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  • Mar.01.2018: UK government to fight Scottish bid for Brexit emergency powers. The UK govt is expected to mount an immediate legal challenge at the Supreme court if the Scottish parliament votes for its own emergency powers over Brexit. A legal source said the attorney general, Jeremy Wright QC, was almost certain to challenge equivalent legislation being considered by the Welsh assembly in the supreme court, if it too voted those powers into law. The warnings came after Nicola Sturgeon’s government in Edinburgh won cross-party support on Thursday to introduce an emergency bill designed to sidestep Westminster by taking direct control over the repatriation of significant EU legislation into Scottish law. Scottish and Welsh ministers insist they need these powers in case they and the UK government fail to agree a deal this month on transferring and sharing up to 111 EU powers over areas such as farming, fisheries, environment protection, justice and food labelling which are currently controlled by devolved governments. The Guardian, Severin Carrell
  • Feb.07.2018: Scottish government criticised over US military use of airport. A publicly owned Scottish airport is being used by the US military to launch frontline operations and is striking deals with Donald Trump’s golf resort in an effort to stem its heavy financial losses. Scottish govt officials sought to withhold details of many of the deals, heavily censoring documents it released under FoI legislation. But the USAF confirmed Prestwick was used to support frontline US military operations. The Guardian, Severin Carrell
  • Jan.02.2018: [{{{6}}} Nicola Sturgeon urged to drop tax hike after 15 per cent hike for Scots' energy and insurance bills.] The Telegraph ,
  • Jan.02.2018: 2018 marks ten years of Scotland's #Cashback for Communities initiative, which has invested tens of millions of pounds from seized proceeds of crime into projects supporting & inspiring young people across the country. Twitter, @ScotGovJustice