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No such option "{{{1}}}" in Template:Deals

[edit] Documentation

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ToDo: Combine Template:Checkmark with this one, upload all image files, and rm all calls to {{img...}}

The images are (slowly) being uploaded, and all new instances should use the uploaded files. The template has been modified to take a/c of this - see below "Call Thusly". The bold calls are to the uploaded files.

When using this template with two uploaded images, where they should float side-by-side, it is necessary to wrap them in a div, due to MediaWiki's implementation of the [[File:xxx]] call for images.

Example: {{floatRight|[[File:Spotless-Group.png|81x30px]]|{{Deals|ArrowR}}}}

Small template to generate the following pics:

  • {{img|Deals-Arrow-Left.svg|15|20}}
  • {{img|Deals-Arrow-Right.svg|15|20}}
  • {{img|Deals-Cross.svg|21|20}}
  • [[File:Deals-Plus.svg|21x20px]] Deals-Plus.svg
  • [[File:Deals-Equals.svg|21x20px]] Deals-Equals.svg
  • [[File:Deals-Query.svg|13x20px]] Deals-Query.svg
  • [[File:Deals-Heart.svg|22x20px]] Deals-Heart.svg
  • [[File:Deals-Tick.svg|22x20px]] Deals-Tick.svg
  • {{img|Deals-All-Change.svg|20|20}}
  • [[File:Deals-PartialFrom.svg|36x18px]] Deals-PartialFrom.svg
  • [[File:Deals-PartialTo.svg|36x18px]] Deals-PartialTo.svg

Call Thusly

  • {{Deals|Arrow-Left}} or {{Deals|ArrowL}}
  • {{Deals|Arrow-Right}} or {{Deals|ArrowR}}
  • {{Deals|Cross}}
  • {{Deals|Plus}}
  • {{Deals|Equals}}
  • {{Deals|Query}}
  • {{Deals|Heart}}
  • {{Deals|Tick.svg}}
  • {{Deals|All-Change}} or {{Deals|AllChange}}
  • {{Deals|From}}
  • {{Deals|To}}