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  • Jan.04.2019: No-deal Brexit is like Dragons’ Den. No ferries, Chris? Sorry, I’m out. Grayling, Javid, Davis: few have done more to positively discriminate in favour of incompetents than this Tory govt. Javid is furious about what he sees as the tactical leaking of his private plunge pool and wine cellar arrangements (South Africa safari holiday), and suspects a specific senior No 10 figure. Marina Hyde, The Guardian.
  • Jan.04.2019: Stupidity bar never lower as Javid cracks down on rubber dinghies Sajid Javid cut short his South African safari to personally deal with the “national emergency” of a few dozen refugees getting washed up on Kent beaches by talking tough on immigration to any passing TV camera. Long after his leadership bid has bitten the dust, Sajid will be getting grief from his family for ruining their holiday. Good. John Crace, The Guardian.
  • Oct.07.2018: Sajid Javid: Five Eyes spies to hunt down paedophiles. The home secretary will chair a meeting of the Five Eyes intelligence partnership next year and has made tackling child sexual exploitation the top item on the agenda, ahead of fighting terrorism and Isis. Javid is also acting as a link between GCHQ, the govt’s listening agency in Cheltenham, and the big internet companies — such as Google, Facebook and WhatsApp — as he turns the screws on them to crack down on child sex abuse. Tim Shipman, Caroline Wheeler, The Times.
  • Oct.01.2018: May, the enforcer, continues to blame Windrush victims for their fate. After Amber Rudd was made May's scapegoat, Sajid Javid took over amid a media storm of apologies. But nothing has changed: the Windrush generation is still caught up in the hostile, sorry, compliant environment. Last week, it was revealed that some were still being denied British passports, despite having inalienable citizenship rights. Javid stated that some failed a "necessary good character requirement" because they had committed criminal offences. This is something that anyone born in the UK will never have to go through. By twinning illegal immigration and bad character with the Windrush scandal in the public mind, it becomes easier to argue the govt was just doing its job to protect citizens from fence jumpers and ex-cons. It becomes easier to divert attention away from the actual policies, some of which have led to millions of taxpayer pounds being paid in compensation for human rights violations in illegal detention. The system was not cleansed. Sajid Javid is stipping people of their rights and then blaming them for it. Nesrine Malik, The Guardian.
  • Sept.28.2018: Potential threats waiting in the wings. Theresa May’s party conference speech is titled Campaign 2022 — but few think she will make it that far. Strengths: Champion of the party’s free-market libertarian wing. Son of a Pakistani bus driver, educated at comprehensive school and a non-Oxbridge university: his is not the typical Conservative contender’s back story. He has used his background to try to calm public concerns about the party’s immigration stance post-Windrush. His brief stint as Home secretary shows he is willing to challenge May shibboleths. Weaknesses: Beyond being an Ayn Rand superfan, there are questions about what he truly believes. Brexiteers have never quite forgiven him for forgoing his Euroscepticism to back Remain in 2016. Some question what concrete achievements he has to show for running 4 govt departments. Backers: Robert Halfon, the champion of blue-collar conservatism, has been a close friend since university. He would want to inherit the May 2016 coalition: MPs who fell in behind her because she was the obvious “grown up” in the race. Polling among Conservative voters: 26% think he would make a good leader. 31% don't. 18% aren't sure. 25% don’t know enough about him to say. Henry Zeffman, The Times.
  • May.04.2018: Why do Tories love Ayn Rand? Our new Home Secretary Sajid Javid is a big Ayn Rand fan: twice a year, he reads the courtroom scene in ‘The Fountainhead’. This curious fetish for Ayn Rand extends to conservatives on both sides of the Atlantic – Paul Ryan often gives Rand’s novel ‘Atlas Shrugged’ as a Christmas present. Here is Stephen Davies, Head of Education at the free market think tank, the Institute of Economic Affairs: they are supporters of a particular economic position (free market capitalism) who are also fans of small govt in general and are admirers of individualism as an ethical and social position". John MilbankWikipedia-W.svg says "It is extraordinarily disturbing that any mainstream politician should express any admiration for Ayn Rand. We should be concerned that someone like Sajid Javid can now hold high office within the UK. Rand promoted a cult of amoral selfishness and ruthlessness that is certainly not conservative in any traditional sense – certainly not Burkean, but quite emphatically Nietzschean. The cult of Ayn Rand represents exactly the point where neoliberalism tends to veer towards a particular niche corner of the Far-Right. For there is little in her outlook that would necessarily favour democracy". Alastair Benn, The Spectator. good pic of him here
  • Apr.30.2018: ‘Abandon empathy, all ye who enter’ — the Home Office has long turned MPs to monsters. The Home Office is a muggy, closed department which keeps out fresh air and light. Almost every Home Secretary seems to turn paranoid, defensive and authoritarian. They leave their liberal values, like muddy boots, outside the door. Now Sajid Javid gets the job. The son of a Muslim Pakistani bus driver who became a millionaire investment banker becomes the first Home Secretary of colour. May calculates the appointment will help to make her party and govt appear anti-racist. The Tories badly need a reputational makeover after media exposure of how legitimate Caribbean immigrants and their families were seriously maltreated by Home Office officials. And predictably, Javid is making it all sound deeply meaningful. Now he tells the Sunday Telegraph: “I thought that could be my mum … my dad … my uncle … it could be me.” So, he now gets that. After the passions over the Windrush generation subside, it will be business as usual. When politicians get to the Home Office, they go frenetic, they become tight little Britons. Having a female in Downing Street or the Home Office didn’t mean the end of nastiness; so it is will prove to be with Javid. He will try be the brown son of immigrants who really does bring down immigrant figures. Hurrah for diversity! Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, The iNews. See also this article.
  • Apr.30.2018: Windrush scandal: Sajid Javid named home secretary after Amber Rudd resigns. Sajid Javid was today promoted to become the first Asian politician to hold a great office of state as Theresa May tried to shore up her govt after Amber Rudd’s resignation. Mr Javid’s immediate priority will be to deal with the deportation target scandal. He pledged today that anyone caught up in the Windrush scandal would be treated with “decency and fairness”. Oliver Wright, The Times.
  • Mar.23.2018: Sajid Javid faces battle over 4% affordable homes in Sainsbury's scheme. Housing secretary Sajid Javid is facing a legal challenge after he approved a 700-home housing scheme by supermarket Sainsbury's, which includes just 4% affordable housing - 27 homes. The 29-storey development in Ilford, Wast London, will be built in a borough that has a stated policy that 50% of all new homes should be affordable. London mayor Sadiq Khan branded the approval "outrageous" and said 4% was a "disgraceful" contribution. Shadow housing secretary John Healey said it was "a clear case of ministers backing private developer profit over the homes that local people need". A local residents group Ilford Noise is now preparing to request a judicial review after Javid accepted Sainsbury's claim that the scheme would not be viable with any more affordable units. The decision came just weeks after Javid gave a speech insisting it is "totally unacceptable" for developers to claim they cannot afford to meet affordable housing promises. Across England, the number of affordable homes delivered by the Section 106 agreements halved from 32,000 in 2008-09 to 16,000 in 2015-16. Robert Booth, The Guardian.
  • Oct.02.2017: Iain Dale’s 100 most influential people on the Right 2017. Secretary State for Communities & Local Government. Oh what might have been. Seen as the most dogged Eurosceptic in the Cabinet, everyone was astonished when he came out for Remain. Having been seen as a future leader he instantly lost the trust of everyone on the Right and is finding it difficult to recover. Rumour is that he and Theresa May do not get on and she had intended to remove him from the Cabinet. He was slow to react to Grenfell but once he galvanised his department, he recovered his position. He now needs to make himself unsackable. Iain Dale, Conservative Home.
  • Oct.03.2016: Iain Dale’s 100 most influential people on the Right. Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government. Oh what might have been. Seen as the most dogged Eurosceptic in the cabinet, everyone was astonished when he came out for Remain. Having been seen as a future leader he instantly lost the trust of everyone on the Right and he will find it difficult to recover. Some say it will be impossible. It was therefore easy for May to demote him. Iain Dale, Conservative Home.
  • Jan.12.2016: Tories vote down law requiring landlords make their homes fit for human habitation. Labour MP Teresa Pearce's amendment to the Housing and Planning Bill 2016, which would place a duty on landlords to ensure that their properties are fit for habitation when let and remain fit during the course of the tenancy, was defeated by 312 votes to 219. Marcus Jones said the govt believed that homes should be fit for human habitation, but did not want to pass a new law that would explicitly require it. Other ministers claimed the proposal would impose "unnecessary regulation" on landlords, and that it would push up rents. Sajid Javid, himself a landlord, was one of those who voted "No". Jon Stone, The Independent.