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Wittington Investments is a holding company, privately-held by the Garfield Weston Foundation. The firm manages investments in a wide range of assets. It has 6 business segments:AR-2017, p.1

  • The ABF Group
  • Other Retail
  • Real Estate
  • Hotels
  • Private Markets
  • Other Investments




  • Wittington Investments Ltd, CH
    • WILH (Investments) Ltd, OC
      • Heal's Holdings Ltd, CH
        • Heal's plc, CH
          • Heal & Son Ltd, CH
  • Howard Investments Ltd, OC
  • Wittington Investments Ltd (Canada), founded in 1952, based in Toronto
  • WIL holds 50.9% of ABF's issued share capital (AR-Sept.2017)
  • Howard Investments Ltd holds 3.6% more C'House.

See AR-2017, p.53 fwds. Irritatingly, they've lumped all companies together into one huge list, including all ABF companies.

Wittington Investments, Ltd, ref,ref, reg. Canada

  • Selfridges Group Ltd, as of Feb.01.2019, OC, reg. Canada
  • SHEL Holdings Europe Ltd, CH
    • SREL Retail Europe Ltd, holdco, [CH]
    • Selfridges Holdings Ltd, holdco, CH
      • Selfridges & Company Ltd, [CH]
      • Selfridges Retail Ltd, [CH]
  • ... ...


  • Chairman, Guy Weston (AR-2017, p.5)


ToDo: See AR-2017, p.53 (long)

ABF Group

Total float: 43.6%
Source: MarketScreener.svg, Mar.2020 ♦ Annual Reports and Accounts Associated British Foods plc, Mar.2020.

See main article: Associated British Foods plc   


Other Retail

  • 100%: Fortnum & Mason plc, CH
  • 100%: Heal's plc,
  • Selfridges & Company Ltd,

Real Estate

Wittington invests in high-quality investment properties in the retail, office and distribution sectors across the UK. It also takes strategic positions in selective development opportunities, alongside local partners or sector specialists, where it can use its balance sheet and long-term time horizon to unlock the potential in those sites.

  • 2017: Purchased 2 freehold properties on Northumberland Street, Newcastle; and the Express Building in Manchester. Sold 1 property on Buchanon Street, Glasgow.


As an extension of Real Estate, Wittington invests in hotels. It looks for properties with high quality real-estate backing and with a broad mix of customers from corporate, event and leisure markets.

  • Grand Hotel, Brighton
  • Richmond Hill Hotel

Private Markets

Wittington invests both directly and via externally managed funds in private equity and private debt markets. This is a long-term asset class, and exposures are managed to provide a diverse portfolio by sector, geography and age of company. It also invests selectively in special situations.

Other Investments

Principally composed of liquid investments in short-dated investment-grade bonds, as well as listed equities, which provides portfolio diversification and enables liquidity and portfolio needs tobe met.