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  • Jun.02.2018: Richard Madeley: ‘I felt sorry for Gavin Williamson after that interview — he’s very underpowered’. Never, however, until Tuesday had a British interviewer terminated an interview on the grounds that a cabinet minister had avoided a question. On ITV’s Good Morning Britain, Richard Madeley four times asked Gavin Williamson if he regretted his advice to the Kremlin to “shut up and go away” after the Salisbury poisonings. Four times the defence secretary instead praised the emergency services. “Right,” said Madeley, “you’re not going to answer, are you? OK. All right, interview terminated.” “It wasn’t that I thought, ‘Here’s an opportunity to do something sensational’. But when we got to the last question and he stalled again, it was like a lightbulb came on and I thought, ‘Stop it. Just kick him off the show. He doesn’t deserve to be here. We gave him five minutes talking about his bloody project to save elephants in Africa. Now it’s our turn. You know, the quid pro quo, and he’s not playing the game so, OK, go. Williamson is . . . What do they call him in Westminster? Private Pike. They do. Afterwards I felt a bit sorry for him, actually. He’s very underpowered. He’s very, very underpowered." Andrew Billen, The Times.
  • May.29.2018: Richard Madeley cuts off Gavin Williamson after he repeatedly dodges question on Russia – video. Madeley was interviewing the defence secretary on ITV’s Good Morning Britain and asked him if he regretted saying a few weeks ago that Russia should 'go away and shut up'. Williamson tried the old trick of ignoring the question and ploughing ahead with another point. Gavin Williamson suffers TV humiliation after repeated question dodging leads to interview termination - Richard Madley . ITV, The Guardian.
  • Apr.15.2018: Chemical weapons can never be tolerated. ...blah blah... puff piece that says nothing of substance. Ends with "Our nation has always been prepared to stand up, make difficult decisions and do what is right for our national and global security. And that is what we have done." Linkback: Yemen, Syria. Gavin Williamson, The Times.
  • Mar.15.2018: The Tories Cut £129m from the MoD Unit responsible for Chemical Weapons Defence. Defence secretary Gavin Williamson will promise £48m for a new chemical weapons defence centre this afternoon in response to events in Salisbury last week. Just 6 years ago, the Tories pushed through eye watering cuts to the military that slashed £129m directly from the MoD unit with sole responsibility for chemical weapons defence. Political Scrapbook.
  • Mar.15.2018: Gavin Williamson is running the most undisguised leadership campaign ever. The Defence Secretary's call for Russia to “go away and shut up” is yet another shameless attempt to woo the Tory grassroots. He makes Boris Johnson’s manoeuvres appear subtle. Williamson, who one female Tory MP once described as a “self-serving cunt”, behaves like a single man following pick-up guide The Game: every move is a comically undisguised attempt to advance his personal ambitions. New Statesman, George Eaton
  • Jan.31.2018: Gavin Williamson: PM declines to back his account of 'office affair'. Theresa May refuses to say if she believes defence secretary over why he left fireplace firm. The Guardian, Jessica Elgot
  • Jan.28.2018: Gavin Williamson "leaked intelligence". The battle to succeed Theresa May erupted into fresh acrimony last night as top Tories traded blows over whether Gavin Williamson leaked intelligence last week to distract attention from an extramarital "flirtation". The Sunday Times, Tim Shipman, Richard Kerbaj
  • Jan.28.2018: Gavin Williamson left firm 'after meeting sparked by relationship'. Defence secretary left Elgin & Hall soon afterwards according to sources close to the company. Rajeev Syal, The Guardian.
  • Jan.27.2018: Gavin Williamson Affair - THE TRUTH. Not for nothing is former govt chief whip and now Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson known as "Stupid Boy". ... Williamson’s lawyers refused to answer a series of questions about his departure from the fireplace firm Elgin & Hall, where he was MD in 2004". "Russia is ready to kill us by the thousands", referring to disruption of the UK’s energy supply, but his claim is total crap. Zelo Street, Tim Fenton
    • What’s the heart of Gavin Williamson story? He used secret intelligence - "not all of it ours" to create headlines + distract from scandal. @PaulMasonNews
  • Jan.27.2018: Williamson’s best defence. He is following the wisdom of Lanny Davis, Bill Clinton’s special counsel, who wrote a book subtitled Tell it Early, Tell it All, Tell it Yourself. The Times, Patrick Kidd
  • Jan.27.2018: Defence secretary Gavin Williamson dodges queries about his office romance. He admitted the relationship led to him leaving his job at a manufacturing firm.[1] {ToDo: good bio in here} The Times, Sean O'Neill
  • Jan.26.2018: UK Defense Secretary: "Russia Is Ready To Kill Us By The Thousands". In an interview with the Telegraph, Williamson warned that Russia is actively seeking to bring about Britain's economic collapse by attacking its infrastructure which he said will cause "thousands and thousands and thousands of deaths". Meanwhile, Russian officials were quick to mock the scenario as "worthy of a Monty Python sketch". Other news commentators questioned whether this "warning" was a dead cat. Zero Hedge, Tyler Durden
  • Jan.26.2018: Gavin Williamson voted to cut ESA by £30 pw. Expense claims + costs for 2017 were £180,400.64 plus salary. Voting record: Bedroom tax, Tax Credits cuts, against same-sex marriage, Bankers Bonus tax, Investigating the impact of austerity measure. @Rachael_Swindom
  • Jan.25.2018: 'My family means everything to me. I almost threw it away'. Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson confesses to affair with more junior married colleague but says his wife has forgiven him. Rising Tory star called brief office romance with a colleague ‘a dreadful mistake'. Became involved with married woman in 2004 while manager at a fireplace firm. Mr Williamson, touted as a future party leader, said wife Joanne had forgiven him. He insisted that the relationship had not gone beyond kisses ‘a couple of times’. Future MP quit his job as he had not wanted a constant reminder of his infidelity. Daily Mail Online, Vanessa Allen
  • Nov.02.2017: Gavin Williamson profile: an ambitious 'chop-your-head-off type of man'. Many Tory backbenchers are unimpressed with promotion of someone who has cultivated image as modern-day Machiavelli. The 41-year-old MP has made a rapid rise to the top over the past 7 years with the help of naked ambition and a penchant for theatrical power play. However, many Tory backbenchers are unimpressed with the promotion of someone they see as slippery and a govt toady. For eg, Williamson had a job as Cameron’s parliamentary aide, acting as his eyes and ears among MPs. Rowena Mason, The Guardian.
  • Nov.02.2017: Who is Gavin Williamson and why does he keep a tarantula on his desk? The Independent, John Rentoul
  • Nov.02.2017: Gavin Williamson: the cunning Conservative faces his biggest test as Defence Secretary. The appointment of Gavin Williamson as Defence Secretary, following Michael Fallon's resignation, has stunned Conservative MPs. The promotion of the 41-year-old Chief Whip, who has never held a major departmental post, has prompted scepticism and even fury among colleagues. "Gavin is a slimeball who knifed Fallon to get the job himself," one Tory MP told me. Another commented: "He has become the most loathed person in the parliamentary party." In the parliamentary tea room, a female Tory MP simply described Williamson as a "self-serving cunt". The New Statesman, George Eaton
  • Oct.02.2017: Iain Dale’s 100 most influential people on the Right 2017. Chief Whip. One of the few Cameroons to survive regime change, Gavin Williamson’s appointment as chief whip caused more than a few raised eyebrows, given his comparative youth and inexperience. However, he did a sterling job as David Cameron’s PPS and was trusted by Tory MPs to relay their concerns. His negotiations with the DUP proved how close he is to the Prime Minister, and his ability to sell the deal to the parliamentary party surprised some. Said to harbour much higher ambitions… Conservative Home, Iain Dale
  • Sept.14.2016: Profile: Gavin Williamson, the “baby-faced assassin” who is now Chief Whip. ... A member of the 2015 intake said Williamson is “nice and cuddly on the outside, but actually a bit of a bully”, and claimed some MPs are “a bit afraid” of him because in their experience he always spoke with the authority of the Prime Minister. But how, it may be asked, did Williamson make the leap from Cameron’s PPS to May’s Chief Whip? For the new Prime Minister immediately hurled most of her predecessor’s supporters into outer darkness. As it happens, part of the answer to this question has been given by Williamson himself, to his local paper, the Express and Star, in which he described what happened immediately after the referendum result, and the resignation on the morning of Friday 24th June of Cameron: “At the time everyone’s favourite was Boris Johnson. I just couldn’t see it. I knew Theresa was by far the best person for prime minister. She had the right tools for the job. Everyone told me I was wrong and that she couldn’t possibly win, but I sensed the mood of the country. People were looking for someone who is a serious politician who can make tough decisions in challenging times. I just knew instinctively that she was the one.” So Williamson phoned May and told her he wanted to help her with her campaign. He is said, however, to have checked first whether Cameron would have any objections to such a step, and to have been assured that the outgoing Prime Minister did not. ... Within 24 hours of Williamson joining her, May offered him the post of parliamentary campaign manager ... Andrew Gimson, ConservativeHome.


  1. ^ Defence secretary Gavin Williamson dodges queries about his office romance. He admitted the relationship led to him leaving his job at a manufacturing firm. The Times, Sean O'Neill, Jan.27.2018