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The Johnson family are descendants of Samuel Curtis JohnsonWikipedia-W.svg,[1] founder of S C Johnson & Son Inc.[2] Samuel Curtis started out in 1886 selling parquet floors in Racine, Wisconsin, when he realised that there were more floors than there were products to keep them clean. He mixed his first batch of Johnson’s Wax in his bathtub - and the rest, as they say, is history.[3]

The Johnson family members are ranked 9th on Forbes magazine’s list of the richest families in the USA, with a combined estimated net worth of $28.8bn.[4] See also Wikipedia for a list of Johnson family members.

Johnson Keland Management Inc is a private Family Office that provides investment management, corporate governance, financial and advisory services, as well as, personal investment trust management services, to the members of the Johnson and Karen Johnson Boyd families.[5] The company was formed in 1979,OpenCorporates-sm.svg and is headquartered in Racine, Wisconsin.

The Johnson family has interests in 3 businesses:


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