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"The Hon. Member for the 18th Century"
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Really, really hard Brexit. Impervious, in fact.
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Jacob Rees-Mogg is the socially illiberal Conservative MP for North East Somerset. He has pursued a highly conservative agenda ranging from cutting welfare to removing environmental protections. Mogg has been described as "an more exquisitely polite thug",[1] "a pin-striped Ayatollah, trading on, and exploiting, deep-seated prejudices" link

William Rees-Mogg, Mogg's father, died at the age of 84. He edited The Times for 14 years, from Jan.1967–Mar.1981. He was also a former chairman of the Arts Council, vice-chairman of the BBC and the first-ever chairman of the Broadcasting Standards Council.[2]


Nov.2018: “In accordance with the relevant rules and procedures of the Conservative Party this is a formal letter of no confidence in the leader of the party, the Rt Hon Theresa May.”
Oct.2018: “I’m supporting the prime minister. I’ve said consistently I’m trying to change the policy, not the personnel.”[3]

Net Worth

Mogg is married to Helena de Chair ~ daughter of Lady Juliet Tadgell, ex-Marchioness of Bristol and ex-Tory MP. Lady Juliet is heir to the Fitzwilliam fortune and has an estimated net worth of £45 million, all of which Helena stands to inherit as her only surviving child. When she comes into her inheritance, the Rees-Moggs' net worth will be in excess of £100 million, and possibly as high as £150 million. Prior to marriage, De Chair's career was as writer for a trade magazine in the oil industry.

Voting Record

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Political Timeline

May.11.2018Out of touch and closed minded: Mogg claimed that the DUP "talk to me about what's going on", and refused to visit the Northern Ireland border himself. Critics were unimpressed. Mogg believes the border issue can be solved by technology.[4]
Apr.2018Windrush At an Open Europe event, Mogg claimed that giving up any fishing rights to achieve a better overall Brexit deal would be socialist. Using word spaghetti, he went on to argue that socialism is to blame for the Home Office Windrush fiasco. He also said the UK continuing to buy German cars plus the divorce bill is a "compromise".[5]

Controversies & Conflicts

European Research Group

See main article: European Research Group

Wentworth Woodhouse

Mogg's wife is Helena de Chair, daughter of Lady Juliet TadgellWikipedia-W.svg, thus making her Mogg's mother-in-law. Juliet's father died in 1948, leaving no son; the family estate then passed to a distant cousin. Wentworth Woodhouse Preservation Trust owns the house; Juliet is a trustee, along with n other people. Visit its website here. Here is a brief timeline of the house's ownership, to dispel all doubt.


Dec.2016Philip Hammond announced that Wentworth Woodhouse would receive £7.6m towards essential repairs.[6] WWPT said "We would like to send our appreciation to John Healey MP who helped open doors for discussions with ministers and civil servants. We also appreciate the important cross party support from John Healey and Robert Jenrick MP who helped us put the Trust's case personally to the Chancellor of the Exchequer. Above all we are grateful to the Chancellor who shares our enthusiasm for the house, and who announced a special allocation of £7.6m for repairs in his Autumn Statement in 2016".[7][8]
Feb.2016WWPT bought Wentworth Woodhouse for £7m, funded by grants, pledges and donations, including £3.5m from the National Heritage Memorial Fund.[9] WWPT said the house would remain open to the public and has announced plans for a 15-year repair project, at an estimated cost of £45m.[10]
May.2015The house was put up for sale for £8m, following the death of Clifford Newbold.[10]
Dec.2013Wentworth Woodhouse Preservation Trust (WWPT) was incorporated as a plc by SAVE Britain's Heritage. Directors: Sir Philip Vyvian Naylor-Leyland, Robert William Dalgliesh, John Vivian Naunton Davies. A Deed made between the Trustees of the National Heritage Memorial Fund (NHMF) and WWPT as trustee of a Permanent Endowment Charitable Trust created by a Trust Deed dated Mar.23.2017, show that the entirety of Wentworth Woodhouse and land ...[11]
1999Clifford Newbold bought the estate for £1.5m from Wensley Haydon-Baillie, who had gone bankrupt. The family had hoped to restore the house, but struggled to pay the £500,000 annual "ticking-over" costs.[12]
1989The house was by now in a very poor state of repair, so the family trustees decided to sell it. The house was bought by locally-born businessman Wensley Grosvenor Haydon-Baillie, who started a programme of restoration. However, business failures caused it to be repossessed by the bank, and it was put back on the market in 1998.[13]
1949The house was leased to the Lady Mabel College of Physical Education, which trained female physical education teachers. The college later merged with Sheffield City Polytechnic. The lease was given up in 1988 due to the high maintenance costs.[14]
1948Peter Fitzwilliam was killed in a plane crash over France. As he left no son, Fitzwilliam's peerage passed to his 2nd cousin once removed, Eric Wentworth-Fitzwilliam, but his fortune of about £45m, including half of the Wentworth Woodhouse estate, plus some other assets, were inherited by his 13-year-old daughter, the present Lady Juliet Tadgell.
1942Peter Wentworth-Fitzwilliam inherited the house after his father, the 7th Earl, died. Juliet, Rees-Mogg's mother-in-law, is Peter's daughter.
1782The house passed to William, 4th Earl Fitzwilliam.[14]
1725-1750The current house was built for Thomas Watson-Wentworth, Marquess of Rockingham.
13th CWentworth Woodhouse was owned by the Wentworth family, who also occupied Wentworth Castle.

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Will the real Jacob Rees-Mogg please stand up?
  • Jan.25.2019: Rees-Mogg plays his queen as Brexit enters a state of emergency. The plastic aristocrat’s bid to shut down parliament is outshone only by thermonuclear idiocy from Mark Francois. But Quote of the Week must still go to Nadine Dorries. To hear Nadine speak at the best of times feels like intruding on private stupidity, but even by her standards, this is eye-catching. It can’t really be that Nadine should have been in parliament for almost 14 years without anyone informing her that politicians are in fact SUPPOSED to act out of a higher sense of duty than personal career advancement. Marina Hyde, The Guardian.


  • Nov.16.2018: Jacob Rees-Mogg leads charge in a very uncertain coup. Jacob Rees-Mogg delivered one last threat to Theresa May before submitting his letter of no confidence in her leadership. In a brutal intervention during the prime minister’s statement, the Brexiteers’ shop steward accused her of no longer telling the truth about her negotiations with the EU. Francis Elliott, The Times.
  • Sept.28.2018: Potential threats waiting in the wings. Theresa May’s party conference speech is titled Campaign 2022 — but few think she will make it that far. Jacob Rees-Mogg, MP for North East Somerset. Pitch: Britannia unchained: the candidate of the hard Brexit Theresa May refused to deliver. Strengths: His views on Brexit chime with the Conservative grassroots. His unwillingness to adapt his image to conform with 21st century norms has appeal beyond his ideological kin. Weaknesses: His kind of Brexit might be the dominant ask of the Conservative grassroots but it is more niche in the wider country. He is pretty much untested on other issues. His social conservatism might be outmoded even within the Conservative Party. Backers: He is chairman of the European Research Group (ERG) of pro-Brexit MPs, which is thought to have at least 50 members. This would form a natural support base. Polling among Conservative voters: 41% think he would make a good leader. 29% don't. 11% are not sure and 19% don’t know enough about him to say. Henry Zeffman, The Times.
  • Jul.24.2018: Two, 50 or 100 years: when do leavers think Brexit will pay off? According to Jacob Rees-Mogg, we should see the benefits of Brexit in about half a century. David Davis said there's no reason why many trade deals cannot be achieved within two years. Simon Wolfson predicted 4-5 years; Boris Johnson agrees with him. Economists for Free Trade said we should see “a post-Brexit dividend of £135bn just between 2020 and 2025, with a further £40bn a year from then on”. The Institute for Fiscal Studies has said this dividend does not exist. Andrew Lilico, the executive director of the analyst Europe Economics said "by 2030 we should come out about even”. When it was pointed out to him that this did not sound like a great deal, Lilico replied that “it wouldn’t be if one were arguing to leave on the basis of the economics”. Liam Fox said he was looking ahead several decades to 2060. The earliest year by which Britain will have finished paying its £37.1bn Brexit “divorce bill” is 2064, according to the Office for Budget Responsibility. Digby Jones (ex-CBI): “I think Britain in 100 years’ time will thank God they came out.” Nigel Farage never promised that Brexit “would be a huge success”, he said on LBC radio. “I never said it would be a beneficial thing to leave and everyone would be better off,” said Nigel Farage – who has repeatedly said we would be better off – “just that we would be self-governing.” Emine Saner, The Guardian.
  • Jul.22.2018: Jacob Rees-Mogg's investment firm launches second Irish fund. New fund was created to meet demand from international investors, according to SCM. A second investment fund has been set up in Ireland by the City firm co-founded by Jacob Rees-Mogg, after it warned earlier this year about the financial dangers of the sort of hard Brexit favoured by the Conservative MP. The fund, which is backed by $50m (£38m) in seed money from the Swedish national pension plan, was created to meet demand from international investors, according to Somerset Capital Management (SCM). In March, SCM described Brexit as a risk in a prospectus to a new fund, which has been marketed to international investors who want to keep their money in the EU long-term. Ben Quinn, The Guardian.
  • May.31.2018: Mogg has a short memory. Jacob Rees-Mogg knows religious discrimination when he sees it. Last week the Tory MP accused the BBC’s Jo Coburn of “religious bigotry” after she questioned him on his Catholic beliefs. Mogg has not always been such a keen defender of religious tolerance. TMS has discovered that during his Oxford days, the double-breasted scholar was caught up in a row after he banned Nile Gardiner, a fellow student and future aide to Margaret Thatcher, from standing for the Oxford University Conservatives council because he was a member of the Unification Church. The Mogg told Cherwell at the time: “I think it is right and proper to keep these people out of positions of control in a political organisation.” How times have changed. Grant Ticker, The Times.
  • Mar.31.2018: Jacob Rees-Mogg and Tory Self-Delusions. "I am a man of the people. Vox populi, vox dei!" Rees-Mogg probably does see himself as ‘man of the people’. He’s in a party which considers itself the natural party of govt. Rees-Mogg has never, ever, remotely been a man of the people. He’s an aristo toff, who has made his money from investment banking. He holds deeply reactionary views on abortion and homosexuality, which are very much out of touch with those of the genuinely liberal middle and lower classes. He has always represented the aristocracy and the rich against the poor, the sick, and the disabled. In parliament, he has continued to promote the interests of the rich by demanding greater subsidies and tax cuts for them. For the poor, he has done nothing except demand greater tax increases on them, to subsidise the already very wealthy to whom he wants to give these tax cuts, and voted to cut welfare services and state funding for vital services. No doubt he genuinely believes all that Thatcherite bilge about making life as tough as possible for the poor in order to encourage them to work harder and do well for themselves. AnotherAngryVoice.
  • Mar.27.2018: 'I'm sure she knows her history': Rees-Mogg in veiled warning to May. European Research Group chair suggests PM will be ousted if she fails to deliver on Brexit red lines. The Tory MP criticised the govt for giving way on all of its objectives, including freedom of movement and the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice, during the 21-month transition period agreed in Brussels last week. "I'm sure that the prime minister knows her history, and I'm sure that she knows how Lord Peel got the repeal of the corn laws through," he said. "No Conservative leader would ever wish to get through so major a piece of legislation again on the back of opposition votes." The Tory Robert Peel had to resign as prime minister in 1846 after he joined with the Whigs and the Radicals to force through the repeal of the protectionist Corn Laws against the wishes of many in his party. Pippa Crerar, The Guardian.
  • Mar.27.2018: Lord Patten and Jacob Rees-Mogg trade blows over Brexit. Lord Patten of Barnes, the former Tory chairman, accused the prominent Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg of being a "caricature" who had been "taken over by his own image". Lord Patten, 73, who said he had known Mr Rees-Mogg since the Brexiteer was a boy of eight, added that he had been "eccentric" then but "having the same views when you are 48 raises one or two eyebrows". In turn Mr Rees-Mogg said he did not want to “lay into” Lord Patten but went on to say that he seemed to have had far more concerns for the rights of Chinese citizens in Hong Kong when he was Britain’s last governor than he did for British democracy now. Speaking to the pro-EU group Open Britain, Lord Patten accused Brexiteers of eating "dogma pie" and allowing the national interest to be "subsumed in ideology". Oliver Wright, The Times.
  • Mar.24.2018: There’s a brutish jingoism afoot in Britain. Brexiters jumping on the passports bandwagon are playing to a gallery of ill-informed and authoritarian nativists. Once a Tory MP myself, I know what kind of a Tory Mr Rees-Mogg is, and what kind of opinion in Britain and within his party it serves him to court. Priti Patel does too. Matthew Parris, The Times.
  • Mar.20.2018: Rees-Mogg criticised over firm's Russian bank investment. MP who sought tough sanctions is partner in firm that has £60m invested in Russia’s largest bank. His fund management firm Somerset Capital Management (SCM) profits from a £60m investment in Russian bank Sberbank, that has been the target of European Union sanctions since 2014. Dan Sabbagh, The Guardian.
  • Feb.09.2018: Jacob Rees-Mogg delivers Daily Express petition to Theresa May to stop foreign aid madness. He presented a Daily Express petition to Downing Street today after more than 100,000 readers demanded Britain’s foreign aid budget is cut. The crusade urged Prime Minister Theresa May to cut Britain’s foreign aid budget so more money can be spent in the UK on the NHS and to pay for social care for the elderly. The Conservative MP said: “It was a petition of Daily Express readers who want to ensure the foreign aid budget is properly spent and are not in favour – as I’m not in favour – of the 0.7% target.” More than £13bn of taxpayers’ money was spent last year while the govt struggles to fund health and social care funding at home. More than £12bn – more than 14% – came from the UK, which gave twice as much as France. Joe Barnes, Alessandra Scotto di Santolo, The Express.
  • Feb.07.2018: Jacob Rees-Mogg is in line for a huge personal windfall when Britain exits the single market. Jacob Rees-Mogg is a long-term backer of investment management firm Somerset Capital, which has "$9.6bn" under management, according to its website. Rees-Mogg recently ridiculed the idea of the UK staying in the Single Market and Customs Union after Brexit, joining other Eurosceptics calling for a "clean" separation with the EU so the UK has the freedom to strike new trade deals. Moves to create barriers to trade with the EU would force UK companies to strike up deals elsewhere, directly profiting companies backing the emerging markets. Jack Peat, The London Economic.
  • Feb.06.2018: Eyewitness Protection Responds Re Townsley. Rumours have been circulating that the man, Paul Townsley, was acting as Rees-Mogg’s bodyguard. The SKWAWKBOX contacted Eyewitness Protection for comment. ‘Craig’, speaking for the company, insisted that he had searched the company’s records and it does not have a Paul Townsley on its books. (Also see @OtisMack3) SkwawkBox.
  • Feb.05.2018: Rees-Mogg Lies About White Shirt Man. Rees Mogg was speaking at the University of the West of England. A small but vocal group got into the auditorium and protested loudly. Rees Mogg - perhaps rather too nonchalantly - went over to reason with them. But there was no violence, and no scuffles, until an older man in a white shirt waded in and assaulted a young woman protestor. The Fawkes mob then called it as a Momentum hit. This drove the press coverage. It also supplied the narrative for Tory chairman Brandon Lewis. The thug who assaulted the young woman was identified as Paul Townsley, a martial arts enthusiast from nearby Yate. Rees-Mogg declared that he did not know him. But then Townsley’s son William waded in clumsily, confirming that Dad had met the MP, and that he was the one involved in the melée. Footage from an event in nearby Cheltenham showed Rees Mogg being confronted by more protestors, but also being escorted by someone from Eyewitness Protection, a security firm which specialises in close protection operations. Its management has Royal and diplomatic experience, and someone like Townsley, who is ex-armed forces (he served in the Royal Navy) and with martial arts expertise, would fit right in. Tim Fenton, Zelo Street.
  • Feb.05.2018: Rees-Mogg "White-Shirt" Partying in Nazi Uniform. SkwawkBox published analysis of the video footage from Jacob Rees-Mogg’s speech at University of West England (UWE) in Bristol, proving that the "AntiFa" protesters who disrupted the event, while noisy, were peaceful and that physical contact was initiated by a white-shirted Rees-Mogg supporter Paul Townsley, shown here partying in Nazi uniform. SkwawkBox.
  • Feb.02.2018: "White-Shirt" identified: Rees-Mogg supporting martial artist. Paul Townsley is a martial arts instructor from the Bristol area who has shared his support for Rees-Mogg in a change.org petition to have Rees-Mogg replace Theresa May as PM. Mr Townley’s Facebook page contains many posts demonstrating his support for a hard Brexit. The protestors were members of a local "AntiFa" group, and not aligned with either Labour or Momentum, as the right-wing press claims. SkwawkBox.
  • Feb.02.2018: Rees-Mogg Protestor Identified As MomentumCorbynista. Multiple eyewitnesses say the hooded protester who went nose-to-nose with Jacob Rees-Mogg tonight is a Corbynista, Momentum and Labour supporter. The word on campus is that the hatted protester with red sunglasses seen berating the Mogg in the above video is Josh Connor, a former student at the University of the West of England, where tonight’s disruption took place. Guido Fawkes, Order-Order.
  • Jan.10.2018: Cabinet Reshuffle & Jacob Rees-Mogg… No vision. There’s simply no vision. No suggestion that, if elected to lead the nations of the UK, he would order a health campaign to educate the public on the health implications of both homosexual activity and abortion, in the spirit of the public health campaigns on smoking (which led to a successful ban on smoking in public places) and no suggestion that, thus, perhaps with more information, the public would be perfectly happy to see a pro-life Prime Minister in office. No such suggestions because there is simply no such vision. The Editor, Catholic Truth.


  • Dec.01.2017: Jacob Rees-Mogg met Steve Bannon to discuss US-UK politics. Jacob Rees-Mogg had a private meeting with former Donald Trump adviser Steve Bannon in London on Thursday to talk about how conservative movements can win in the US and UK. Bannon also met Nigel Farage and another Conservative MP. The meetings were brokered by Raheem Kassam, the Breitbart London editor and former chief of staff to Farage. Rowena Mason, Heather Stewart, The Guardian.
  • Oct.08.2017: Jacob Rees-Mogg: on the trail of the pinstripe pretender. Some battle-scarred Tories believe the party needs its own outsider, its own Corbyn, to lead them into Brexit – and that that man is extreme rightwinger Jacob Rees-Mogg. We join the ‘Moggmentum’ disciples on the Conservative conference fringe. Tim Adams, The Guardian.
  • Oct.03.2017: I'm sorry, but we have to talk about Conservative climate sceptics. It has never been more important for Conservative moderates to challenge climate reckless arguments that would undermine the UK's international standing and competitiveness. Rees-Mogg's views on climate change are as outdated as the rest of his schtick, clinging to idea clean energy is "probably unaffordable", climate impacts are unlikely to be that severe, and we should not "go back to the stone age" by cutting emissions. ... the unstated goal... to keep the door open for polluting incumbent business models as long as possible. James Murray, Business Green.
  • Oct.02.2017: Iain Dale’s 100 most influential people on the Right 2017. MP for North East Somerset. Moggmentum shows no sign of abating. Rees-Mogg has proven hugely popular with the public and party members because of his authenticity. However, leadership talk is ridiculous, as he himself has acknowledged. The trouble is, the leadership speculation may have hurt his chances of achieving his real ambition, which is to be Speaker. Iain Dale, Conservative Home.
  • Aug.29.2017: What do you think of Jacob Rees-Mogg slowly moving towards the Tory leadership? Would he be good for Britain/the conservatives? Class on this scale does matter. The main problem is his atavistic social views. What needs to be understood about the English is that the Norman conquest and forcible dispossession of all English owned land by a class of foreign brigands who took the best part of half a millennium here before they would speak English, is the enduring legacy of the mother of all Class hatreds. Not for nothing was Britain the place where Marx’ definitive work on Class struggle was written. People who have more money spent on their education than most people earn in a working lifetime,(before tax) are inherently dangerous people. The working man will suspect that if the said Toff looks down on Blacks or poofs, he may also secretly look down on him too. Mark Simon Hockey, Quora.
  • Aug.26.2017: Guy Debord’s Cat on the Deceptive Charm of Jacob Rees-Mogg, and Fascist Entryism in the Tory Party. The current popularity amongst the Tories and their lackeys for Jacob Rees-Mogg is a particular concern. Jacob Rees-Mogg has somehow endeared himself to the Tories and part of the British public through his polite, aristocratic and anachronistic demeanour. He now has a fan club, Moggmentum, in imitation of Corbyn’s support group of Momentum. He also has 25,000 followers on Twitter. This should terrify anyone, with any real idea of politics and the true state of this country. For his smooth, cultured and quiet-spoken politesse, Mogg’s own views are highly reactionary, and frankly horrific. As a blue-blooded aristo, he is convinced that the poor should be kept firmly in their place, serving and transferring whatever wealth they have to the rich and powerful. Guy Debord’s Cat has written a very good piece, describing just how vile Mogg and what he represents actually are. He goes on to mention three articles taking apart Mogg, his highly deceptive appeal, exposing what he really represents, from Skwawkbox, the New Statesman and Victor Lewis-Smith. But he goes on to discuss an event the other articles don’t. This is the time in 2013 when Mogg went off to a formal, black tie dinner with the Traditional Britain Group. His article includes a photo from the evening, showing Mogg seated next to two truly horrific fixtures of the British Far Right, Jack Buckby of the Cultural Nationalists and the BNP, and Gregory Lauder-Frost. Gerry Gable of the anti-Nazi organization, Searchlight, warned Mogg not to attend. But he did. When he was exposed by the press, he made a gushing Mea Culpa condemning racism, distancing himself from them, and claimed he had been misinformed and acted in ignorance. ... Tags: Jack Buckby of the Cultural Nationalists and the BNP, Gregory Lauder-Frost, Monday Club, Professor John Kersey, Stuart Millson, Jonathan Bowden, Revolutionary Conservative Caucus, Mark Cotterill. Beastrabban\'s Weblog. See The Cat's article here: https://buddyhell.wordpress.com/2017/08/01/friends-like-these/
  • Jul.25.2017: 'Let British people decide'. Rees-Mogg wades into post-Brexit US-UK trade deal chicken row. Global trade experts, including Ben Southwood, head of research at leading free trade think tank the Adam Smith Institute, said to make use of being free of the shackles of the EU, concessions need to be made. He said: “If we want a quick and profitable deal with the US, we need to put chlorine-washed chicken on the table.” Conservative MP Mr Rees-Mogg agreed and said the British public should be given more credit and should be allowed to choose whether they want to buy chlorine-washed chicken or not. Alix Culbertson, The Express.
  • Jul.18.2017: Mogg-mentum? Thatcherite die-hard Jacob Rees-Mogg is no man of the people. It isn’t just that Rees-Mogg is a living embodiment of the British establishment, though he certainly is, but rather that his politics are repulsive and his ideology only furthers the interests of the rich. Like Nigel Farage, he is a privately-educated eurosceptic with a deep admiration for Thatcher, stating that same year that she was the person he would most like to meet. Britain’s problems of wage stagnation, soaring inequality, low social mobility and abysmal levels of in-work poverty are direct consequences of austerity and the Thatcherite consensus that Rees-Mogg exemplifies. He even livened up a parliamentary debate about amendments to a local government bill in 2012 with his suggestion that if this was ancient Rome he would propose the deification of the ‘great lady’ Thatcher. In 2015, Rees-Mogg was one the leaders of the filibuster to kill off Clive Efford’s private member’s bill, which sought to repeal elements of the Tories’ Health and Social Care Act that have accelerated the privatisation of the health service. He has been a key figure in efforts to shift the NHS away from a publicly-run model towards a unaccountable marketised service in which private firms have excessive influence, and has been accused of conflicts of interest over his links to tobacco, oil and gas firms. Rees-Mogg also spoke at a dinner of the far right Traditional Britain Group, which has called for black people to ‘return to their natural homelands’, in 2013, then said it was just a "mistake". Adam Peggs, Red Pepper.
  • Apr.28.2017: Jacob Rees-Mogg says "Climate change is not worth fighting". Mogg deliberately misquotes the IPCC report: "if we were to take action now to try and stop man-made global warming, it would have no effect for hundreds or thousands of years." The IPCC Report actually says "Stabilization of global average surface temperature does not imply stabilization for all aspects of the climate system. Shifting biomes, soil carbon, ice sheets, ocean temperatures and associated sea level rise all have their own intrinsic long timescales which will result in changes lasting hundreds to thousands of years after global surface temperature is stabilized." IPCC 2014, p.16, SPM 2.4. YouTube.
  • Jan.12.2016: Tories vote down law requiring landlords make their homes fit for human habitation. Labour MP Teresa Pearce's amendment to the Housing and Planning Bill 2016, which would place a duty on landlords to ensure that their properties are fit for habitation when let and remain fit during the course of the tenancy, was defeated by 312 votes to 219. Marcus Jones said the govt believed that homes should be fit for human habitation, but did not want to pass a new law that would explicitly require it. Other ministers claimed the proposal would impose "unnecessary regulation" on landlords, and that it would push up rents. Jacob Rees-Mogg, himself a landlord, was one of those who voted "No". Jon Stone, The Independent.



  • Feb.10.2015: Efford NHS Bill Filibustering Blunders On. Labour’s Clive Efford showed his impatience today, as Tory MPs continued to filibuster his Private Members’ Bill in parliamentary committee. Tories spent over an hour debating whether future meetings would best be delayed by 30 minutes. The principal architect of this systematic procrastination was Jacob Rees-Mogg, who managed to allude to Norse mythology, biblical quotes about Job, and the works of Samuel Johnson – never mentioning the NHS once. The Tories, quite plainly, have decided that the NHS is not going to be saved by the Efford Bill. Campaign for the NHS Reinstatement Bill, '
  • Feb.05.2015: Tories filibuster to stall Labour's NHS Bill. Tory MPs demonstrated yesterday they would rather play games with parliamentary procedures than discuss how to fix the NHS. Tory MPs sitting on the House of Commons Committee for the Efford Bill (NHS (Amended Duties and Powers Bill)) spent over 2 hours debating whether future meetings should start at a later time. Clive Efford’s Private Members’ Bill to stop the worst changes to the NHS brought about by the Health and Social Care Act 2012 is Labour’s attempt to fix the damage already done to our health service. Yet it is being killed slowly at its committee stage by Tory MPs - David Nuttall and Jacob Rees-Mogg. The only committee member who voiced strong opposition to the filibustering was Phil Wilson (Labour), who was able to state what most people would surely be thinking: "the NHS is the top concern of the public outside this House. This Bill received a second reading with 241 votes to 18. Won’t people struggle to understand why we’re not discussing the substance of the Bill rather than having to listen to Conservative members waffle inanely for nearly two and half hours?" To which the Conservative Chairman of the Committee, Jim Hood, simply replied: “this was not a matter for the chair”. openDemocracy, Alan Taman
  • Feb.01.2015: MP Jacob Rees-Mogg tells Tory activists he is 'not proud' of gay marriage law. Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mog has caused fury after saying that he is “not proud” his government introduced same-sex marriage. In a conference call with Tory activists, Mogg agreed with a caller: “On gay marriage, I agree with you. I’m not proud that this government passed that into law and it alienated a lot of our traditional supporters.” The caller replied: “Amen.” Mogg rebelled against his government to vote against the equal marriage Bill. The Independent, Jane Merrick


  • Dec.14.2014: Leading Tory backbench MP Jacob Rees-Mogg 'failed to declare interests'. Jacob Rees-Mogg spoke in four debates in the Chamber in support of the tobacco, mining and oil and gas industries without declaring that he is a founder and director of a firm with multimillion-pound investments in the sectors. Mr Rees-Mogg is a founding partner and director of Somerset Capital Management, a firm whose funds hold investments worth £23m in tobacco companies, £3.07m in mining firms, and £2.4m in oil and gas producers. In a debate on the 2012 Finance Bill, Mr Rees-Mogg raised concerns about increases in tobacco duty that were opposed by tobacco companies. In the debate on plain packaging for cigarettes in 2014, the MP for North East Somerset opposed the measures, in line with the industry. In a debate on the cost of living in 2013, Mr Rees-Mogg voiced his opposition to subsidies for green energy production without declaring his interest in oil and gas investments. Also in 2013, during the second reading of the Deep Sea Mining Bill, he supported the extension of regulations that would permit further deep sea mining. The Independent, Jane Merrick
  • Nov.16.2014: Conservative MPs accused of plot to save 'bedroom tax'. Tory MPs have been accused of a timewasting plot to save the “bedroom tax” – and threatened with an all-night sitting to defeat them. The The Affordable Homes Bill that would scrap the measure for most people affected has begun its committee stage, but Conservative MPs on the committee are guilty of “snide tactics” to get it bogged down in irrelevant debate. Andrew George has vowed to defeat the time-wasting when the committee sits again next Wednesday. Mr George named Jacob Rees-Mogg and David Nuttall as the MPs carrying out the filibustering. Daily Echo, '
  • Jan.05.2014: MP faces 'peasants in revolt’ over his mother’s plan to build homes. His mother Lady Rees-Mogg wants to build a modern housing estate on farmland she owns. The application site borders a Nature Conservation Area and includes the Cam Brook, which is a “special landscape designation”. Feelings are so high in the village that residents meet to discuss tactics for fighting the application. Locals have sent letters of objection to the local planning authority, saying the plan will spoil a “very sensitive” part of the Somerset countryside. The Telegraph, Robert Mendick


  • Aug.09.2013: MP Jacob Rees-Mogg: Dinner speech 'a mistake'. Mr Rees-Mogg was guest of honour at the Traditional Britain Group's annual dinner in May. The group's Facebook page calls for Doreen Lawrence, mother of murdered black teenager Stephen Lawrence, and "millions of others" to be "requested to return to their natural homelands". It is also critical of the Conservative Party - saying its current leadership is "liberal left" - and "likes" the Facebook page of far-right French politician Marine Le Pen. It praised a by-election victory by her National Front party in May as "excellent". (...) BBC News.
  • Aug.08.2013: Jacob Rees-Mogg & the right-wing group that wants black Britons to leave. A mainstream conservative campaign group named Traditional Britain has called for Doreen Lawrence, the newly appointed Labour peer, and millions of ethnic-minority Britons to “return to their natural homelands”. TBG also refers to Labour MP Chuka Umunna as “a Nigerian” and Tory MP Nadhim Zahawi as "foreign". When Ukip MEP referred to aid-recieving countries as ‘Bongobongoland’, TB called him "a legend". (...) John Taylor, former Ulster Unionist MP, Conservative Monday Club, Francis Fulford (television personality)Wikipedia-W.svg, Suny Hundal, Liberal Conspiracy.
  • Aug.08.2013: Jacob Rees-Mogg's shock at dinner with group that want to repatriate black Britons. Jacob Rees-Mogg, the Conservative MP, has said he feels “very silly” for speaking at a black tie dinner hosted by a man who advocates the repatriation of "non-indigenous" Britons, despite being warned of the group’s far-Right links. Mr Rees-Mogg was told by anti-racism campaign group Searchlight that the Traditional Britain Group, a discussion group for "disillusioned patriots", has links to the far-Right. The Telegraph, Matthew Holehouse, Tim Wigmore
  • Aug.06.2013: Zero-hours contracts: why do Lefties always think they know best? A report by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)found that up to one million people in Britain could be employed under these contracts. They allow businesses to keep a pool of people on their books who may be called into work at short notice but are not guaranteed a specific level of employment. They are used particularly by employers who have variable workloads, so are popular with the catering and leisure sector followed by education and then healthcare. The benefits for employers are obvious: they do not need to pay for workers when there is nothing to be done, but equally can meet a surge in demand. In an age of considerable bureaucratic burdens a business knowing immediately that someone who has the relevant training is eligible to work in the United Kingdom is an important convenience and helps keep costs down. This is a saving for consumers but especially for the voluntary and state sectors which use these more than private businesses. Inevitably they tend to be used by larger employers because someone on a zero-hours contract may not be available so a big enough group is needed to make the system work. The President of the Board of Trade Dr Vincent Cable is concerned that they may be exploitative, so he is holding a review. He is bolstered in his concern by Unison whose General Secretary Mr Dave Prentis has said they “would like to see the use of these contracts banned”. This sounds like the standard response of the Left to market forces. The Telegraph, Jacob Rees-Mogg




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