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MP for Mid Bedfordshire, 2005-date


  • Jan.25.2019: Rees-Mogg plays his queen as Brexit enters a state of emergency. The plastic aristocrat’s bid to shut down parliament is outshone only by thermonuclear idiocy from Mark Francois. But Quote of the Week must still go to Nadine Dorries. To hear Nadine speak at the best of times feels like intruding on private stupidity, but even by her standards, this is eye-catching. It can’t really be that Nadine should have been in parliament for almost 14 years without anyone informing her that politicians are in fact SUPPOSED to act out of a higher sense of duty than personal career advancement. Marina Hyde, The Guardian.
  • Jan.28.2018: Nadine Dorries' EU Lesson. The member for mid-Bedfordshire has wasted no opportunity to lay into anyone deviating from the path of true Europhobia. We know that Nadine Dorries has problems with honesty and credibility. But being prepared to denounce something without knowing what it actually means is taking things to another level entirely. Tim Fenton, Zelo Street.
  • Oct.22.2010: Nadine Dorries's trouble with the truth. After a string of disputes, Tory MP Nadine Dorries has admitted that her blog is 70% fiction – which is no surprise to her readers. Dorries's admission came in response to questions from the parliamentary commissioner for standards, the MPs' watchdog, which has been investigating allegations that Dorries breached the rules of the additional cost allowance by claiming second-home expenses in respect of her constituency home, which, it was alleged, was in fact her main home. "My blog is 70% fiction and 30% fact." more. Cath Elliott, The Guardian.
  • May.20.2008: The (almost) Final Indignity. Dorries has been fronting a campaign devised entirely by the Lawyer's Christian Fellowship and pushing their agenda throughout the whole of the campaign. The voice-over even describes Williams as ‘part of the team’. ... even if she isn’t personally a fundie, she’s at best a stooge and not a particularly bright one at that. Ministry of Truth.
  • May.08.2008: Oh what a tangled web we weave… Nadine Dorries has claimed to be neither part of the ‘pro-life’ or ‘pro-choice’ lobby, and that she is not motivated in her efforts by her personal religious beliefs. On Monday, Dorries launched her personal campaign website at A WHOIS search on the domain provides the following information on the registration of the site: Registrant Name: David Clark, Registrant ... if you want to know what Dorries’s idea of being ‘pro-choice’ is, then you need look no further than this unguarded comment on the Spectator’s Coffee House blog. So that’s Dorries’ idea of being ‘pro-choice’ – a nine week upper limit. (Note to me: I can't find anything about 9 wks in the article, and the article isn't on Perhpas it's been edited.). (see Conservative Christian Fellowship for more on this article.) Ministry of Truth.
  • May.7.2008: Christian fundamentalists fighting spiritual battle in Parliament. ... To achieve her ends, Ms Williams doesn't just organise demonstrations – she has secured access to the heart of Westminster. What I then witness is a piece of raw and normally strictly confidential parliamentary lobbying. Lord Tebbit meets us in Central Lobby and takes us to a meeting room. He and Ms Williams perch across the corner of a huge oak table. Ms Williams has already written the amendments she wants incorporated into the legislation. Lord Tebbit is asked if he'd be willing to lay one and he agrees to consider it. Ms Williams doesn't hesitate in closing the deal. Without missing a beat, she reaches into her bag and pulls out an A4 sheet. The document is passed to Lord Tebbit and he takes it away with him. ... That fight starts tomorrow. Conservative MP Nadine Dorries will put down an amendment to lower the upper limit on abortion to 20 weeks from the current 24. That amendment and several others, from different MPs, have been written by Ms Williams. David Modell, The Telegraph.