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G4S is a multinational security services company, headquartered in London. It offers a range of services, including the supply of security personnel, monitoring equipment, response units and secure prisoner transportation. G4S also works with international govts - it has operations in 90+ countries.
G4S segments its business into 2 areas:p.7

  • 85%: Secure Solutions: services for commercial and govt organisations in areas such as risk consulting, manned security, and security systems. Webpage
    • 78%: Security Solutions: risk consulting, on-site, mobile and remote security, technology-enabled monitoring and response, software and systems and integrated security solutions combining some or all of these services;
    • 7%: Care and Justice Services: custody, detention, rehabilitation and care services.
  • 15%: Cash Solutions: money transportation and management for banks, financial institutions and retailers. Includes Retail Cash Solutions, software for large retail formats in North America.



Total float: 99.1%
Source: MarketScreener.svg, Mar.2020

Corporate Grouping

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Immigration Removal Centres

Panorama Undercover: Britain's Immigration Secrets Documentary 2017. BBC Panorama went undercover in an Immigration Removal Centre and found chaos, incompetence and abuse. The centre is a stage for detainees who face deportation from the United Kingdom. Many officers do their best to control the chaos, however some are recorded mocking, abusing or even assaulting detainees.

Security Solutions

  • 2014: G4S agreed to repay £109m after overcharging the Ministry of Justice for the electronic tagging of offenders, only for the MoJ to hand them another £25m contract for tagging in 2016.[1]

Cash Solutions




  • Aug.2012: G4S announced the sale of its Pakistan division, Wackenhut Pakistan Ltd, to its chairman Ikram SehgalWikipedia-W.svg.
  • Nov.2014:
    G4S sold the "struggling" G4S Government Solutions business (the former Wackenhut and All Star business) to exit the US govt services. Private equity firm Alvarez & Marsal Capital Partners bought it, and rebranded it as Centerra Group LLC.ref
  • Dec.2011: G4S acquired the assets of Chubb Emergency Response, a large key-holding company in the UK. The business was integrated into G$S's existing key-holding and response service.
  • Oct.2011: 4S took over management of HMP Birmingham ("Winson Green Jail"). 18 days later, the entire set of keys for the prison went missing, and G4S was forced to replace all the locks in the prison.
  • Apr.2011: G4S acquired Guidance Monitoring, an international designer and manufacturer of electronic monitoring technologies, including hardware and software used for offender monitoring and tracking.
  • Apr.2011: G4S bought the Cotswold Group, a surveillance and investigations company.
  • Sept.2010: G4S acquired the South African security systems company Skycom
  • 2009: G4S continued along the acquisition trail with: Secura Monde International Ltd and Shiremoor International Engineering Ltd, together, the UK's leading specialist banknote and high security technical and commercial advisory companies; All Star International for $60m, one of the premier facilities management and base operations support companies providing services to the US govt; Adesta, US-based provider of integrated security systems and communication systems; and Hill & Associates Consultants Ltd, Asia's leading provider of specialist risk-mitigation consulting services.
  • Dec.2008: G4S and UNI Global Union announced the launch of an Ethical Employment Partnership, to drive improvements in standards across the global security industry.
    Simultaneously, G4S and the Service Employees International UnionWikipedia-W.svg reached an agreement to end their long dispute and establish a framework to work together in the interest of employees.
  • Jun.2008: Touchcom Inc was acquired, and subsequently rebranded to G4S. SSN
  • May.2008: Acquisitions: GSL, a provider of outsourced justice services; and Serbian company Progard Securitas.
  • Apr.2008: ArmorGroup International plc, a British company providing protective security services, risk management consultancy, security training and mine action services, was acquired.[1]

Founded in 1981 as "Defence Systems Ltd", to "provide protective security services principally to multinational oil and gas companies."[2] In 1997, Armor Holdings Inc, a publicly-traded manufacture of armored vehicles and law enforcement equipment, acquired DSL. In Nov.2003, the company was subject to a management buyout, financed by Granville Baird Capital PartnersArchive-org-sm.svg (now Baird Capital) and Barclays Bank. In Dec.2004, ArmorGroup was listed on the London Stock Exchange.[3] SourceWatch, armorgroup.comArchive-org-sm.svg, armorgroup.us

  • May.2008: Global Solutions Ltd was acquired from Electra Partners Europe.[4]
  • Apr.2008: G4S acquired RONCO Consulting Corporation, one of the world's premier humanitarian and commercial mine action, ordnance disposal and security companies.
  • Jul.2004:
    Group 4 Securicor plc: Group 4 Falck's security business merged with Securicor to create Group 4 Securicor, commonly known as G4S.ref,ref Website.arch
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Group 4 Securicor

  • Jul.2004: Group 4 Securicor: Group 4 Falck's security business merged with Securicor, and was listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Group 4 Falck A/S

  • Jul.2004: Global Solutions Ltd, a provider of outsourced services in prisons, schools and hospitals, was sold to Electra Partners Europe by Group 4 Falck.ref FixMe: link
  • May.2002: Wackenhut Services Inc: the change in ownership meant that Wackenhut Services Inc, established in 1960, came under Foreign Ownership Control. Accordingly, it was spun off as a separate entity to continue providing security services to the US govt.ref
  • Mar.2002:
    § Wackenhut Corporation was acquired by Group 4 Falck.ref,ref
  • 2000: Group 4 Falck: Group 4 and Falck merged. The new company was described as "the world's largest private security systems company".ref

Group 4

  • 2000: Group 4 Falck: Group 4 and Falck merged. The new company was described as "the world's largest private security systems company".[10]
  • 1995: Falck was listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange.
  • 1993: ISS Securitas was acquired by Falck, and renamed to Falck Securitas.
  • 1991: Baltica sells 55% of its shares in Falck to ??
  • 1988: Falck was acquired by Baltica,[5] a Danish insurance company.
  • 1963: Zonen Redningskorps, an independent fire and rescue service in Denmark, was bought by Falck.
  • 1960:
    Wackenhut Services Inc: Wackenhut Corporation formed a wholly-owned subsidiary specifically to handle its govt contract business.ref,ref
  • 1906: Redningskorpset: Sophus Falck established a fire and rescue service.


  • Jul.2004: Group 4 Securicor: Group 4 Falck A/S's security business merged with Securicor,[2] and was listed on the London Stock Exchange. Falck Security BV, the manned security business, was sold to Dutch Facilicom Services Group as a condition of receipt of approval from the European Commission and the Dutch Competition Authority Nederlandse Mededingingsautoriteit.[3]
  • 2001: Securicor Wireless was sold, with Securicor exiting the mobile communications market.
  • 2000: Acquisitions: Loomis Armored Car Service Ltd; Gray Security Services (South Africa), Argenbright Security Inc (USA); and ADI Group.
  • 1999:
    Cellnet: Securicor sold its stake to British Telecommunications plc.
  • 1999: Securewest's UK guard operations were acquired.
  • 1997: Intek Global: a stake in the USA telecommunications company was acquired, enabling Securicor to enter the USA mobile commuications industry. In 1999, the remaining shares were purchased; the company was renamed as "Securicor Wireless".[4]
  • 1997: John Miller Transport, a Scotland-based company in the logistics sector, was acquired.
  • 1997: PFI Prison: Securicor acquired the first Private Finance Initiative prison in the UK.
  • 1996:
    Securicor plc was established.
  • Oct.1996: Round Peg, a Midlands-based driver agency also supplying office and warehouse staff, was acquired.[4]
  • May.1995: Russell Davies Group, a container and contract distribution company, was acquired to enter the containers and contract distribution market.[5] Rent Master, a container business, was renamed as Securicor Omega Container Logistics.[4]
  • 1993: Scottish Express was acquired to grow the parcel deliveries business.
  • 1992: Federal Express's UK customer base was purchased.[4]
  • 1990: Securicor Omega Express was launched.[4]
  • 1990: Securicor Custodial Services was established.
  • Jan.1985:
    Cellnet was formed as a 60/40 joint venture between Securicor Communications Ltd and British Telecommunications plc.
  • 1981: Pony Express was acquired with a view to offering same-day delivery services.
  • 1971: Securicor Group Ltd and Security Services Ltd were listed on the London Stock Exchange.
  • 1960: Denys Erskine, owner of Associated Hotels, bought Securicor.
  • 1951: Security Corps: Night Guards was renamed, with the name being shortened to "Securicor in 1953.[6]
  • 1939/1945: Night Guards Ltd: Night Watch Services was taken over by Lord WillingdonWikipedia-W.svg and Henry Tiarks, who renamed it and developed it into a leading security business.
  • 1935: Night Watch Services started up with 4 guards on bicycles.[7]
  • 1901: København Frederiksberg Nattevagt (Copenhagen and Frederiksberg Night Watch), a guarding business, was founded by Marius Hogrefe in Copenhagen.

Additional Sources: G4S HistoryArchive-org-sm.svg
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Group 4

  • AccuRead: Group 4 began a joint venture with British Gas to provide meter-reading services in the UK, and established AccuRead.
  • 1994: All activities in Spain were sold to Securitas AB. (? Group 4's activities?)
  • Group 4 began managing the first privatised prison in the UK, at Wolds in Humberside.
  • 1968: Group 4 (Total Security): the Philip-Sørensen group of companies was renamed.
  • 1950: Securitas International: the Philip-Sørensen businesses were consolidated.
  • 1924: Securitas AB was established by the Philip-Sørensen family in Sweden.

Wackenhut Corporation

  • Mar.2002:
    Wackenhut Corporation was acquired by § Group 4 Falck.ref,ref
  • 1965: George took his company public.
  • 1959-1964: Working throughout the day in his office, George sometimes continued nightly as a security guard.
  • 1958: Wackenhut Corporation: Wackenhut took sole control of the company, re-naming it after himself.
  • 1955-1957: The partnership was not made in heaven; George and his partners struggled to get along.
  • 1954: The company was founded in Coral Gables, Florida, by George Wackenhut and three partners (all former FBI agents).
ToDo: link, link. Mr. Wackenhut, a fervent right-winger, made his money in the 1950s creating dossiers on suspected communists; by 1966 he had achieved over four million files, or one for every 46 adults in the country.ref Wackenhut was also involved in illegal US operations in Central America in the 1980s.ref,ref Wackenhut entered the prison business in 1987 and was turning profits of $630.3m annually by 1992.ref more... See also Privatised Prisons and Detention Centres in Scotland re Wackenhut Corrections Corporation.


  • Nov.08.2018: Pressure on G4S chief as profit warning sends shares tumbling. Investors took a dim view of a profit warning from G4S yesterday after the outsourcing company said that it would suffer from weak trading in its cash transportation business, a competitive market in the Benelux region and lower revenues from justice services. G4S is one of the world’s biggest outsourcing companies, offering services from securing airports and prisons to transporting cash. Its customers include government departments, Heathrow airport and Walmart and it operates in more than 90 countries and employs 570,000 staff. The company has been trying to turn around its fortunes... 2012 London Olympic Games, HMP Birmingham. Alex Ralph, The Times.
  • Mar.13.2013: G4S profits tumble on Olympics failings. Security firm admits its £88m failure to supply enough guards for London 2012 Games has knocked a third off annual profits. Rupert Neate, The Guardian.
  • Dec.03.2012: G4S: Private muscle for hire. Despite allegations ranging from manslaughter to sexual misconduct, G4S has continued to grow, winning public contracts in the UK and abroad. The British/Danish-owned company is currently estimated to be worth £1 billion and operates in more than 120 countries. It carries out a host of security-based tasks for the military, private businesses, airports and seaports, as well as running prisons and immigration services. It is at the forefront of the drive towards the privatisation of such services worldwide. This privatisation is achieved through a network of lobby groups and strategic appointments. In the first year of the coalition government G4S met with ministers no fewer than 17 times. It currently runs six of the country’s 14 private prisons and is bidding for more. Company employees assisting in such bids include former Home secretary John Reid and a number of former senior civil servants. The company runs three detention centres. In 2010 the company received more than 775 complaints in relation to its detention and deportation of immigrants, including allegations of assault and racism. In 2011, the prisons inspector found conditions in a G4S-run immigration centre to be ‘objectionable, distressing [and] inhumane’. Globally the company profits from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. In Afghanistan in 2009 a number of allegations were made against G4S subsidiary ArmorGroup, which was contracted to protect the US embassy. In the UK the company is bidding to take over many police functions. Police can look forward to some of the treatment metered out to other staff around the world, including union busting (USA) and poverty pay rates (Malawi and South Korea). Meanwhile, chief executive Nick Buckles received an annual salary and shares worth £2.4 million and a possible annual bonus of £1.2 million last year. Tim Hunt, Red Pepper.


This is the company that G4S hired to do an independent review wrt Brook House. Website


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