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  • Feb.17.2018: The Bad Boys of Brexit. Wiggy explained that, in his capacity as a representative of the Belize government, there was a certain character he had to see in connection with the drugs trade, to try to persuade this individual to remain on the right side of the law. In 2015 there were only three drug barons in the whole world designated 'Kingpins' and, for entirely proper reasons, namely that this Kingpin designation was in danger of disrupting Belize's banana trade, Wiggy was off to see one of the trio. (Footnote: Belize, which "patriotic" #Brexit promoter @AndyWigmore represented as a diplomat, is much favoured by Russian organised crime for its money-laundering opportunities. As a Belizean businessman and diplomat, Wigmore has made some "interesting" acquaintances. (Isabel Oakeshott's blog) @WhyToVoteGreen, Twitter.
  • Dec.11.2017: Daydream Belizers: Brexit, big sugar and the bad boys from Belize. The EU is the largest beet producer in the world. The CAP has long been protectionist towards EU-produced beet. Cane sugar importers pay a tariff of €339 per ton and naturally they do not like it. Arron Banks' side-kick, Leave.EU colleague and employee Andy Wigmore is not merely a Belizean citizen – he was until Jan.2017 the Trade and Investment Minister at the Belize High Commission in London. This diplomatic post existed to 'promote trade and investment into Belize'. (See also Sugar Industry) Otto English, The PinPrick.
  • Feb.02.2017: Leave crusader loses Belize envoy job after Johnson intervention. Boris Johnson has forced a rival Leave campaigner to quit his role as Belize's diplomatic envoy to the UK. Andy Wigmore, who was the communications director for Leave.EU, left his role as a trade and investment envoy for Belize last week amid questions over whether he had breached a ban on diplomats engaging in political activity during the Brexit campaign. Francis Elliott, The Times.