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  • Dec.21.2018: Corbyn: Brexit would go ahead even if Labour won snap election. Opposition leader says he would go to Brussels to secure better deal if he was PM. Jeremy Corbyn has defiantly restated Labour’s policy of leading Britain out of the European Union with a refashioned Brexit deal, shrugging off intense pressure from Labour MPs and activists for the party to throw its weight behind a second referendum. Heather Stewart, The Guardian.
  • Nov.19.2018: Jeremy Corbyn brushes off Labour demands for People’s Vote. Jeremy Corbyn signalled his intention yesterday to fend off demands for a second referendum from his party’s pro-European wing, warning that it was “not an option for today”. In a move that will further infuriate Labour MPs calling for a so-called people’s vote, the party leader said he did not even know if he would support remaining in the EU if a second referendum was called. In an interview on the Sky News programme Sophy Ridge on Sunday Mr Corbyn said the party’s present policy was an acknowledgment that many of its voters still wanted to leave the European Union. However, Mr Corbyn launched a strong attack on the draft deal that Mrs May struck with Brussels, claiming it was a “one-way agreement” that allowed the EU to “call all the shots”. He said: “We’ll vote against this deal because it doesn’t meet our tests. We don’t believe it serves the interest of this country, therefore the government have to go back to the EU and renegotiate rapidly. Oliver Wright, The Times.
  • Sept.02.201: MI5 head Andrew Parker summons Jeremy Corbyn for ‘facts of life’ talk on terror. Jeremy Corbyn has been summoned for a personal briefing by the head of MI5 on the terrorist threat to Britain amid questions about his approach to national security. Andrew Parker, the director-general of the Security Service, is expected to give the Labour leader a “full briefing” on the threat from Islamists in Britain and Isis jihadists returning from the Middle East. The MI5 boss also wants to prime Corbyn on the extent of hostile Russian espionage activity and the growing threat from far-right extremists. Two senior government sources said the meeting was scheduled for Tuesday so that Corbyn could “begin to understand the facts of life” about threats he has a habit of playing down. Tim Shipman, The Times.
  • Aug.24.2018: The well-heeled class warriors of Labour. Jeremy Corbyn has proposed compelling the BBC to publish the social backgrounds of its employees. Here Matthew Moore does the same for his inner circle. Jeremy Corbyn, leader. Briefly attended a fee-paying preparatory school, Castle House School in Shropshire, before moving to a state primary and then a grammar. Spent his early years in the picturesque Wiltshire village of Kington St Michael. When he was seven the family moved to a seven-bedroom manor house in Shropshire. Mother was a maths teacher, father an engineer. Matthew Moore, The Times.
  • Aug.16.2018: Labour complains to regulator over coverage of cemetery visit. The Labour party has formally complained to the press regulator IPSO about the coverage by several British newspapers of Jeremy Corbyn’s decision to lay a wreath at a cemetery in Tunisia. The party said the Sun, the Times, the Telegraph, the Daily Mail, the Express and Metro had misrepresented the event, which the Labour leader attended in 2014. It is highly unusual for a senior politician to turn to the press regulator over negative media coverage. Labour said subsequent reporting of the incident across the media had seriously misrepresented the event, misidentified those buried in the cemetery and underplayed the role of mainstream Palestinian leaders conducting the ceremony. The complaint focuses on incidents where newspapers have specifically stated in news stories that the event was commemorating members of the Black September terrorist group or those who carried out the 1972 Munich massacre. Labour says there are no graves for such individuals and the event did not commemorate the Munich terrorists. The party initially struggled to clarify events surrounding Corbyn’s visit. However, it went on the attack when the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, personally intervened and criticised Corbyn. Newspapers named in the IPSO complaint have been informed. There will be an internal complaints process at each one, and they could offer to publish corrections to resolve the dispute. If Labour rejects any of the potential mediation offers, a full inquiry could take place. IPSO could have to rule on the accuracy of each contentious piece and whether it breaks its code on accuracy. It is thought that several members of the public have complained to IPSO about the coverage, but their concerns cannot be investigated because the regulator does not accept complaints from third parties. The regulator has been increasingly willing to make strong rulings on contentious issues, ordering front-page corrections in the Daily Mail and Mirror in recent months. Jim Waterson, The Guardian.
  • Aug14.2018: The Corbyn wreath ‘scandal’ is just an exercise in hypocrisy. Let’s stick to the facts. Corbyn was attending a conference as a backbencher at the invitation of Tunisian president Moncef Marzouki, a respected human rights campaigner who had been a prominent dissident under the western-backed dictatorship of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. The aim of the conference was to build unity between the divided Palestinian factions, and it culminated in the laying of a wreath at a memorial for the dozens of people killed, civilians among them, when the Israelis bombed the PLO’s headquarters in 1985. Back then, Margaret Thatcher herself contested Israeli claims that the attack “was justified in international law”, and reportedly said she had “recoiled from Israel’s attack on Tunis with the killing of many civilians”. This week’s controversy has focused on the graves of two other senior PLO figures, Salah Khalaf and Atef Bseiso: Corbyn was pictured a few metres away from both, and a photograph shows a wreath laid by Khalaf’s tomb. Corbyn denies commemorating Khalaf. But is the idea of doing so any different to Straw laying a wreath on the grave of Arafat, for whom Khalaf and Bseiso served as junior officials? Are the PLO and Fatah now once again to be understood as simply terrorist organisations? For those of us who believe that challenging antisemitism and supporting Palestinian solidarity are not mutually exclusive, they spring from the same desire for justice and equality. ... Owen Jones, The Guardian.
  • May.24.2018: Corbyn has snubbed terrorist victims of Troubles, says DUP. Jeremy Corbyn has been accused of snubbing a meeting with victims of IRA violence yesterday during his first visit to Northern Ireland as Labour leader. The Democratic Unionist Party said that it invited him almost two weeks ago to meet families who had lost relatives at the hands of republican paramilitaries during the Troubles. Mr Corbyn insisted that he had only received the invitation two days before the visit, by which point his schedule was fixed. Linkback: Gregory Campbell Lucy Fisher, Henry Zeffman, The Times.
  • Apr.22.2018: Anti-semites lurking in Jeremy Corbyn’s Twitter nest. Jeremy Corbyn is today revealed to be following individuals and campaign groups on Twitter who defend the Syrian regime, blame chemical attacks in Syria on foreign powers and compare Israel to Nazi Germany. An analysis by The Sunday Times of nearly 2,500 organisations, campaign groups and individuals that the Labour leader follows on Twitter reveals some of the abuse and anti-semitic comments that he is now being urged to confront inside his party. Corbyn was last week embroiled in the most bitter and divisive row of his leadership as Labour MPs Luciana Berger, Ruth Smeeth and John Mann used a parliamentary debate to catalogue the abuse they have suffered and urge him to act. ... smear job. Jon Ungoed-Thomas, Tim Shipman, Gabriel Pogrund, The Times.
  • Apr.10.2018: Israeli Labour Party suspends ties with Jeremy Corbyn. Israel's Labour leader Avi Gabbay has suspended all formal relations with Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party. In a letter sent to Mr Corbyn on Tuesday afternoon he said: "we cannot retain relations with you, Leader of Labour Party UK, while you fail to adequately address the antisemitism within Labour Party UK". The JC understands the suspension is intended to be between the Israeli party and Mr Corbyn himself. Michael Daventry, Anshel Pfeffer, The Jewish Chronicle.
  • Apr.02.2018: More than 40 senior academics write to condemn what they see as an anti-corbyn bias in media coverage of the anti-semitism debate. Letters, The Guardian.
  • Apr.01.2018: Exposed: Jeremy Corbyn’s hate factory. Jeremy Corbyn faces a damaging new anti-semitism scandal as a bombshell dossier reveals the full extent of anti-Jewish, violent and abusive comments on Facebook groups mobilising his most fervent supporters. Twelve senior staff working for the Labour leader and the shadow chancellor, John McDonnell, are members of groups containing anti-semitic and violent comments, including praise for Adolf Hitler and threats to kill Theresa May, the prime minister. The most comprehensive investigation conducted into 20 of the biggest pro-Corbyn Facebook groups — numbering 400,000 members — found routine attacks on Jewish people, including Holocaust denial. Lord Carlile Richard Kerbaj, Gabriel Pogrund, Jon Ungoed‑Thomas, Tim Shipman, The Sunday Times.
  • Oct.04.2012: Mear One's Brick Lane Street Art: Is Mural Anti-Semitic? Video A mural in the heart of bohemian east London has caused uproar among local politicians and community leaders who have accused it of being anti-Semitic - in an area with a long Jewish and immigrant history. But Mear One, the American artist who painted the mural on a wall on Hanbury Street, off Brick Lane, has denied charges of anti-Semitism. The painting depicts caricatures of wealthy Jewish men playing Monopoly, using the backs of hunched people as their table. In the background is a pyramid with an eyeball in it - synonymous with the Illuminati conspiracy theory. To one side of the painting, a man holds up a placard that says: "The New World Order is the enemy of humanity." Mear One has defended his art. "My mural is about class and privilege. The banker group is made up of Jewish and white Anglos," he wrote. "For some reason they are saying I am anti-Semitic. This I am most definitely not. I believe in equality and brother- and sisterhood on a global scale. What I am against is class. Ruling class - this is a problem and we need humanisation." Youtube Shane Croucher, International Business Times.
  • Mar.27.2018: Jeremy Corbyn’s worldview is made for antisemites. Hatred of colonialism, capitalism and Zionism are so intertwined in left-wing minds that distaste for Jews comes easily. Daniel Finkelstein, The Times.
    • You start your piece with a lie and it goes downhill from there. Corbyn never supported the mural, he supported the artist's right to create it. Therein lies the perfect encapsulation of the issue around this. Antisemitism is awful with the mistreatment of Jews going back centuries and we should rightfully be wary of it and act quickly and decisively when we find it. There is a tendency to mislabel though. It is defined as an irrational hatred and persecution of Jews not as many on the right seem to be using it a label to apply to people some sections of Jews don't like. (Shaw Green)
    • Is there a problem with Israeli treatment of the Palestinians? Yes there is , and the current Labour party is more pro-Palestinian than pro-Israeli. Rightly or wrongly it sees Palestinians as victims and the Israeli state as oppressors. Something of a counterbalance to other strata of opinion that are pro-Israeli. It's pretty difficult not to associate Israel with the Jews and with wealthy and powerful lobbies in other parts of the world. That's not a conspiracy theory. It's just how groups of human beings maintain and extend their spheres. (Frankie Lee)
    • See "Talk" page for more comments.
  • Mar.20.2018: Labour’s moderates have hit breaking point. With Corbyn’s anti-western bias coming out in the open, many of his MPs have concluded they can’t help make him PM. Corbyn gave every impression that he was bending over backwards to avoid blaming Moscow. For years, Mr Corbyn has campaigned against Nato and romanticised dictatorships in Cuba and Venezuela that favoured Russia over America. For Labour MPs who feel increasingly as if their party has been stolen from them, last week was a tipping point. Today, the left-wing takeover of Labour will be complete, with the election of the Unite candidate Jennie Formby as general-secretary. Already this wing of the party controls the ruling National Executive Committee, as well as the leadership, and has started a purge of council leaders. The truth is that, under Mr Corbyn, Labour has mutated into something completely different, and it is increasingly clear that moderates need to recreate the party they once joined. Seumas Milne, Andrew Murray, Stop the War Coalition, Policy Exchange, Lord West of Spithead, Rachel Sylvester, The Times.
  • Mar.15.2018: Jeremy Corbyn defies critics and calls for calm over Russia. Jeremy Corbyn has defied critics in his own party and warned the prime minister against “rushing way ahead of the evidence” over the Salisbury poisoning, in what he called the “fevered” atmosphere of Westminster. The Labour leader used an article in the Guardian to urge the government to take a “calm, measured” approach – and warn against the drift towards a “new cold war” with Russia. "To rush way ahead of the evidence being gathered by the police, in a fevered parliamentary atmosphere, serves neither justice nor our national security. Labour is of course no supporter of the Putin regime, its conservative authoritarianism, abuse of human rights or political and economic corruption." Corbyn backed May’s decision to expel 23 diplomats, but suggested a financial crackdown on Russian oligarchs would be more effective. Heather Stewart, Larry Elliott, The Guardian.
  • Mar.14.2018: Corbyn under fire from own MPs over response to PM's Russia statement. Jeremy Corbyn’s reaction to the prime minister’s Russia statement has sparked a Labour party row. The Labour leader came in for sustained criticism, including from his own MPs, after he failed to condemn the Kremlin directly for carrying out the poisoning of former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Yulia. Corbyn called the incident "an appalling act of violence", saying on Wednesday: "Nerve agents are abominable if used in any war. It is utterly reckless to use them in a civilian environment". But he left open the possibility – as Theresa May did on Monday – that the nerve agent could have been used by someone else other than the Russian state. The Guardian, Heather Stewart
  • Mar.10.2018: David Hopper: Class warrior who sought paradise. David Hopper, Havana, Cuba; Ken Livingstone, Len McCluskey, Dennis Skinner, Venezuela, Unite. The Times, Andrew Norfolk
  • Mar.10.2018: Corbyn comrade David Hopper bought secret portfolio of properties in Cuba. David Hopper, A militant leftwinger described by Jeremy Corbyn as a “wonderful comrade” secretly bought a luxury Cuban villa and other overseas properties after his trade union grew rich by taking money from compensation awards for sick miners. The Times, Andrew Norfolk
  • Mar.06.2018: How a Tory MP's tweeted apology proves Labour is still winning at social media. Ben Bradley, Conservative MP for Mansfield, in little over a week, has managed to clock up more retweets – 55,000 – than all of the Tory party’s tweets in 2018 combined. Unfortunately for Bradley, the tweet in question was part of a legal agreement following a defamatory post sent about Jeremy Corbyn, in which he said that the Labour leader had "sold secrets to communist spies". Labour also rapidly produced a short video debunking the Czech smears and condemning the mainstream press for entertaining them. "Attacks on Labour by the rightwing press can be framed as an establishment worried about a Labour government because unlike the Conservatives it would not govern in their interests". Another Tory "mea culpa" received widespread traction last week with 14,000 retweets, when Jacob Rees-Mogg issued an apology after erroneously claiming in a Channel 4 interview that Corbyn had voted against the Good Friday Agreement. The Guardian, Hannah Jane Parkinson
  • Feb.26.2018: Jeremy Corbyn’s speech showed his Euroscepticism endures. Though the Labour leader embraced a customs union, he firmly rejected single market membership and a second referendum. The New Statesman, George Eaton
  • Corbyn is a spy:
  • Feb.22.2018: Jeremy Corbyn’s sickening support of Soviet empire. As someone who experienced the brutality of the Czech secret police, I detest the Labour leader’s anti-western bias. The Times, Edward Lucas
  • Feb.22.2018: Corbyn can cope with press attacks. He should focus on those who can’t. (Videos) The Czechoslovakian smear proves the media is unhealthy, but Labour was unwise to make its response so partisan. If Jeremy Corbyn is a spy, I’ll eat the novels of John le Carré. There is a calm, reasoned case to be made for a new settlement taking in Leveson's unfinished business and the things his inquiry never saw coming, from industrial "fake news" farming to the monopoly over information publishing that Facebook and Google are stealthily developing without accepting the responsibilities and costs of publishers. But it should genuinely be about the many not the few; in the national interest, not just Labour's. The Guardian, Gaby Hinsliff
  • Feb.22.2018: Czech agent ‘who met Corbyn’ also contacted former Nato chief George Robertson. Lord Robertson of Port Ellen, a former Defence Secretary, was listed by Jan Sarkocy among 120 people he claimed to have met while posing as a diplomat in London for three years. (...) The Times, Billy Kenber, David Charter, Henry Zeffman
  • Feb.21.2018: AF Neil interviewing Steve Baker about the lies that Gavin Williamson has been spreading, with the help of the Sun, Daily Mail, Express, etc. Twitter BBC Politics, @Daily_Politics
  • Now tell us about Kim Philby, Donald McClean, Anthony Blunt and Guy Burgess at the top of the British Tory establishment who sent more people to their premature deaths than Ian Duncan Smith's tenure at the Department of Workhouses and Penury.
  • Feb.21.2018: Stasi File Reveals Corbyn's Peace Group Was Infiltrated by East German Spies. Stasi files obtained by Guido reveal that Labour Action for Peace, a peace group run by Jeremy Corbyn, was infiltrated by East German spies and was encouraged by East German officials into promoting GDR policies at Labour conference and in the House of Commons. The group was also infiltrated by a spy from the Czech security service who stood as a Labour candidate. Guido Fawkes, Paul Staines
  • Feb.17.2018: Photo emerges of Russian exposed as spy with"good friend" Boris Johnson. As Jeremy Corbyn dismissed a "ridiculous smear" by the Sun alleging he briefed a Czechoslovakian communist spy during the cold war after a photo of the two emerged, another more current embarrassing photo of a Russian spy and Boris Johnson has come to light. Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson claimed that Corbyn could not be trusted. “That he met foreign spies is a betrayal of this country,” Williamson said. We wonder if the Tory minister would be as quick to rush to judgement about his Conservative colleague, current Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson meeting a Russian spy when he was London Mayor. A diplomat with FSB connections who dubbed Boris Johnson a “good friend” and invited members of the Conservative Friends of Russia on expenses paid trips to Moscow and St Petersburg. The London Economic, Ben Gelblum
  • Feb.17.2018: Mail Corbyn Collaboration Hypocrisy. The ludicrous and totally untrue suggestion that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was some kind of asset for the Czech security forces at the end of the Cold War is still being presented as fact by the Murdoch Sun and the increasingly desperate and down-market Telegraph this morning. Zelo Street, Tim Fenton
  • Jan.24.2018: Brexit: Tony Blair says he believes Jeremy Corbyn is pro-EU. Tony Blair has said he believes Jeremy Corbyn is a "pro-European" politician and that he expects Labour to eventually shift its policy to staying in the EU’s single market. Speaking from the Davos summit in Switzerland, the former Labour PM said he understood that there were political reasons why Labour was not currently trying to stop Brexit and that the party's policy had "nuance". The Independent, Jon Stone
  • Jan.21.2018: Anti-Corbyn video. Raheem Kassam, '
  • Jan.08: 2018 Meanwhile at the PLP I’m told Jeremy Corbyn has just reiterated his view that "when people voted to leave the EU they voted to leave the single market" and said "single market membership requires us to be members of the EU". {args pro + con} @TamCohen,
  • Jan.08.2018: Jeremy Corbyn insists UK cannot remain in single market after Brexit. Labour leader disappoints pro-EU MPs in address to parliamentary party before launching attack on "struggling" Tory govt. The Guardian, Rowena Mason
  • Jan.02.2018: Corbynites tweeting me, "Jeremy wasn't praising the Iranian regime, he was praising the Iranian nation". In other words, {{{2}}}. Thread bashing Corbyn supporting eg Iran, Venezuela, Palestine, etc. {A few good rebuttals in there.} @DPJHodges,
  • Jan.02.2018: (replying to who?) That clip of Corbyn is from 2014. Here's the 2014/15 Amnesty International report on Iran. It says, "Women and ethnic and religious minorities faced pervasive discrimination in law and practice". @DPJHodges, Dan Hodges
  • Jan.02.2018: Guido Fawked - Corbyn Iran Fake News. Paul Staines lying. Zelo Street, Tim Fenton
    • Dec.31.2017: Labour Silent on Iran as Top Corbynistas Back Regime, Guido Fawkes
  • Nov.14.2016: Sun and Mail Online both take down stories claiming Jeremy Corbyn was 'dancing a jig' on way to Cenotaph. Press Gazette, Dominic Ponsford
  • Nov.13.2016: No, Jeremy Corbyn wasn't dancing a jig on his way to the Cenotaph. There were claims the Labour leader was "doing a little dance" on his way to the Remembrance Sunday service. Here's what he was really doing. The Mirror, Mikey Smith, Nicola Bartlett


  • Jeremy Corbyn says IRA were terrorists. Jeremy Corbyn has described the IRA as terrorists, condemned their acts of murder unconditionally and said they and the British Army were not equivalent participants in the Northern Ireland conflict. The Labour leader was responding to a challenge from Northern Ireland secretary James Brokenshire to "come clean" on his attitude to the IRA. Mr Corbyn’s aides told the Politics Home website that he believed the IRA were terrorists. "Yes. The IRA clearly committed acts of terrorism," they said. On the question of whether Mr Corbyn believed the IRA's armed campaign was justified and legitimate, they said: "Jeremy has said that the he was opposed to the IRA’s armed campaign". Mr Brokenshire joined in the attack after Conservative-supporting newspapers criticised Mr Corbyn for an interview in which he declined to condemn IRA bombings without also condemning loyalist bomb attacks. In the interview with Sky News on Sunday, the Labour leader was asked five times if he would condemn the IRA. He said he condemned all bombing, adding that he always supported the peace process in Northern Ireland. After further questioning, Mr Corbyn explicitly condemned IRA bombings, but added that loyalists had been responsible for bombings too. "I condemn all the bombing by both the loyalists and the IRA," he said. DUP leader Arlene Foster described the interview as “abhorrent” and accused him of showing indifference to the IRA’s victims. "He has advocated on behalf of the IRA. He has put forward petitions for some of their members. He has attended memorial services for those he calls brave people, who I would call terrorists," she said. "It’s not just that he reached out to the IRA and spoke to them. There are many fine people who tried to speak to the IRA to ask them to desist and to stop what they were doing. He actually supported them. He wanted the IRA to win". "I took up the cause of the Guildford Four and Birmingham Six who were grotesquely misjudged by British courts and eventually were freed on the decision of the high court in Britain, and I wanted to bring about peace in Ireland. You have to talk to people with whom you don’t agree. And I did," he said. Denis Staunton, Irish Times.
  • Mar.19.2017: Myth – Jeremy Corbyn is a terrorist sympathizer and backed the IRA. This is one of the most prevalent accusations going around about both Corbyn and McDonnell and on the face of it, has some credence, which is what the whole accusation is based upon and why so many people have taken it at face value, looking at their past actions and quotes. Collective Voice.


Anti-Corbyn Arguments

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  • "He comes from a very privileged background and he says what he thinks he needs to say to get people to vote for him".
  • People querying Corbyn's silence on Iran. At 02.10 you can see him praising Iran's inclusivity and tolerance, @DPJHodges. Another Corbyn-bashing thread.
    • The event hosted a good mix of extremists & anti-Semites, @599bt >> Commemorate Iranian Revolution, Stand for Peace
  • Jeremy Corbyn and Iran’s Press TV, One interesting skeleton from Mr Corbyn’s past is his business relationship with the government of Iran. From 2009 to 2012, Jeremy Corbyn declared in the parliamentary register four payments from a PressTV production company of up to £5,000 each.
  • Jan.31.2018: Labour leader leaves national television interview with pants on fire. Andrew Marr interviewed Jeremy Corbyn last Sunday. Then Marr comes up with "just one more thing". "I was reading a poster, about an event celebrating the Iranian revolution, at which you spoke". Corbyn explains that he was on a delegation to Iran with other MPs, including former Foreign Secretary Jack Straw, discussing nukes and human rights. We should explain that Marr was clearly talking about an entirely different event, in the UK and not Iran. This is the event that Corbyn actually spoke at (from 1:56 – hat-tip to Dan Hodges). It was a celebration by pro-Khomeinists in London, 2014. In the clip, Corbyn is effusive in his praise for the regime and, in particular, its “inclusivity, tolerance and acceptance” (subtext for human rights). He predictably blames current tensions on maps drawn up a century or more ago by the Allies. Ironically, he is here expressing his strong desire for disarmament and peace, even as the country he spoke about is building up its nuclear capability and preparing to stymie the inspectors three years later. Rather than confronting them on human rights and nuclear abuses, he is actively complimenting the regime and, to a large extent, in his office as a British MP, legitimising it by his presence at the rally. There then follow, astonishingly, three outright lies in rapid succession. Labour Uncut, Rob Marchant
  • Jan.29.2018: Corbyn Lies 3 Times in 20 Seconds (On the Andrew Marr show.) Order Order, Guido Fawkes