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...Included in this network of organisations pushing for a hard Brexit is the UK’s premier climate science denial campaign group, the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF). Founded by prominent climate science denier Nigel Lawson, the group aims to fight back against what it describes as “extremely damaging and harmful policies” designed to mitigate climate change. Despite disputing the overwhelming scientific consensus on climate science, the GWPF still has a voice in Parliament. Both Labour MP for Blackley and Broughton Graham Stringer and Tory MP for North Shropshire Owen Paterson have strong ties with the GWPF as well as 3 Tory members of the House of Lords including Peter Lilley, Matt Ridley and Nigel Vinson. Lilley’s also sits on “a committee of experts” closely advising international trade secretary Liam Fox, DeSmog UK previously revealed ref. Lilley is a supporter of the European Research Group (ERG). Led by Jacob Rees-Mogg, the ERG is lobbying for a hard Brexit and has been described by Buzzfeed as “an aggressive, disciplined, and highly organised parliamentary and media operation”. Former Brexit minister, Steve Baker, is a past chair of the group. ref See also

Newly appointed Brexit minister Dominic Raab and environment secretary Michael Gove were active supporters of the ERG before being promoted to cabinet roles ref, while international trade secretary Liam Fox has also used the ERG to gather support among MPs. Tory MP John Redwood, former environment secretary Owen Paterson and new peer Peter Lilley are also members of the ERG and notable climate science deniers. ref


  • May.21.2018: May names 9 new Tory peers to bolster party after Brexit defeats. ... Peter Lilley, a Thatcherite who has long been a Eurosceptic, was Margaret Thatcher’s trade secretary and then social security secretary in John Major’s govt. At the 1992 party conference he sang about his “little list” of benefit fraudsters and was an energetic promoter of the idea that many people on social security were scroungers. Dan Sabbagh, Anne Perkins, The Guardian.
  • Jan.20.2018: Top Tories in Chinese 'cash for Brexit' furore. Three ex-Cabinet Ministers targeted by 'Miss Liu' in Mayfair consultancy sting. Senior politicians were allegedly lured to Chinese company's luxury offices. They were promised cash and all expenses paid trip to Hong Kong for their info. Andrew Lansley, Andrew Mitchell and Peter Lilley have all denied wrongdoing. Simon Walters, The Mail Online.