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  • Mar.27.2018: Local elections put Vince Cable’s Lib Dems to the test. Sir Vince Cable’s leadership is to be tested at May’s council elections, with one Liberal Democrat source saying the “whole point of him” was to win seats and there would be “consternation” if he failed. The party is stuck on 7%, according to the latest YouGov poll, which could put it on course for losses. One Lib Dem source said: “The whole point of Vince Cable is to gain seats. There will be absolute consternation if we lose Sutton. If he can’t win in south London, where can he win?” Sam Coates, The Times.
  • May.02.2011: Discrediting Britain. Opposition MP Vince Cable said at the time that the decision to drop the case ‘undermined the rule of law and Britain’s reputation’ and made a mockery of Gordon Brown's fondness for lecturing the developing world on corruption. Vince Cable is now in charge of the ECGD, answerable as it is to the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. To date, little has been announced by way of reform. Nick Dearden, Red Pepper.