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Template to create various ratings.
Original pics are in Transparency-Ratings-ink.svg


See below for individual template usage. Organisations using this template are:

|TIUK     - Transparency Intl UK [ A B C D E ]
|WFY      - Who Funds You [ A B C D E ]
|IM       - InfluenceMap  [A ... F] Uses eg. B+, A-, etc.
|TPY      - Transparify   [ 5 4 3 2 1 0 X ]
|EC       - Ethical Consumer [ 0=#000000; 1=#1A1A1A; 2=#343434; ... ]
                               mid-points from  Color Blender: https://meyerweb.com/eric/tools/color-blend/

Transparency International UK



{{ratings|TPY|type=tpy|band=5|org=Amnesty International|png=Amnesty-International.svg|pw=57|ph=20}}

  • Org's page output, in Info box: Transparency Rating: Transparify 

{{ratings|TPY|type=org|band=5|org=Amnesty International}}<sup>[1]<sup>

Who Funds You

{{ratings|WFY|type=wfy|band=A|org=Centre for Labour and Social Studies|png=Centre-for-Labour-and-Social-Studies.svg|pw=29|ph=20}}

  • Org's page output, in Info box: Transparency Rating: Who Funds You? 

{{ratings|WFY|type=org|band=A|org=Centre for Labour and Social Studies}}<sup>[1]<sup>


This template uses a simple lookup table Template:IM-Lookup to return the band colour.

{{ratings|IM|type=im|org=Amazon.com Inc|perf-band=A|png=Amazon.svg|pw=66|ph=20}}

  • Org's page output, in Info box: Climate Policy Rating: InfluenceMap  A

{{ratings|IM|type=org|perf-band=A|org=Amazon.com Inc}}

Ethical Consumer

  • EC page output:  0/20  Amazon.com Inc
    • {{ratings|EC|type=ec|org=Amazon.com Inc|perf-col=#000000|perf-band=0/20|png=Amazon.svg|pw=66|ph=20}}
    • {{ratings|EC|type=ec|org=Amazon.com Inc|perf-col=#000000|perf-band=0/20|img=Amazon.svg|sz=66x20px}}
  • Org's page output, in Info box:    Score: 0/20 

{{ratings|EC|type=org|perf-col=#000000|perf-band=0/20|org=Amazon.com Inc}}