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  • Aug.24.2018: Brexit splits in cabinet laid bare by Hammond. Philip Hammond launched a new attack on Tory colleagues last night by warning that a no-deal Brexit would significantly damage the economy, hours after Dominic Raab said that any risks were short-term. The chancellor again dismissed claims of a Brexit dividend, speaking after Mr Raab, the Brexit secretary, had insisted that leaving without an agreement would deliver positive “opportunities”. Restating official estimates that a no-deal Brexit would leave Britain’s economy £150 billion smaller in 15 years.. His intervention touched off a new round of hostilities as Brexiteers lined up to attack Treasury “scaremongering”. Businesses and consumer groups expressed alarm over the additional costs and red tape in a no-deal Brexit revealed by the documents. Details to emerge from the first 24 documents include: ... Brexit supporter John Redwood said that he was “very reassured” by the govt’s no-deal preparation papers. Jacob Rees-Mogg said: “The Treasury just can’t stand being humiliated." David Lidington, Mrs May’s deputy, made clear that hopes of securing a deal at the October meeting of the European Council were fading fast. Francis Elliott, The Times.
  • Oct.02.2017: Iain Dale’s 100 most influential people on the Right 2017. Chancellor of the Exchequer. Tipped for the chop had May won a landslide, instead Philip Hammond has made the most of his ‘unfireability’ and made clear he expects to be listened to, especially in the debate about the country’s future after Brexit. So far, he has had the best of it. He is said to still harbour ambitions to succeed May. Contrary to his grey demeanour as John Major Mark 2, he’s actually got a very well-developed sense of humour – which he has needed over the last few months. Iain Dale, Conservative Home.
  • Jul.10.2017: Channel 4 Dispatches - Secrets of Britain's New Homes. An investigation asks why so few affordable homes are being built, and examines links between the govt and the property industry. In 2008 Hammond bought 3 acres of greenbelt land from housebuilder Martin Grant for £100,000. Martin Grant Homes is planning to build 1,700 homes on greenbelt land near Mr Hammond’s home which has already been rezoned for housing. Hammond came to an "option" agreement with the housebuilder that allows the housebuilder to buy the Chancellor's land back in the future and any uplift in the value of the land would be split equally between the two. Channel 4,
  • Oct.03.2016: Iain Dale’s 100 most influential people on the Right. Chancellor of the Exchequer. A disappointing Foreign Secretary, who like most foreign secretaries went native in King Charles Street, he was thought to be on his way out had Cameron survived. Instead, his close friend May made him Chancellor. He has the opportunity to be a radical chancellor, although most pundits do not expect him to be a risktaker. Having been an avid Eurosceptic in opposition, he seems to delight in tweaking the tail of Brexiteers. A dangerous game for him to indulge in at the moment. Conservative Home, Iain Dale

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  • 2018.01.09: Did you know Chancellor Philip Hammond took a personal stake in a food technology company just months before it won a share of £560,000 Government contract? How coincidental. @Rachael_Swindon
    • Let's think about Hammond. Tax dodger and still doing it. In the pocket of the Saudis and keeps proving it. Conflict of interest seems to be the only skill he posseses. Corrupt to his vapid, business as usual
    • Similar to his links with a developer who wants to build on green belt land he owns ??
    • Yes it seems that bank balance gets bigger, when companies win contracts. @KeepmoatHomes I have asked if has any interest in these, as they have won a lot of contracts.....
  • Jan.24.2018: In November Philip Hammond, the chancellor, announced a crackdown that would make “all online marketplaces jointly liable for VAT”. The Times