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L W Holdings Ltd, holdco, OpenCorporates-sm.svg, reg. Jersey Flag-Jersey.svg

  • Shop Direct Holdings Ltd, OpenCorporates-sm.svg
  • Shop Direct Group (home shopping and financial services), OpenCorporates-sm.svg
    • Shop Direct Funding plc
    • LW Finance Ltd
    • Royal Welsh Warehouse Ltd
    • GCC Debt Recovery Ltd
    • Shoppers Universe Ltd
  • Trenport Property Holdings Ltd (property investment, management and development), OpenCorporates-sm.svg
    • Primevere Ltd
    • Littlewoods Property Holdings Ltd
    • St James Street Property Management Ltd
    • Arndale Properties Ltd
    • Woolworths Group plc
    • Ladybird children's clothing



See page 61 of AR-2017. All entities are indirectly owned except for Shop Direct Ltd and Trenport Property Holdings Ltd, which are directly owned by Shop Direct Holdings Ltd. All of the entities are 100% owned except as noted.

Property Management
Arndale Properties Ltd
Arndale Aintree Property Ltd
White Arrow Logistics Ltd
Estuary Park Property Holdings Ltd
Senate Park Developments Ltd
LSD Developments Ltd
Ryton Properties Ltd
Temple Studios Ltd
Trenport Investments Ltd
St James Street Property Management Ltd
Spectator Properties Ltd (Jersey)
Pit Properties Ltd
Littlewoods Property Holdings Ltd
MP Holdings 2016 Ltd (joint venture, 50% owned by Pit Properties Ltd)
Margetts Pit Ltd (100% owned by MP Holdings 2016 Ltd)
Old Hall Street Properties Ltd
Property Development
Trenport (Peters Village) Ltd
Trenport (East Hall Park) Ltd
Sewerage Processing Plant
Ryton Utilities Ltd
Electricity Supplier
Europower Networks Ltd
Intermediate Holding Companies
Trenport Property Holdings Ltd
Shop Direct Ltd
LW Finance Ltd
LW Investments Ltd
Shop Direct Group Financial Services Ltd
Shop Direct Home Shopping Ltd
Littlewoods Clearance Ltd
Shop Direct Licensing Ltd
Merchandise Sourcing
Source Direct International Ltd (Hong Kong)
Financial Services
Shop Direct Finance Company Ltd
Shop Direct Financial Services Ltd
Debt Recovery
Littlewoods Direct Recoveries Ltd
Insurance Companies
Douglas Insurance Ltd
Douglas Insurance (Gibraltar) Ltd - disposed of to a company controlled by the ultimate controlling paty for GBP 4m.
Dormant Companies
50 of them

Related Companies

  • Yodel Delivery Network Ltd
  • Arrow XL Ltd
  • L W Corporation