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Think tank. Pro-EU. Tory-enablers.

The Issues:

People's Vote Campaign

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People's Vote is a UK campaign group calling for a public vote on the final Brexit deal between the UK and the European Union. The group was launched in Apr.2018 by 4 MPs, as well as the actor Sir Patrick Stewart.

The campaign is a collaboration between several groups: (good images, grab 'em)

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  • Aug.18.2018: Britain goes to hell in a Brexit handcart – cartoon. Brexit is failing good and proper... because it is impossible to deliver. Why were the impact assessments not produced based on this information? Don't be fooled, the Tories knew of this all along and still they dragged their feet in fear of the unknown becoming known. It does not help that the crimes of Vote Leave should remain unpunished. And don't utter nonsense about being out of time to bring forth and legal challenge. All of this must be put right. The only way forward is to end Brexit by a vote on the final deal. We all know there will not be a deal. We all know that sensible Brexiteers have surveyed this shit show for what it is and made a decision to support Remain. Brexit really is a matter of choosing life over death. ... The Tories have ransacked the UK while hiding their riches in off shore accounts. And still, those who advocate a hard Brexit, Mogg, Deadwood, Johnson et al, have ensured to move their funds to a country of safety so not to suffer from an impending financial crash. What complete and utter rotting hypocritical bastards. And you think they care about you? We need to hold our politicians to account. A final vote it must be. The Guardian.
  • Aug.19.2018: Why Nigel Farage’s return could make a people’s vote more likely. The former Ukip leader – and his snake oil – are back. But there’s a risk to his political showmanship, and he knows it. The “bad boys of Brexit” on the road once more, selling snake oil and lies wherever the freedom-mobile leads them. Though Nigel Farage rarely needs an excuse to rush back into the limelight, he has found one. The core of the leavers’ argument since the referendum has been that the matter was settled by the vote, that the public has issued unambiguous instructions, and that there is little more to discuss but the fine print of the divorce papers. Farage, of course, claim that the whole purpose of his new campaign is to reinforce this core position, an itinerant pageant to put pressure on the govt and parliament and to urge voters not to tolerate the great betrayal. Yet the very act of – to use his own choice of verb – “restarting” the campaign will encourage the impression that the 2016 result is suddenly provisional, that the battle is not yet won, that there is all to play for. This is precisely the narrative that the People’s Vote campaign has been seeking to encourage: that nothing is inevitable, that true democracy is all about absorbing and responding to new information, that there is, in Dunkerton’s words, a “genuine chance to turn this around”. Why, then, take this risk? Because, as the scorpion tells the frog as he stings him while they are swimming across the stream, it is in his nature. Populists survive by staying in motion. One of the populist right's most important projects is the colonisation of the Tory party. In a sense, the remoteness of the dream is the whole point. Nobody likes to be out of a job. Imagine if May suddenly delivered the hard Brexit that Farage wants - what on earth would he do with his time then? Matthew D'Ancona, The Guardian.
  • Aug.18.2018: Superdry co-founder Julian Dunkerton: why I’m backing the People’s Vote on Brexit. Until Brexit raised its head, people were looking enviously at our country. The whole of Europe was saying it wanted to learn from us. Now we’re close to throwing away this amazing opportunity. Already, we have gone from the fastest-growing economy in the G7 to the slowest, while everyone I know in business is scaling back investment because Brexit is such a negative path for our country, both economically and emotionally. Julian Dunkerton, The Times.
  • Aug.10.2018: Campaign for second Brexit vote seeks support beyond capital. People’s Vote roadshow will try to show public that remainers are not part of establishment, and will hold the first of a series of events outside London on Saturday to try to mobilise popular support for the plan beyond the capital. The Conservative MP Sarah Wollaston, the Lib Dem leader, Sir Vince Cable, and Labour’s Stephen Doughty will address a lunchtime event at the Colston Hall in Bristol, where tickets have sold out. Polling by YouGov on behalf of the People’s Vote campaign found that voters regarded Leave and Remain campaigners almost equally as part of a national elite. Leave campaigners were regarded as “the establishment” by 34%, and remainers by 35%. However, there has been a resurgence in activity by Conservative hard Brexit campaigners - a new online campaign, Stand Up 4 Brexit, which supporters say is in favour of a clean Brexit, has rapidly grown in support in the past week, winning the endorsement of pro-Brexit MPs such as Priti Patel and Ben Bradley. Paul Everitt-Clay, a Tory activist, said: “We are encouraging people to speak out and reject the Chequers plans. They amount to a removal of every single one of Theresa May’s negotiating red lines, because we will be making ongoing payments to the EU, still be bound by its rules, and reintroducing free movement by another name.” Dan Sabbagh, The Guardian.
  • Jan.11.2018: Key points from @EdwardJDavey on May's environment speech. Not only do central environmental problems require cooperation with EU, but any future Parliament can ditch regulations/protections. Rapacious Tories couldn't do what they wanted before; now they will (via @Open_Britain). @JonLis1, Twitter.