg.de
Schwann Pizza business: Freiberger acquired the Osterweddingen plant near Magdeburg and the private-label business from the Schwan Food Company via its subsidiary Great Star Food Production GmbH & Co. KG. A supply agreement with Dr Oetker was also finalised for the manufacture of branded pizza products to sell across Europe. The deal was finalised in early 2010.[26]
2003 Stateside Foods Ltd, a Westhoughton, UK-based supplier of food retailers with branded and own-label chilled pizzas, was acquired. Stateside-Foods.co.uk
2000 PrimAS Tiefkühlprodukte GmbH, an Oberhofen-based manufacturer of frozen pizza for the international retail trade, was acquired. PrimAS was founded in 1976. Webpage
Freiberger became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Südzucker AG, which had held a 25.1% stake since 1989.
1991 Firma Strickler, a baguette producer in Muggensturm, was taken over.
1995 The "Alberto" brand was introduced.
1986 Europe's largest pizza factory was opened in Berlin-Reinickendorf.
1976 A small pizza mail order bakery in Berlin was purchased by Ernst Freiberger, son of an ice cream manufacturer (Efa ice cream).

[25] [26]

Richelieu Foods Inc
Richelieu Foods is an American private label and contract packing food company, engaged in the production of food products such as frozen pizza, finished crusts, condiments, sauces, deli salads and marinades. The company was founded in 1862, and is headquartered in Braintree, Massachusetts.
Freiberger USA bought Richelieu Foods Inc from Centerview Capital Holdings LLC.[27]
Centerview Capital Holdings LLC, the private equity arm of mergers and acquisitions advisory firm Centerview Partners LLC,[28] bought Richelieu Foods from Brynwood Partners.[29]
Aug.2008 Sara Lee Foodservice's Sauces and Dressings business was acquired, along with its production facilities in the area of Elk Grove Village, Illinois. Richelieu will become a manufacturer for the Sara Lee Foodservice DSD Coffee network.ref
2005‑2010 Brynwood Partners engineered several acquisitions, and Richelieu went on to produce frozen pizza, salad dressing, sauces, marinades, condiments, and salsa, packaging items for customers as their store brand or private label. Own brands include Chef Antonio, Raveena’s, Grocer’s Garden, and Caterer’s Collection.ref
Brynwood Partners Management LLC, a private equity firm based in Connecticut, acquired the majority of Weiss, Peck & Greer's interest in the company. Weiss, Peck & Greer continued to hold a minority interest.[30]
Oct.1997 Richelieu Foods Inc was incorporated. OpenCorporates-sm.svg
Weiss Peck & Greer, an American private equity firm, acquired the company.[31][30]
The Western Dressing label was (directly?) sold to Unilever, with Richelieu Foods packing the dressing until 2002, when Unilever took it in-house, marketing it under the Wish Bone brand.
1991 Crestar Food Products Inc, t/a Crestar Crust Inc: the business and certain assets were acquired from the HJ Heinz Company. HJ Heinz had acquired Crestar from John Labatt Ltd. Various trademarks. Crestar was closed down in the late 1990s.
1956 Western Dressing Inc: the company's single focus was on the production of salad dressing.
1862 The company was founded; it originally focused on the business of canned food production.[32]

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