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John Redwood is a Conservative Party politician, and MP for Wokingham, Berkshire. Redwood is a long-term critic of the European Union, and supported Brexit in EURef-2016.ref He is a climate-science denier, is anti-abortion and pro-hanging. He has advocated tax breaks for private health care (Centre for Policy Studies pamphlet, 1987).
Redwood is Chief Global Strategist of investment management company Charles Stanley & Co Ltd (part of Charles Stanley Group).


  • 1987-present: MP for Wokingham, Berkshire
  • 1993: Wales Secretary in John Major's Cabinet
  • 1995: Stood against John Major for leadership of the Tory party; received a grand total of 89 votes to Major's 219.
  • 1997: Had another go at the Tory party leadership; failed again.
  • 1997-2005: in the Shadow Cabinets of William Hague and Michael Howard
  • ?date?-2010: Co-chairman of the Conservative Party's Policy Review Group on Economic Competitiveness
  • Apr.1992: Minister for Local Govt
  • 1983: Head of Margaret Thatcher's policy unit.



  • Dec.30.2018: Knight of shame: honour for John Redwood takes the biscuit. Nobody quite seems to know why Redwood has been knighted, not even Redwood. When David Cameron handed out gongs to people engaged in such critical roles as choosing his wife’s frocks, I thought the bottom of the barrel had been reached, and scraped. However, news that John Redwood has been given a knighthood for “political and public service” takes the biscuit. Letters, Les Bright, The Guardian.
  • Dec.29.2018: Knighthood won't stop me voting down Brexit deal, says John Redwood. Eurosceptic insists his mind is unchanged after PM accused of ‘dangling’ honours. Redwood was among 3e MPs awarded knighthoods, alongside the Conservative former minister Gary Streeter and Labour’s deputy chief whip, Alan Campbell. LibDem MP Layla Moran said the announcement brought “dishonour” on the system: “Knights of the realm are meant to represent the best of being British, not backstabbing Brexit extremists like John Redwood". Press Association, The Guardian.
  • Jul.09.2018: Never mind cabinet power struggles – the Brexiteers’ vision is chilling. They know May’s plan won’t survive a first brush with the EU. The endgame is to crash out, and a neo-Thatcherite revolution. What’s their endgame? The same as ever: no deal, crash out, walk away. In their Brexlandia, there is only clean-break purity. Patrick Minford spells out their goals: no tariffs, no barriers, no regulations, open free trade with the world. Let those who can swim survive; it matters not that the rest will drown. Throwbacks like John Redwood believe the problem with Thatcher’s revolution is that it didn’t go far enough. Polly Toynbee, The Guardian.