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  • Nov.07.2018: Andy Burnham criticises 'mounting chaos' of UK's asylum system. Greater Manchester mayor threatens to stop housing ‘disproportionate’ numbers of people. The dispersal system places high numbers of asylum seekers in some of the country’s poorest communities, largely due to the availability of cheap housing. This means that more than 180 local authorities across the country house no asylum seekers at all – including Theresa May’s local authority of Windsor and Maidenhead. A Home Office spokesman said "Word Salad". Yorkshire and the Humber have also warned that they were considering pulling out of the scheme. The decision has been prompted by the new asylum accommodation contracts – one of the govt’s largest procurements, worth more than £4bn over 10 years – which have been put out to tender. They would replace the existing Compass contracts, delivered by G4S, Serco and Clearsprings in 2019. Local authorities fear they may have to accept higher numbers of asylum seekers and poorer-quality accommodation so the government could persuade a company to run the scheme. Nazia Parveen, The Guardian.