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Nov.2018: “The EU will not negotiate any future partnership without [an Irish backstop].”
2018: “We wanted to commit to ensure that we delivered no hard border between Northern Ireland and Ireland, and it has been clear that the withdrawal agreement needed to include this insurance policy.”
Article 50 letter: “We believe it’s necessary to agree the terms of our future partnership alongside those of our withdrawal from the EU.”
2016: “We voted in the referendum as one United Kingdom, we will negotiate as one United Kingdom and we will leave the European Union as one United Kingdom.”” What they said then and what they’re saying now, The Times, Oliver Wright, Nov.16.2018.


Sep.27.2017: "It is in open free-market economies that personal freedoms and liberties find their surest protection.” -- Theresa May, speaking at (?? todo)[1]

  • The £18,600 threshold (link) for British citizens to bring non-European Economic Area spouses to live with them in the UK was introduced by Theresa May when she was home secretary in 2012. It was estimated in 2015 that the threshold excluded 41% of the British working population from bringing in a non-EU spouse. ref


  • Oct.10.2016: May\s Give U-Turns in Three Months. EU citizens’ right to remain, Hinkley Point, Northern Powerhouse, Foreign doctors, Foreign staff lists. Paul Staines, Guido Fawkes.

Broken Prommises


  • Jun.24.2018: There’s a huge hole in Theresa May’s spending pledge for the health service. Every other government department is already cut to the bone, so just where will that £20bn a year for the NHS come from? Theresa May has suggested that some extra cash will be provided by a “Brexit dividend”. And the tooth fairy is visiting me tonight, the moon is made of cheese and Elvis lives on Atlantis where he and Lord Lucan ride their pet unicorns. Andrew Rawnsley, The Guardian.

Is Theresa May a Remainer ?

  • Sept.25.2016: David Cameron ‘badly let down’ by Theresa May during Brexit campaign amid claims she was ‘enemy agent’. Former Downing Street aide Craig Oliver says Ms May’s approach served her career well in the aftermath of the referendum. Theresa May consistently refused to back David Cameron’s campaign to keep Britain in the EU leading to major tension between the pair, one of the ex-Prime Minister’s closest aides has claimed. Ms May is accused of adopting a “sphinx-like” approach to the campaign that served her career well in the post-referendum chaos, despite her stance potentially doing untold damage to Remain’s hopes of victory. The uncomfortable claims are made in a book by Mr Cameron’s former communications chief Sir Craig Oliver who tells how Ms May failed to support her leader on 13 separate occasions before finally and reluctantly coming "off the fence" for Remain following a dressing down from a "visibly wound up" Prime Minister. In his book, "Unleashing Demons: The Inside Story Of Brexit", serialised in The Mail on Sunday, Sir Craig said Ms May’s unwillingness to declare her hand caused immense frustration in No 10. The book tells how Ms May refused support so often that one aide branded her an “enemy agent”. Matters finally came to a head after a report in The Times warning that Mr Cameron faces “last minute opposition” from Ms May to his deal on EU reform. A second book, All Out War, by The Sunday Times political editor Tim Shipman serialised in that paper, claims Mr Cameron branded Ms May “lily-livered” after she scuppered his plans for tough new immigration controls. Mr Cameron wanted an “emergency brake” on migration as part of his EU renegotiation to help convince voters he would cut the numbers coming into the country. But he was blocked by Ms May – who was not prepared to take on German chancellor Angela Merkel – and then foreign secretary Philip Hammond, now Chancellor of the Exchequer. It quotes one Cameron aide as saying: "Hammond spoke first and argued we just just couldn’t do something that would receive an immediate raspberry in Europe. Theresa said very, very little, and simply said that we just couldn’t go against Merkel". Joe Watts, The Independent.
  • Sept.24.2016: Theresa May accused of leaving David Cameron to 'fight alone' during the EU Referendum, according to former No 10 director. Theresa May refused to assist David Cameron's campaign to keep Britain in the EU and even told him to drop plans for tougher immigration controls, two accounts of the referendum campaign reveal. Mr Cameron begged Mrs May to “come off the fence” ahead of the referendum but her refusals led to her being described as “an enemy agent” by allies of the former prime minister. Mrs May eventually backed Mr Cameron’s Remain campaign, but made only one notable intervention during the almost six-month long campaign. The claims are contained in a new book by Sir Craig Oliver, who served as Mr Cameron’s director of communications in Downing Street. The book also alleges that Michael Gove’s wife assured Mr Cameron at a Christmas party that the former Education Secretary would back the Remain campaign. Separately, another account of the referendum campaign claims that Mr Cameron described Mrs May as “lily-livered” after she told him not to press ahead with a tough “emergency brake” to limit migration. In the book "All Out War", serialised in The Sunday Times, it is claimed that Mrs May failed to support Mr Cameron’s plans to limit the number of EU migrants allowed to come to Britain, saying that the Germans would not give the go-ahead to the plans. The book claims that Mrs May and Philip Hammond, now Chancellor, “folded” and killed off the plans, which could have swung the referendum towards the Remain campaign. Good bio here. Peter Dominiczak, The Telegraph.
  • Jun.15.2016: ‘Furious David Cameron set to SACK Theresa May for REFUSING to campaign to stay in the EU’. Theresa May could be set for the axe as David Cameron reportedly considers sacking his Home Secretary for refusing to campaign to stay in the European Union. The Prime Minister, who is likely to be fretting over Britain’s future involvement with Brussels after several polls showed the Leave camp comfortably ahead, is allegedly seething at Mrs May’s relative absence from the debate. It has now been revealed that the Home Secretary, whose Tory leadership ambitions are likely to have contributed to her decision not to campaign, could be given the chop in Cameron’s post-referendum reshuffle. Mrs May, who has long been associated with the Eurosceptic wing of the Conservative party, chose not to join some Cabinet colleagues in calling for the British people to sever ties with the bloc. One minister backing the Remain team said: “Theresa is hiding in the hope there will be no blood on her at the end of all this. Frainds defended her saying "She has also had two major bills to take through Parliament and that takes up a lot of work and time". Michael Gove, who found himself at the centre of Cameron’s inner-circle before defying Number 10 by backing Brexit, said he doesn’t care if his Cabinet career is put in jeopardy. Jack Fenwick, The Express.
  • Apr.25.2016: Theresa May has revealed she is a reluctant member of the In campaign. May is for In, but with reservations and implicit criticisms of the renegotiation and the In campaign. The tone of May’s speech today was clear from the start. Throughout, she made clear that ‘of course Britain could cope outside the European Union’. She was also frank about the drawbacks of EU membership: ‘The Common Agricultural Policy, the Common Fisheries Policy, the free movement of people: none of these things work the way we would like them to work, and we need to be smarter about how we try to change these things in future.’ (This is, I think, the first implicit criticism of David Cameron’s renegotiation by a Remain supporting Secretary of State). In terms of substance, May argued that she wanted an end to EU enlargement, and set herself against Turkish membership. ... James Forsyth, The Spectator.


  1. Go through The Canary: Search
  2. Continue trawling through Guido Fawkes archive. Got to here.
  3. Some good stuff in here:
  • Apr.30.2018: ‘Abandon empathy, all ye who enter’ — the Home Office has long turned MPs to monsters. The Home Office is a muggy, closed department which keeps out fresh air and light. Almost every Home Secretary seems to turn paranoid, defensive and authoritarian. They leave their liberal values, like muddy boots, outside the door. As May did before her. Remember The PM’s stirring intervention in 2002 at the Tory Party conference in Bournemouth? She said back then; ‘Our base is too narrow and so, occasionally, are our sympathies, You know what some people call us: the nasty party’ In 2010, she became Home Secretary and made her department follow the nastiest, anti-migrant policies ever. Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, The iNews.


  • 2017.12.24: Theresa May u-turns on plan to bring back fox hunting as she backs animal rights to woo young voters. During the election the Mirror exposed the secret Tory plot to bring back the cruel bloodsport by giving MPs a free vote on the issue. The Mirror, Nicola Bartlett
  • 2017.12.14: Theresa May quietly U-turns on one of her key promises as Home Secretary. In 2015, May announced that police officers facing gross misconduct charges would not be allowed to retire or resign. Previously, officers often left the force to avoid facing the potential repercussions of their actions. But the Policing and Crime Act has now reversed this decision. And once again, officers will be allowed to leave while under investigation. The Canary, Emily Apple
  • 2017.12.06: Heywood, Hammond, Robbins Want EEA Light Option. Tory Brexiteers fear Theresa May is being bounced by her top civil servants Jeremy Heywood and Olly Robbins into a non-Brexit which prevents us from diverging from the EU after we leave. This line in the draft text apparently agreed by Number 10 has caused genuine fears among all Brexiteers: "In the absence of agreed solutions, the UK will maintain full alignment with the internal market, customs union..." there are now genuine fears of a stitch up and Number 10 choosing a route closer to that than the real Brexit preferred by Boris, Gove and Fox. Guido Fawkes
  • 2017.12.08: May And Juncker Announce Deal. a deal has been reached in Phase One of the Brexit negotiations and ‘sufficient progress’ has been declared, paving the way for trade talks. Guido Fawkes
  • 2017.11.29: Theresa May u-turns AGAIN on fat-cat businesses after watering down plans for binding votes on executive pay packets. The Sun, Steve Hawkes
  • 2017.11.27: Theresa May U-Turns on Manchester Terror Attack Funding by "vowing to fully cover costs." Theresa May has vowed to fully fund the costs of dealing with the Manchester terror attack after the Government’s initial offer fell short by millions of pounds. The Independent,
  • 2017.11.26: The government will pay Manchester what it needs following the Arena bombing in a major U-turn. It comes after outrage on Friday when Number 10 announced it would pay £12m of the £17m asked for. Manchester Evening News, Paul Britton
  • 2017.11.26: Dawn Butler: Theresa May Is No Friend Of Women. Guido Fawkes
  • 2017.10.26: Sheffield housing bosses claim victory after PM Theresa May U-turns on policy. the Government would scrap plans for all social housing tenants to have their housing benefit capped in line with the private rented sector. The Star, George Torr
    • 2017.10.25: May U-turns on housing benefit cuts declaring that handouts for those in social housing will NOT be capped. Housing benefit for social rents was due to be capped at private sector rates. But the policy was slammed for making supported housing provider unviable. May revealed the U-turn at Prime Minister's Questions in the Commons today . Mail Online, Tim Sculthorpe
  • 2017.10.18: Universal Credit: Theresa May does U-turn on 55p-a-minute benefits hotline. Evening Standard, Kate Proctor
  • 2017.10.04: Theresa May's 'British Dream' turns into a nightmare. Draft legislation to cap all standard variable energy tariffs will be published within the next two weeks (was part of Ed Miliband’s 2015 manifesto). And the government will increase the budget for social housing in England by £2 billion, with Scotland expected to receive a windfall through the Barnett formula. The Scotsman, Paris Gourtsoyannis
  • 2017.09.23: 8 more u-turns from flip-flop queen. In Facts, Hugo Dixon
  • 2017.09.18: May Talks Down Ceta Plus Option. Speaking in Canada Theresa May has distanced herself from the CETA plus option for Brexit preferred by Boris, Gove and Vote Leave. She says it is not a binary choice between EEA light and CETA plus, implying govt policy will fall somewhere in the middle. Guido Fawkes
    • Hammond, Heywood, Robbin Pushing For Weak "EEA Light" Deal. James Forsyth has written a bang on the money blog about the “biggest Cabinet Brexit split” – between “several of the most senior members of the Cabinet” who want an “EEA minus/light” deal, and Boris and Gove who want a CETA/Canada plus model. An EEA minus/light deal means the UK shadows EU regulations and ECJ judgements, tying the UK’s hands and not delivering the Brexit for which Britons voted. A Canada plus deals means the UK shadows some standards but mostly we would be able to forge our own way in the world. Guido Fawkes >> The Spectator
  • 2017.08.22: Theresa May finally U-turns on austerity, but only for Britain’s elite. But instead of giving a break to those who most need it, Theresa May is handing a windfall to the country’s highest earners – by backtracking on her pledge to crack down on executive pay. [The Canary], Bex Sumner
  • 2017.07.16: Theresa May could still have a future – as a human sponge. Someone has to absorb all the toxic feeling that Brexit will arouse. Someone also has to endure the weekly torture that will come with attempting to get all the Brexit-related legislation through parliament. Since it was Mrs May who landed the Tories in this predicament by messing up the election, it is only appropriate that she should be the human sponge who soaks up all the blame. This will be a thankless and joyless role, but she made it her fate and at least she will get to be PM for a bit longer. Then, when the Brexit job is done, the Tory party will bid her thank you and goodnight. Mrs May will be consigned to a Shelburne-like obscurity and the Conservatives will install a fresh leader to try to rejuvenate the party in time for the next election. She knows that her colleagues regard her as a shattered leader. Whenever she is in the company of foreign leaders, she must also be aware that her international peer group think of her as a lame duck. I recently asked a member of the cabinet what Mrs May could possibly do. She laughed and replied: "KBO: Keep Buggering On." The Guardian, Andrew Rawnsley
  • 2017.07.04: Free school meals and fox hunting: All of Theresa May’s U-turns since the general election. Free lunches, Fox hunting, Energy bills, Triple Pensions lock, Winter Fuel Allowance, Grammar Schools. Yahoo News, Ross McGuiness
  • 2017.06.29: Tory turmoil as Theresa May's Government descends into further chaos with two U-turns over public sector pay. Daily Record, Torcuil Crichton
  • 2017.06.28: Theresa May U-turns twice in one day on lifting the cap on public sector pay.' Business Insider, Adam Bienkov
  • 2017.06.17: Now 'strong and stable' May U-TURNS on guarantee to rehouse Grenfell Tower residents in the borough – and instead suggests sending them nine miles away (but she says she'll pay their bus fare!). Victims will be rehoused in neighbouring boroughs if room cannot be found. Housing minister Alok Sharma guaranteed they would stay in the area to MPs. If they are moved out, families will be reimbursed for bus trips to local schools. Mail Online, Fionn Hargreaves
  • 2017.06.09: UK's May turns to Northern Irish party DUP to form government after election rebuke. Market Watch, Jason Douglas, Jenny Gross, Paul Hannon
  • 2017.06.08: General Election campaign: Theresa May accused of terror policy u-turn. Theresa May has faced criticism over her “desperate” last-minute pledge to rip up human rights laws that “get in the way” of fighting terror. Chronicle Live, Tom Eden, Katie Collings
  • 2017.06.04: Theresa May’s flip flops and U-turns. In Facts (Animation)
  • 2017.06.02: Paul Mason: "Is Theresa May Unwell?" Paul Mason asking why Theresa May has failed to turn up to Woman’s Hour and local radio interviews, won't debate on TV, .... Guido Fawkes
  • 2017.05.31: Theresa May didn't turn up to the TV debate, and was completely savaged for it. Indy100, Josh Whitjey
    • Theresa May defends her no-show for the election debate. Metro, Jen Mills
  • 2017.05.23: The lady is for turning: Theresa May's U-turns. Brexit (was Remain, now Leave), Self-Employed National Insurance rates, Workers on Boards, Snap General Election, Foreign Worker Lists The Week
    • Ten months and 10 u-turns for Theresa May as she scraps manifesto pledge. Daily Record, Torcull Crichton
  • 2017.05.22: Dementia Tax: Here are all the U-turns Theresa May has made since she became Prime Minister. The PM has U-turned on her party's social care policy. Brexit, National Insurance rise, Workers on Company Boards, Holding an Election, The Dementia Tax. The Independent, Jon Stone
    • Theresa May waters down ‘dementia tax’ in humiliating Tory U-turn. RT
    • Theresa May's 9 U-Turns. Reddit
    • Weak and wobbly': Theresa May's five most embarrassing U-turns. Yahoo News, Ross McGuinness
    • General election: Theresa May denies social care U-turn. BBC News
    • Theresa May ditches manifesto plan with 'dementia tax' U-turn. PM accused of 'manifesto meltdown' but insists nothing has changed after introducing idea of cap on social care costs. The Guardian, Anushka Asthana, Jessica Elgot
  • 2017.05.18: May Manifesto Rejects Free Markets And Individualism. Theresa May has doubled down on the bashing she gave the libertarian wing of her party at last year’s Conservative conference, setting out her and Nick Timothy’s principles. Guido Fawkes
  • 2017.04.18: Downing Street Comms Chief Quits. Downing Street’s Director of Communications Katie Perrior is quitting. She says: "Always said I wouldn't stay past an election. Good decision, right choice. A vote for Theresa May and a Conservative Govt is the only route forward. As for me – new opportunities ahead. Exciting times!" Guido Fawkes
  • 2017.04.18: Theresa May's election U-turn. BBC News, Laura Kuenssberg
  • 2017.03.16: May forces Hammond into budget U-turn. national insurance contributions (NICs) for the self-employed. The Sunday Times, Francis Elliott, Sam Coates
  • 2017.03.15: Theresa’s U-Turns: A Full List Of The Government's Reversals. Snap Election, Natinal Insurance Increase, Taking In Refugee Children, Foreign Worker Quotas, Hinkley Point, New London Airport, Social Care, European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR), Energy Price Caps, LBC
  • 2017.02.27: Theresa May - Tyrant in Waiting. Minds, pPerrin
  • 2017.01.26: Orange Is The New President, But Theresa May Back Him. Theresa May is jetting off to meet Donald Trump tomorrow, under pressure to simultaneously criticise his chauvinistic actions while convincing him to support post-Brexit Britain. Guido Fawkes
  • 2017.01.25: Theresa May announces u-turn on Brexit white paper. Left Foot Forward


  • 2016.11.21: Theresa May officially backed down from a major policy that everyone was excited about, Business Insider, Adam Payne
  • 2016.11.08: Companies will not be forced to put workers in boardrooms. Theresa May has backed away from forcing employers to put workers on their boards after opposition from business groups and the Treasury. Companies will be encouraged to do more to involve workers — including handing them shares — but ministers won’t be “prescriptive” when a consultation is launched within weeks. The Sunday Times, Francis Elliott
    • 2016.11.08: Theresa May has backed down on one of her key leadership pledges. Business Insider, Thomas Colson
  • 2016.10.10: May's Five U-Turns in Three Months. EU citizens’ right to remain, Hinkley Point, Northern Powerhouse, Foreign doctors, Foreign staff lists. Guido Fawkes
  • 2016.10.05: May Attacks Libertarian Right. Theresa May will use her conference speech this afternoon to attack the many thousands of people in her party who believe in free markets, low taxes and rolling back the state. She names her enemy as the "libertarian right". Guido Fawkes
  • Nov.09.2016: Theresa May Congratulates Trump. As Home Secretary Theresa May refused to rule out banning him from the UK, said Trump doesn’t understand Britain and that his comments on Muslims were "divisive, unhelpful and wrong". What a difference an election makes. Guido Fawkes
  • Oct.12.2016: Thersa May Has Backed Down (A Bit) Over Brexit. In what The Telegraph are calling a ‘climbdown’ and The Guardian have dubbed a ‘U-Turn’ May has accepted the need for there to be ‘full and transparent’ parliamentary scrutiny before Brexit can officially happen. The Debrief, Vicky Spratt
  • Jul.11.2016: Theresa May to put employees on company boards. The Home Secretary will make a speech on inequality and social issues at the beginning of the head-to-head battle between her and Andrea Leadsom to win support from Tory members to be the next leader. As well as giving employees and consumers a place on company’s boards, Ms May will also call for the annual shareholder vote on executive pay to become binding, rather than advisory. Politics Home, Josh May
  • Jul.02.2016: Theresa May is a great self-promoter, but a terrible Home Secretary. via Guido Fawkes, Jonathan Foreman
  • Jun.30.2016: What you didn’t know about Theresa May' The iNews, Alex Dudok de Wit
  • Apr.25.2016: Home Secretary’s speech on the UK, EU and our place in the world., Theresa May
  • Feb.24.2016: So much for principles! The PM accuses Boris of self-interest. But what of the top Tories who once flaunted their anti-EU views but now put their careers first? Home Secretary Theresa May: we are talking here of an empty politician without beliefs. Perhaps I should rephrase that. She does hold beliefs. But they change regularly according to political convenience. (more...) Mail Online, Peter Oborne


  • 2015.11.04: Theresa May Will Be Able To Identify Journalists'Sources. Home Secretaries will be given powers to identify journalists' sources without authorisation from a judge. Theresa May has confirmed she will be able to sign an "urgent warrant" to view journalists' sources without consulting a judge, which will then be subject to "review" in the courts. Guido Fawkes


  • 2013.06.03: Theresa May's new Leadership Worthy Wardrobe. Theresa May has been busy splashing the cash on a new chic leadership-worthy wardrobe. The Home Secretary is spending so much on designer clothes from Amanda Wakeley that the discounts she has received from the Duchess of Cambridge’s favourite designer have become a registrable benefit-in-kind donation. Guido Fawkes


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