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  • Sept.11.2018: Lobbyists: Brexit’s Biggest Beneficiaries. Brexit presents huge risks to business. It could also bring immense corporate riches. Everything is potentially on the table from the UK’s departure, from financial regulations to trade policy, employment rights to food standards. Bent in the right way by the right lobbyists and even small changes could mean companies raking it in. Law firms, some of which are powerful lobbyists in Washington, have positioned themselves as go-to advisers on Brexit. And they have hoovered up political insiders to boost their credentials. Former UK foreign secretary, William Hague, is another to join the ranks. He’s now in the pay of global law firm Linklaters. Tamsin Cave, Unlock Democracy.
  • Oct.03.2016: Iain Dale’s 100 most influential people on the Right. Former Foreign Secretary. Some of us thought Hague was a Eurosceptic but his interventions in the EU Referendum campaign proved what many of us suspected – that he went native during his five years as Foreign Secretary. A pity. However, he remains a politician who is listened to whenever he decides to make a pronouncement. Conservative Home, Iain Dale