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  • Jun.07.2018: Disneyland workers face ruthless exploitation. Their fight is our fight. ... attend a rally with 2,000 Disney workers who are being ruthlessly exploited by Disney, an extremely powerful and wealthy multinational corporation. Disney is a $150bn corporation, which made $9bn in profits last year. It received a $1.6bn tax break from the Trump tax giveaway to the rich and, interestingly, has received hundreds of millions in local tax breaks from the city of Anaheim. The Disney board recently reached a four-year compensation agreement with its CEO, Bob Iger, for an estimated $423m. And, yet, while Disney’s profits soar through the stratosphere and its CEO receives an unimaginable amount of money, the wages and benefits for its workers are atrocious. The reality is that Disney’s greed, and the greed of corporate America, is destroying the social fabric of our country. At a time when the three wealthiest people in America own more wealth than the bottom half and corporate CEOs have seen their incomes skyrocket, as 52% of all new income goes to the top 1%, we must create a moral economy which demands that if you work 40 hours a week, you do not live in poverty. The good news is that workers across America are fighting back. They are sick and tired of working longer hours for lower wages. Bernie Sanders, The Guardian.
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  • Nov.27.2017: The Dark Side of the Toy World: a race to the bottom. Disney's CEO Robert Iger earned $43,882,396, ie. $21,097 per hour — their Chinese workers earned $1.44 per hour. Disney's net income was $9,391,000,000 for 2016. On Aug.11.2017, China Labor Watch dispatched investigators to 4 toy factories in China, which primarily supply Walmart, Disney, Mattel, Hasbro, Target, Big Lots, Costco, Bandai, Infantino, Zoli, Combi, Tomy, Hama, Lanvin, and others. Many of these companies have promised to uphold the rights of factory workers, establishing codes of conduct. But our findings suggest that they continue to blatantly violate the rights and interests of workers who manufacture their products. Excessive overtime hours remain an issue across all four factories. Workers exposed to toxic chemicals are normally not provided with adequate protective equipment. Dormitory conditions are substandard; 8+ workers are squeezed into a small dorm room, and 10+ share a bathroom. Emergency exits are also frequently obstructed. China Labor Watch.