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Brexit: Nov.2018: “There’s only one thing to do, [with] this, the worst deal in history, and that is to put it in the bin.”
Jun.2016 “Leaving would mean that we would be taking back control... I believe we’re big enough and good enough to govern our own country.”[1]

Motivation: “Farage has always followed the money, he knows which side his bread is buttered. When the US alt-right and evangelicals started supporting him, he became just like them.”[2] This video nails Farage.

As an MEP: “Farage turns up once a month and often what he talks about has absolutely nothing to do with what’s being discussed. You think, what’s going on? And then you realise it’s got nothing to do with the parliament. It’s just for his social media output. Sometimes he doesn’t even hang around for the answers. Two minutes later, he’s back on the Eurostar and gone.”[2] (Farage is ranked 738th out of 751 MEPs for productivity.) See also Farage's page at MEP Ranking.


  • Nov.03.2020: Reform UK: Brexit party to rebrand as anti-lockdown voice. Party chairman Richard Tice says country must ‘learn to live with’ Covid not ‘hide in fear’. The Brexit party has applied to the Electoral Commission to change its name to Reform UK in a bid to rebrand the party, which has no elected representatives, as a voice in the anti-lockdown movement. The party’s leader, Nigel Farage, and chairman, Richard Tice, first announced the plan in a joint article in the Telegraph where they wrote it was “time to redirect our energies”. Clea Skopeliti, The Guardian.
  • Feb.06.2019: ‘A special place in hell’: which Brexiters did Tusk have in mind? The original Brexiter, the former UKIP leader has been promoting Brexit without a plan pretty much since he was first elected as an MEP in 1999. “The 23rd is our golden opportunity – let battle be joined,” he trumpeted as his longed-for referendum day was finally announced, explaining 3 days before the vote that the EU was a “hopelessly outdated, stagnant, failed project” and leaving it would instantly “revitalise our democracy”. Brexit would leave Britain absolutely “free to cooperate and trade with our European neighbours”, Farage promised, while “taking back control of our own destiny as a nation and being free to blaze our own trail in the world”. Slogans aplenty, then. Detailed plans – meh, not so many. Jon Henley, The Guardian.
  • Nov.13.2018: Mueller seeking more details on Nigel Farage, key Russia inquiry target says. Robert Mueller is seeking more information about Nigel Farage for his investigation into Russian interference in US politics, according to a target of the inquiry who expects to be criminally charged. Jerome Corsi, a conservative author, said prosecutors working for Mueller questioned him about Farage, the key campaigner behind Britain’s vote to leave the European Union, two weeks ago in Washington. Jon Swaine, Stephanie Kirchgaessner, The Guardian.
  • Oct.07..2018: Steve Bannon bags a Belgian buddy to launch far-right assault on Brussels. When Mischael Modrikamen, leader of a small populist party, sat down for the first time with Steve Bannon, Donald Trump’s one-time ideologist, at Brown’s hotel in Mayfair for a Sunday lunch arranged by Nigel Farage, it came close to love at first sight. Peter Conradi, The Times.

  • Sept.02.2018: Nigel Farage fans heckled as 'Nazi scum' outside event in Perth. Dozens of protesters have heckled ticket holders in Perth on the first night of Nigel Farage’s week-long speaking tour of Australia and New Zealand. Police formed a cordon around the demonstrators, who shouted “Nazi scum off our streets” and “shame” as people entered the 350-capacity hall in Western Australia. Farage insisted Australia and the wider English-speaking world would benefit from Britain’s impending departure from the EU. “They were all lining up, even Australian politicians, saying that Britain should not vote for Brexit, which struck me as being completely and utterly bizarre,” he said. “I like Trump,” he said. “On that stage in Mississippi, when I came off the podium and shook his hand, he said ‘you will be my friend for life’ and, do you know what, I believe him.” Farage praised Pauline Hanson, the leader of Australia’s rightwing populist One Nation party, for playing a valuable role in raising the issue of immigration, but added that he was worried about her narrative. “I would say this to Miss Hanson and others in Europe, that being against Islamism is the right place to be, but putting yourself in a position where you are taking on a holy war against the religion of Islam is a mistake,” Farage said. “If we do it we will lose. To win a big fight you sometimes have to box clever.” he also described the former English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson as “brave” but unwise, and said Theresa May was the worst prime minister in British history. Narelle Towie, The Guardian.
  • Sept.01.2018: If London votes for Nigel Farage then pork chops can run the Vegan Society. It’s possible there are other things with an even slimmer chance of success: Theresa May winning Strictly Come Dancing; me being asked to watch the whole of a Star Wars film; a bag of pork chops becoming president of the Vegan Society. Maybe the Farage cult is losing ground in Britain. In the Royal Academy’s summer exhibition, a picture of a man’s private parts sold for £2,500, while a neighbouring portrait of Farage failed to attract a buyer with its £25,000 price tag. It seems there is only so much someone will pay to hang a massive penis on their wall. Still, soon the streets of London will be plastered with posters for his mayoral bid which is absolutely happening and definitely wasn’t just something for the attention-seeking toad to say to get himself in the papers. He’s really going to be the new Dick Whittington, isn’t he? Oh no, he isn’t. Matt Chorley, The Times. In the Comments section: Farage doesn't expect to win London's mayoral election. Yesterday he told the Times his ambition was to push the Conservatives into 3rd place, in other words if you want Labour's Khan to win you can vote for Khan or Farage, the result will be the same. The Conservative's aren't interested in taking the mayors office, the candidates they are considering are unknown London Assembly members and last time it was the utterly useless Zac Goldsmith. The truth is they get on reasonably well with Khan and would be quite relaxed if he won a second term..
  • Aug.30.2018: Nigel Farage considers running against Sadiq Khan for London mayor. Nigel Farage has said that he is considering a run for mayor of London and believes that he would push the Conservatives into third place. Mr Farage made seven unsuccessful attempts to become an MP and will lose his seat in the European parliament when Britain leaves the EU in March. The Times.
  • Aug.19.2018: Why Nigel Farage’s return could make a people’s vote more likely. The former UKIP leader – and his snake oil – are back. But there’s a risk to his political showmanship, and he knows it. The “bad boys of Brexit” on the road once more, selling snake oil and lies wherever the freedom-mobile leads them. Though Nigel Farage rarely needs an excuse to rush back into the limelight, he has found one. The core of the leavers’ argument since the referendum has been that the matter was settled by the vote, that the public has issued unambiguous instructions, and that there is little more to discuss but the fine print of the divorce papers. Farage, of course, claims that the whole purpose of his new campaign is to reinforce this core position, an itinerant pageant to put pressure on the govt and parliament and to urge voters not to tolerate the great betrayal. Yet the very act of – to use his own choice of verb – “restarting” the campaign will encourage the impression that the 2016 result is suddenly provisional, that the battle is not yet won, that there is all to play for. This is precisely the narrative that the People's Vote campaign has been seeking to encourage: that nothing is inevitable, that true democracy is all about absorbing and responding to new information, that there is a “genuine chance to turn this around”. Why, then, take this risk? Because, as the scorpion tells the frog as he stings him while they are swimming across the stream, it is in his nature. Populists survive by staying in motion. One of the populist right's most important projects is the colonisation of the Tory party. Imagine if May suddenly delivered the hard Brexit that Farage wants - what on earth would he do with his time then? Matthew D'Ancona, The Guardian.
  • Jul.11.2018: Britain's Trumpocracy: who are the president's biggest cheerleaders? As the US president arrives in the UK, he will be met by ... a smaller number of cheerleaders whose enthusiasm for his leadership is matched only by their gift for self-promotion. The British Trumpocracy is still thriving – and ready for another moment in the limelight. Nigel Farage, former leader of Ukip, has long been a self-declared friend of Donald Trump. He was one of the first non-Americans to visit the president in Trump Tower after he was elected in 2016 and has spoken of his support repeatedly, to whomever will listen. more Alexandra Topping, The Guardian.
  • Jan.12.2018: Nigel Farage has MEP salary docked to recoup misspent EU funds Former Ukip leader will lose £35,500 in total – the amount he paid assistant Christopher Adams who is believed to have not been working on EU matters. Farage is one of 8 UKIP MEPs who were investigated in 2017 for misuse of EU funds. Jennifer Rankin, The Guardian.
    • Brexit: How the Campaigns Were Linked (mapped) @MustHaveItNow
    • Following the interview of Popadopalous girlfiend Simona Mangiante / worked at the eu parliament for 6 years (where knowing Farage would have been inevitable/ left to work with Misfud in london - Is Malloch - also the link to #Boris & Misfud in Reading? @NarcAware
      • Ted Malloch not being considered for EU ambassador post. White House and State tell press that controversial academic Ted Malloch is not going to Brussels. But the Financial Times found that he had embellished parts of his autobiography and CV, including claims that he received a knighthood from the Queen and invented the phrase “thought leadership”. Court documents seen by the FT also state that he made false statements to two US banks to deceive them into giving him multimillion-dollar loans. He responded that he was never “convicted or tried for any fraudulent activities”. (more dirt...) Financial Times
    • At the European Parliament Mangiante worked as “legal advisor to the [EP] Vice President office for children’s protection in cases of international child abduction. I rather doubt if she would have met #Farage in that capacity. [@?]
      • 7 Facts about George Papadopoulos’ Fiancee Simona Mangiante Wag Politics
    • It was obvious at the time - he and Rohrabacher may be couriers operating in plain sight. @SteveKomarnycky
      • Aug.17.2017: Rohrabacher on meeting with WikiLeaks’ Assange We talked about ‘what might be necessary to get him out’ Los Angeles Times
    • What, this Ted Malloch? (pic of Farage + Malloch together) @BrexitSham
    • Jan.27.2017: Donald Trump's likely EU ambassador Ted Malloch wants to tame the bloc "like he brought down Soviet Union" "Maybe there's another union that needs a little taming." The Independent
    • Jan.27.2017: Ted Malloch is the boy!, [@Nigel_Farafe] >> BBCThis Weekend
  • Jan.12.2018: Nigel Farage hit with £35,000 fine for 'misspending EU funds'. The former Ukip leader will have his MEP's pay docked by half to recoup what he allegedly spent in breach of Brussels regulations. Andrew Gregory, The Mirror.
  • Jan.11.2018: Why does Nigel Farage want a second referendum? To strike quickly before the reality properly starts to bite. @Heidi_MP
    • Jan.11.2018: Why Would Nigel Farage Want A Second Referendum? To Leave Before The Reality Starts To Bite. Farage wants to put a final nail in the coffin now so that he can claim a majority for the most extreme form of Brexit imaginable. Why, as politicians who have previously expressed sympathy for a referendum on the final Brexit deal, do we feel so uneasy? What’s he up to? The simple answer is, it’s all about him. He wants the attention. Today, he also wanted to deflect news coverage away from Sadiq Khan’s report on how bad a hard Brexit will be for the country. He’s also realised that the longer this goes on, and the more that people see the complexity associated with Brexit and the more they worry about the chaos and uncertainty it brings, the more likely they are to re-evaluate the situation. He wants a second referendum quickly before the reality properly starts to bite. He hates the idea of a fudge transition period - legally out of the EU but to all intents and purposes in the single market and customs union - because that’s when the public will really start to question the sense of it all. It’s all a big game for him. He is a stock broker. A high stakes gambler. He will always be OK. He will always be able to jet off to stand in a golden lift at Trump Towers. Our constituents won't be okay if he and his handmaiden the PM cruicy the economy. HuffPost, Heidi Alexander Labour MP for Lewisham East, Alison McGovern Labour MP for Wirral South
  • Jan.11.2018: Of course Nigel Farage wants a second referendum - without the EU he is nothing. @Otto_English Any second vote would be a high risk strategy and given that his side has ‘won’ a better stratagem might be for Farage to shut up and let us Remoaners shout at the darkness – so why isn’t he doing that? Simple. Nigel would have nothing to lose from a second referendum. He is essentially a European politician. His career, his alliances and his standing all rest on the very beast that he has spent twenty years claiming he wants to slay. He has done very well out of it indeed. Estimates put his salary at a whopping £241,138 making him one of the best paid politicians in Britain – if not the whole of Europe. Now of course that salary is not made up entirely of his EU pay but crucially his media career is dependent upon his reputation as the figurehead of Brexit. The Pin Prick, Otto English (ThePinPrick7)
  • Jan.11.2018: I think this is right. A calculated risk that allows him and Banks to put distance between themselves and the diabolical cock-up being perpetrated by May & co (which of course they own as joint authors). And if they do get a 2nd ref and lose, hey, the gravy train's back. @Ottocrat]
    • Call me a cynic but I can't help wondering why Farage wants a rerun of the referendum which spelled an end to his lucrative career as an MEP and populist rentagob. (thread) @Ottocrat
  • Jan.11.2018: Farage today backing another Europe referendum is entirely consistent with his view before the last one that 52-48 Remain would be "unfinished business". @Kevin_Maguire
  • Jan.11.2018: Nigel Farage attacked by Ukip after backing second Brexit poll. Fresh referendum would end ‘whingeing and whining and moaning’ of pro-EU politicians, he says. Nigel Farage was attacked by fellow senior members of the UK Independence party on Thursday after he suggested there should be a second Brexit referendum. But the idea of a second referendum is highly unwelcome for most Ukip politicians, who are trying to argue that Mrs May is taking too long to extract Britain from the EU. Moreover, Ukip has struggled since the Brexit referendum, which took away its raison d’être, and it failed to win any seats at last year’s general election. Henry Bolton, who was elected Ukip leader with Mr Farage’s implicit support last September, said a second Brexit referendum would “be damaging to the nation”, and “undermine the fabric of our democratic principles”. Gerard Batten, Ukip’s Brexit spokesman, said Mr Farage’s intervention was “totally unhelpful and unnecessary”. Financial Times, Henry Mance
  • Jan.11.2018: Nigel Farage backs fresh Brexit referendum to 'kill off' issue. Ex-Ukip leader believes second poll would settle issue for a generation because result would be the same as the first. The Guardian, Rowena Mason
  • Jan.11.2018: Nigel Farage: ‘maybe’ we should hold second Brexit referendum. In his view "the percentage that would vote to leave next time would be very much bigger than it was last time … and we may just finish the whole thing off". Financial Times
  • Jan.08.2018: What I learned from finally meeting with Michel Barnier: The EU is happy to play for time and see Britain sweat, The Telegraph, Nigel Farage


  • Nov.06.2017: We Need To Talk About Nigel... "Nigel Farage, former UKIP leader and MEP, Arron Banks, UK donor and backer of Leave.EU, and Andrew Wigmore, a Belizian diplomat and endeavour partner of both, are the best known of the Useful Fools in the United Kingdom." Multiple links between Farage, Banks, UKIP etc to Russia. All of them are currently under investigation or scrutiny in some way or another, in the both the USA and the UK. J.J. Patrick, ByLine.
  • Oct.02.2017: Iain Dale’s 100 most influential people on the Right 2017. Former Leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party. Nigel Farage has certainly not gone quiet. Indeed, quite the reverse. He’s effortlessly made the transition from political leader to talk show host but it’s clear he may well soon return to the political fray if he thinks Brexit is in danger. It’s unlikely to be in the capacity of leader of UKIP, though. Conservative Home, Iain Dale
  • Mar.19.2017: "They Will Always Hate Me". Nigel Farage loves giving interviews. But if you ask him about his connections to Russia and about the consequences of Brexit, he'll put a stop to the conversation. Farage's mission is to destroy the EU from within. He was the face of the Leave campaign, which ultimately led to the successful Brexit referendum last year. Along with David Cameron and Boris Johnson, Farage is one of the key initiators of Brexit. "I want the EU to be destroyed and it doesn’t matter if God or the Dalai Lama wants it was well. The EU is an anti-democratic, failing structure.", Steffen Dobbert

  • May.02.2016: EU expenses: MEPs claim over £1million in five years as Nigel Farage admits claims for bodyguard. Nigel Farage claimed over £15,000 in expenses to pay for his bodyguards. Richard Ashworth and Sajjad Karim both claimed over £150,000 in travel expenses and the same again for subsistence, among other entitlements. MP Damian Collins said "For Nigel Farage to complain about EU waste while billing European taxpayers for the costs of his tour is the height of hypocrisy." The Telegraph.



  • Mar.31.2014: Nigel Farage's relationship with Russian media comes under scrutiny. Nigel Farage's near monthly appearances on state-owned Russia Today have come under scrutiny after his expression of admiration for Vladimir Putin this week. In one of his 17 appearances on state-owned Russia Today transmitted since December 2010, he claims Europe is governed not by elected democracies but instead "by the worst people we have seen in Europe since 1945". The Guardian, Patrick Wintour, Rowena Mason
  • "Although Farage's star continues to rise, whenever he is questioned about hard policies, he comes across as a one-trick pony (immigration). A slick salesman but people seem to love it."


  1. ^ What they said then and what they’re saying now. Oliver Wright, The Times, Nov.16.2018.
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