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  • Graph from The Economist, showing the Cons/Labour votes in the GE2017. @IDontMind64
  • Apr.12.2017: Brexit voting website crash "caused by foreign cyber attack," report reveals. The Commons Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee (PACAC) did not identify who may have been responsible, it noted that both Russia and China use an approach to cyber attacks based on an understanding of mass psychology and of how to exploit individuals. A Govt spokesperson insisted the crash was due to a usage spike. The Evening Standard, Patrick Grafton-Green
  • Apr.17.2015: Investigating how to counter citizen apathy. The threat of the relative apathy of the average American citizen is such that there is room to compensate for the imbalance it creates through direct legislative means as well as indirect educational ones. Explaining The Platypus, dw159
  • Nov.14.2014: What Should Happen To People Who Don’t Vote. Paul, Paul Rudnick
  • Oct.31.2012: The Mucky Business of Wonga Adrian Beecroft invests in Wonga, a loan shark company that charges 4214% Annual Percentage Rate on loans. Since 2006, according to the electoral commission, Mr Beecroft and his wife has given the Conservative party £693,076, a handy sum, which included £50,000 to maintain the first past the post system. Social Investigations, '