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Just what is it about men like Andy Wigmore, Arron Banks, Nigel Farage that makes them such attractive prospects to Putin's agents? This quote from a KGB operative helps explain it.

"My KGB instructors specificially made the point: Never bother with leftists... Try to get into large circulation, established conservative media. Cynical, egocentric people who can look into your eyes with an angelic expression and tell you a lie. These are the most recruitable people; people who lack moral principles – who are either too greedy or suffer from too much self-importance. They feel that they matter a lot. These are the people who the KGB wanted very much to recruit."

— Yuri Bezmenov, KGB agent and journalist for Soviet international news agency RIA Novosti

Kremlin spreads lies about MMR jab.|quote= |website=The Times|name=Rhys Blakely|url=}} Video: From Spy to President: The rise of Vladimir Putin,


  • Aug.24.2018: Kremlin spreads lies about MMR jab. Kremlin-sponsored social media accounts have promoted discredited theories about the MMR jab as part of an effort to sow doubt in the West over the safety of vaccines. New insight into Russian methods: an analysis of Internet Research Agency ... found that they backed both sides of the vaccine debate. ... “By playing both sides, they erode public trust in vaccination.”. Rhys Blakely, The Times.
  • Apr.17.2018: Russia blocks messaging app Telegram. Russia began blocking access to the popular messaging app Telegram yesterday in one of its biggest crackdowns on the internet. Pavel Durov, 33, the Russian entrepreneur who founded Telegram, defied a demand from the Supreme Court last month to give Russia’s security services access to users’ messages. Roskomnadzor, the communications watchdog, said that it had sent telecoms operators a notification about blocking access to Telegram inside Russia. Mr Durov has repeatedly declined to hand over encryption “keys” that would give the Federal Security Service (FSB) a back door to private messages between Telegram users. Telegram is widely used in Russia, including by the political elite, and its closure could provoke a backlash. Amnesty International said the blocking was the “latest attack on online freedom of expression” in Russia. Tom Parfitt, The Times.
  • Apr.08.2018: Why the Kremlin is funding Europe's far right and the links to Number 10. The Kremlin, and elements of the Russian Mafia and oligarchs that Putin represents, have deliberately funded extreme right wing and Eurosceptic causes in order to weaken the EU, in order to consolidate Russian domination of Europe’s gas and oil industries, which has also been a motive behind Russian war crimes in Chechnya, Crimea and Donbas.
    If true, then Cambridge Analytica’s parent company Strategic Communications Laboratories, whose shareholders have financed the Tory Party to the tune of hundreds of thousands, and whose executives now hold key positions in Theresa May's govt, have directly colluded with a hostile power against the national interest of Britain and other European States.
    Robert Mercer, who owns SCL, is also connected to several right wing extremists including Nigel Farage and Steve Bannon. Mercer also provides the link between these right wing forces and the deeply sinister Russian oligarch, Yevgeny Viktorivitch Prigozhin, known to the Russian media as "Putin’s Chef". Prigozhin bankrolls the Internet Research Agency, to a tune of £1.25m. Based in St Petersburg, this is the troll farm which mass-produces right-wing, anti-EU, pro-Russia propaganda on issues such as immigration, which is then disseminated on social media. Prigozhin’s private army WagnerWikipedia-W.svg is involved in war crimes in the Crimea, Donbas and Syria. This suggests a strategic connection between Putin's support for Europe's extreme right, his war crimes in the Crimea, Donbas and Syria, and efforts to control Europe's Gas and Oil markets through the contrived destruction of the EU.
    On Mar.16.2018, as the extent of SCL's connection to the Tory Party began to be revealed, and raids on SCL's offices in Mayfair were being prepared, the company reconstituted itself as Emerdata Ltd. This was shortly after Kremlin funding to the nationalist, ultra-right Eurosceptic Alternative for Germany and Marine Le Pen's Front National, via the First Czech Russian Bank was exposed by BBC's Panorama BBC Panorama, Youtube.
    The Russian oil giant Lukoil was talking to Cambridge Analytica about such work around the time CA was purchased by Robert Mercer (through SCL) in 2014 ref. Lukoil is currently in a strategic cooperation agreement with Gazprom, which is scheduled to last between 2014–2024, on oil and gas production in the Caspian Sea. This in turn gives it a strategic interest in conflicts in Chechnya and Crimea, which is linked to Putin's objective to dominate the European Gas and Oil market. It has additionally led to deals with the French govt, which may explain its initial reluctance, along with that of Donald Trump's, to explicitly condemn Putin over the Skripal poisonings in Salisbury. The economic and geo-strategic objective of the Putin govt to dominate Europe's gas and oil industry goes to the heart of its divide-and-rule support for European right-wing movements and Brexit. Roger Cottrell, The London Economic. Note: see SCL Group re an expanded version of this article.
  • Apr.07.2018: Why the Russian Double-Agent Skripal Could Not Have Been Poisoned with “Novichok”. We spoke with two experts on chemical weapons to find out if the facts on the ground bear out the claim that the military nerve agent Novichok was used. ... The Novichok family of nerve agents are instant acting. There is no such thing as a delayed reaction nerve agent. ... It is pure BS. .. Other countries could have made it (New Scientist). And this would not be the first time that govts framed other countries in order to demonize their enemies. Washington's Blog.
  • Mar.09.2018: The poisoning of Sergei Skripal leads right to Hillary Clinton and the DNC. The Telegraph revealed that Sergei Skripal, the Russian “double agent” who was poisoned in Salisbury, England last week, has ties to Christopher Steele, the author of the infamous anti-Trump dossier and former British spy, who is tied to Fusion GPS, which is directly connected to the DNC and Hillary Clinton. Was Skripal the latest victim of the Clinton mafia’s murder machine? Alex Christoforou, The Duran.
  • Mar.09.2018: Sergei Skripal: Who, and what, could be behind 'poison' attack?. Sir Christopher Meyer, the former UK ambassador to the US who is also a Russia expert having previously worked in Moscow, said there are some "strange things" about the Skripal case. He said: "What did he do after he had asylum here in the UK? Did he continue to work against Russia? Because he might have done something, or been with some British intelligence agency, say, which was such that it enraged people in the Kremlin. That is a possibility, but we cannot diplomatically do anything until it is clear beyond all doubt that this was an operation undertaken by the Kremlin." He added: "It's very easy to say Sergei Skripal is one of those guys and so Putin has eliminated (him). But there are things that stop me making that leap. One is, if this guy was such a traitor, why - back in 2006... whenever it was - did he only get 13 years in a Russian jail? Because, normally, a traitor is shot. So, that's strange. The second thing is, he was part of a spy swap. I don't think there's any history of ever a Russian agent who's been part of a spy swap, in that case with the Americans, later being wiped out." Sky's Moscow Correspondent was unable to find any trace of Ms Skripal as working for PepsiCo in the city, which is where she lists her employment on social media. Sky News.
  • Mar.09.2018: Spy mystery: Six theories on who did it — and why. Six theories are circulating about the Sergei Skripal attack. Roger Boyes, The Times.
  • Mar.08.2018: Russian spy mystery: what is a nerve agent? A nerve agent is a chemical weapon designed to attack and destroy the nerves that can also shut down major organs rapidly. The main five nerve agents are Tabun, which is the easiest to make, Sarin, Soman, GF and VX. Russian spy attack inquiry widens after medics treat 21 people The Times, '
  • Mar.06.2018: Britain failed to learn lessons of Litvinenko murder, says widow. The widow of Alexander Litvinenko, the former Russian spy murdered in London, said that Britain should have responded with a harsher punishment against President Putin’s regime to deter Moscow-sanctioned killings. She also pointed to alleged Russian meddling in the US election as a further sign of the Kremlin’s brazen attitude. Britain had not yet learnt lessons about how to deal with the Putin regime since her husband’s killing, she said. Nov.23.2006: Alexander Litvinenko, poisoned w/polonium-210; Dec.08.2014: Scot Young, impaled on railings; Mar.23.2013: Boris Berezovsy, hanged from shower rail. Mar.2012: German Gorbuntsov, shot w/sub-machinegun; Nov.10.2012: Alexander Perepilichnyy, heart attack w/gelsemium elegans in stomach. The Times, Deborah Haynes
  • Mar.06.2018: Kremlin’s growing arsenal of untraceable poisons. Poisons are becoming the Kremlin’s weapon of choice, according to Bob Seely MP who conducts academic research on Russian warfare. ... evidence the Russians were developing new toxins ... sources claimed that the FSB security agency had set up a specialised dept for researching the subject. Three known types are linked to use by Moscow. The 1st category consists of powerful opioids such as fentanyl. The 2nd category includes radioactive toxins such as polonium-210. Dioxins, the 3rd category of poison, were used in the attempted assassination of Viktor Yushchenko. The Times, Lucy Fisher
  • Feb.14.2018: Chess ruling body has accounts closed ‘after chief funded Isis’. The World Chess Federation (Fide) said that UBS, the Swiss bank, had closed its accounts after losing patience with its failure to depose Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, a Russian millionaire. Mr Ilyumzhinov, once part of Vladimir Putin’s inner circle, has been on a US wanted list since November 2015 accused of involvement in oil deals that left a financial trail to Islamic State. He has repeatedly denied the allegations and claims to be the victim of a US effort to remove him. The Times, Leon Watson


  • Nov.04.2017: Brexit, the ministers, the professor and the spy: how Russia pulls strings in UK. The charges filed against a Trump aide shocked the US – but also shed new light on the complex connections that link Russia to Brexit and the Foreign Office. ...Both Mifsud and Papadopoulos had links into the heart of the British government. There is evidence of several confirmed meetings between Mifsud, Alok Sharma, and Boris Johnson. It was the relationship between Mifsud and Sharma that put the "London professor" directly into the orbit of Johnson. The Foreign Office has confirmed that a third minister, Tobias Ellwood, met Papadopoulos at the UN General Assembly in Sept.2016. In 2012 (or maybe earlier) Matthew Elliott (...) was targeted by Sergey Nalobin, who the Home Office now believes was a Russian spy. In 2012, Nalobin was the key figure at the heart of Conservative Friends of Russia (CFR) - which turned out to be a Moscow influence operation. And Matthew Elliott was a founding member of the CFR. Did Johnson know of Elliott’s connections to Nalobin? Probably, because he also knew Nalobin. Bill Browdon: "London is one of the main outposts for Russian financial and political influence programmes in the west. It's floating on a tide of dirty money. All the oligarchs have bases there. They all have homes. All the professional service firms in London – lawyers, investigations agencies – are running private influence ops on behalf of the oligarchs who are working on behalf of Putin. There’s a huge reluctance in Britain to strangle the golden goose. Because a lot of people very close the centre of power are financially benefiting." The question is who? Sergei Cristo tells me he met another senior Russian diplomat at this year's Conservative party conference. The Guardian, Carole Cadwalladr
  • Dec.08.2017: Part VI: Police File Exposes Holes In The Investigation Into US Death Of Putin’s Media Czar. The heavily redacted report reveals nothing about how RT founder Mikhail Lesin sustained the blunt force injuries that killed him. And the Washington, DC, police won’t say whether they reviewed three critical hours of hotel security footage between when Lesin was last seen alive and when he died. BuzzFeed News Investigation, Jason Leopold, Heidi Blake, Tom Warren, Jane Bradley, Richard Holmes, Alex Campbell
  • Jul.28.2017: Part V: Everyone thinks he was whacked. The US government ruled Mikhail Lesin’s death an accident, but multiple intelligence and law enforcement officials suspect it was a Russian hit. The government is withholding information so today BuzzFeed News has filed a lawsuit to pry the records loose. BuzzFeed News Investigation, Jason Leopold, Ken Bensinger, Anthony Cormier, Heidi Blake, Alex Campbell, Tom Warren, Jane Bradley, Richard Holmes
  • Jun.20.2017: Part IV: The Secrets Of The Spy In The Bag. After the dead body of an MI6 spy was found locked in a sports bag in London, police said the death was “probably an accident” – but British and American spy agencies have secret intelligence suggesting Gareth Williams may have been assassinated over highly sensitive work on Russia. BuzzFeed News Investigation, Tom Warren, Jason Leopold, Alex Campbell, Richard Holmes, Jane Bradley, Heidi Blake
  • Jun.19.2017: Part III: The Man Who Knew Too Much. His nuclear research helped a judge determine that former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko had been assassinated – likely on Putin’s orders. Just months after the verdict, the scientist himself was found stabbed to death with two knives. Police deemed it a suicide, but US intelligence officials suspect it was murder. BuzzFeed News Investigation, Jane Bradley, Jason Leopold, Richard Holmes, Tom Warren, Heidi Blake, Alex Campbell
  • Jun.15.2017: Part II: From Russia With Blood. Lavish London mansions. A hand-painted Rolls-Royce. And eight dead friends. For the British fixer Scot Young, working for Vladimir Putin's most vocal critic meant stunning perks – but also constant danger. His gruesome death is one of 14 that US spy agencies have linked to Russia – but the UK police shut down every last case. A bombshell cache of documents today reveals the full story of a ring of death on British soil that the government has ignored. BuzzFeed News Investigation, Heidi Blake, Tom Warren, Richard Holmes, Jason Leopold, Jane Bradley, Alex Campbell
  • Jun.12.2017: Part I: Poison In The System When a financier dropped dead in Britain shortly after exposing a vast Russian crime, police said it was not suspicious. But with his inquest now underway, BuzzFeed News has uncovered explosive evidence of a suspected Kremlin assassination plot – and a secret assignation in Paris on the eve of his death – that the British authorities have sidelined. BuzzFeed News Investigation, Heidi Blake, Jason Leopold, Jane Bradley, Richard Holmes, Tom Warren, Alex Campbell
  • Jun.15.2017: Why the Road to European Unity, Prosperity Goes Through Moscow. Now that Europe has been left to its own devices by Donald Trump's America, the two most powerful EU states – France and Germany – are facing the dilemma of how to maintain the bloc's unity. According to political scientist Rostislav Ischenko, Russia could become a sort of political-military "crutch" which will prevent the EU from falling apart. Sputnik News, '
  • May.11.2017: Between Trump and Putin: The Right-Wing International, A Crisis of Democracy, and the Future of the European Union. “So. Washington is ours. Chișinău is ours. Sofia is ours. It remains but to drain the swamp in Russia itself.” Right-wing Russian ideologue Alexander Dugin posted this pronouncement as his Facebook status on November 13, 2016.1 Each of the cities he named is the capital of a country—the U.S., Moldova, and Bulgaria, respectively—that had recently elected a leader espousing at least some views that are favorable to Moscow. And each had elections that took place amid concerns about Russian influence. Political Research Associates, Christopher Stroop
  • Jan.11.2017: Senate Report Warns Western Governments Not To Ignore Suspected Russian Hits In Britain And The US. A report by Democrats on a powerful Senate committee, the "Foreign Relations Committee" has highlighted suspected Russian assassinations in the US and Britain as part of the Kremlin’s campaign to undermine Western democracies. BuzzFeed News, Heidi Blake, Richard Holmes, Alex Campbell



  • May.14.1998: The Harvard Boys Do Russia. After 7 years of economic "reform" financed by $billions in US. After seven years of economic “reform” financed by billions of dollars in U.S. and other Western aid, subsidized loans and rescheduled debt, the majority of Russian people find themselves worse off economically. The privatization drive that was supposed to reap the fruits of the free market instead helped to create a system of tycoon capitalism run for the benefit of a corrupt political oligarchy that has appropriated hundreds of millions of dollars of Western aid and plundered Russia’s wealth. The architect of privatization was former First Deputy Prime Minister Anatoly Chubais, a darling of the U.S. and Western financial establishments. Janine R. Wedel, The Nation.