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  • Oct.07.2018: Bosses beg chancellor Philip Hammond for £1m Brexit tax break in budget. Chancellor urged to boost investment allowance fivefold. The BCC has written to chancellor Philip Hammond calling for a five-fold increase in the annual investment allowance to £1m. Tommy Stubbington, The Times.
  • Mar.08.2018: Brexit hides lack of direction, says business chief. The British Chambers of Commerce will describe Labour's renationalisation plans as "wrong-headed" and "superficially seductive" as executives and politicians assemble for its annual conference today, while calling on those who have “demonised” business to be challenged. Adam Marshall, director-general, is urging companies to speak out against the "hard-left" campaign to bring energy supply networks, water companies, rail operators and Royal Mail back into public ownership. Dr Marshall says that businesses have a "very real fear that the rhetorical assault on capitalism emanating from some quarters in Westminster threatens both future investment and national success". At the conference, he will call on the govt to outline "a radical, optimistic vision". The nation is crying out for a "sense of mission" uniting politicians, business leaders and the public. Liam Fox, the international trade secretary, and John McDonnell, the shadow chancellor, are among speakers at the conference. The Times, Callum Jones