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  • 2018.01.17: South Africa Corruption Scandal: Yet Another British Firm Accused of Complicity. In the slow car crash of the corruption saga involving South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma and the Gupta family, yet another British company has been accused of complicity. In this case, it is London law firm Hogan Lovells, accused by Lord Hain of producing an ‘incomplete, fatally flawed whitewash of a report’ into corruption at South Africa’s tax inspectorate, which allowed unsavoury people to be reappointed and the looting spree to carry on unchecked. [...] This matters, because the roll-call of British-linked companies is growing. KPMG, Bell Pottinger, Hogan Lovells, McKinsey and others are known to have been directly involved; two British banks are accused of being links in the chain by which the money was channelled to safe havens. Transparency International UK, Robert Barrington