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  • Transparency Rating: Who Funds You?  [1]
  • Transparency Rating: Transparify  [2]
  • Member of the Atlas Network
  • Adam Smith Institute, 23 Great Smith Street, London SW1P 3DJ
  • Tobacco Tactics: IEA Links, Tobacco Tactics: Adam Smith Institute
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  • Much favoured by Margaret Thatcher, the ASI's main focus is the introduction of free market policies.[1]
  • "Our People": Dr Madsen Pirie (President), Dr Eamonn Butler (Director), Sam Dumitriu (Head of Research), Matt Kilcoyne (Head of Communications), Daniel Pryor (Head of Programmes), Philip Salter (Director, The Entrepreneurs Network), Sophie Jarvis (Programmes Director, The Entrepreneurs Network).[2]
  • Senior Fellows: Dominique Lazanski, Dr Tim Evans, Eben Wilson, Gabriel Stein, Jamie Whyte, JP Floru, Keith Boyfield, Lars Christensen, Miles Saltiel, Nigel Hawkins, Preston Byrne, Prof. Anthony J Evans, Prof. Deepak Lal, Prof. Kevin Dowd, Tim Ambler, Tim Worstall, Tom Clougherty, Tom Papworth.[3]
  • Fellows: Anton Howes, Christopher Snowdon, Dr Helen Evans, James Bartholomew, Roland Smith, Vuk Vukovic
  • March TNG with Gillian Keegan MP. For our third TNG (The Next Generation) of 2018, we're hosting hotly-tipped Tory MP Gillian Keegan, Chichester's first female member of Parliament. TNG is the Adam Smith Institute’s network for young classical liberals and libertarians. Adam Smith Institute. Accessed Feb.17.2018.
  • Nov.25.2017: Asked a few questions to this Adam Smith Institute fellow, about the Institute's funders, the corporation that bought the right to use its name to organise conferences in Russia -w/ Putin as a speaker, the fact Institute's proposals app. tend to become law. Facts Central, Twitter.
  • Jun.27.2017: Adam Smith Institute. The marketing and public relations for the most inhumane and most destructive wealth terrorists. Its objective is to promote extreme free-market annihilation of society for the benefit of a small minority of soulless financial gangsters. A cursory glance between the lines of the ASI Policy reveals the aims of an expansion of fee-paying schools and of an expansion of the taxes drain into the hands of privateers. And an admission that the quality and usefulness of education is irrelevant to these scoundrels. Philip Salter, Ben Southwood, Sam Bowman, Matthew Kilcoyne, DuckSoap.


Nix, nada, zip. The Adam Smith Institute has raised $1.4m from American donors since 2008. It has partnered with the Initiative for Free Trade and USA libertarian thinktanks to launch a blueprint for a free trade deal between the UK and US. The Institute said the funds were spent on the making of a film about Magna Carta, with money from the Templeton Foundation, and studentships.[3]
See also Transparify 2017 Report, p.8

Adam Smith Conferences

  • Dec.06.2017: Noticed something weird, though. Address listed on the Bloomberg website wasn't consistent with the address(es) Adam Smith Conferences provides for itself. Bloomberg: 6th Floor, 29 Bressenden Place, London SW1E 5DR. ASC: Adam Smith Conferences, 14 Gray's Inn Rd, London WC1X 8HN. So researched some more. Facts Central, Twitter.


  • Informa plc: 2008: Informa Group owned "Adam Smith Conferences" as part of its Commercial Divison.ref
  • Reports > link
  • Feb.2016: Informa sold of its Adam Smith Conference business, Corporate Communications International Ltd, to Pestana Management Ltd (via shares in Pestana)


Who is at 14 Gray's Inn Rd, London WC1X 8HN: >> [4] (zip) Companies House:

  • "Corporate Communications International Ltd": CH
  • > Mr Constantine Orlando Bridgeman, C/O Irwin Mitchell Llp, Belmont House, Station Way, Crawley, England, RH10 1JA
  • > Iir Management Ltd, 5 Howick Place, London, England, SW1P 1WG
  • > 04 Sep 2017, Full accounts p.21: on Feb.2016 parent was IIR; then was Pestana, incorporated in Cyprus, t/a Trinity Events Group.


  • Corporate Comms Intl Ltd: OpenCorporates-sm.svg
  • Constantine Bridgeman: OpenCorporates-sm.svg
  • > Officers: OpenCorporates-sm.svg
  • > Pestana: OpenCorporates-sm.svg

Links between ASI and ASC

  • Four days with the Adam Smith Institute. Data Matrix took part in annual conferences «Innovative Drug Research and Development in Russia» and «Clinical Trials in Russia» organised by the Adam Smith Institute. DataMatrix. Accessed Feb.17.2018.

Private Investor Russia


  • Jun.03.2018: ‘Cut pensions to fund care bill’. The pension triple lock should be scrapped to free up funds for social care, according to the Adam Smith Institute. It also wants benefits such as free television licences for the over-75s and winter fuel payments to be reviewed so that older but wealthier people make a greater contribution to their own generation's care costs. A report co-authored by Eamonn Butler and Paul Saper, a healthcare investment consultant, argues that cutting benefits for the elderly would enable the govt to underwrite the costs of long-term care. Nicholas Hellen, The Sunday Times. Paper is here.
  • Nov.08.2017: We can't ignore Priti Patel's background in lobbying. Britain's now former international development minister sits in the centre of the UK's dark money-funded think tank-lobbying industrial complex. Having been caught holding secret meetings with the Israeli govt, it looks like Britain's Brexit-backing International Development Secretary is in a pickle. Key context is missing from much of the coverage: Priti Patel’s vital role in 'thinktankistan': Britain’s dark-money funded nexus of think tanks, corporate PR, and lobbying. And in particular, the lobbying and business group links relevant to her controversial trip to Israel this summer. Before being elected an MP in 2010, Priti Patel worked for the PR company Weber Shandwick. Two years ago, Jamie Doward at the Observer revealed that one of her clients in this period was British American Tobacco. British American Tobacco have long been main funders of Britain’s nexus of right-wing, mostly Brexit-backing, think tanks. Tobacco Tactics have revealed both the Institute for Economic Affairs and the Adam Smith Institute – perhaps the two most important right-wing ‘think tanks’ in the UK – have received regular funding from British American Tobacco over decades. ... Israel, Bahrain, Gulf. Rimon Cohen, Promoseven ... In 2014, the right wing British ‘think tank’, the Henry Jackson Society, paid for Patel to attend a conference in Washington DC organised by the powerful Israel Public Affairs CommitteeAmerican Israel Public Affairs CommitteePowerbase-graphic.svg (AIPAC) on security in the Middle East. The Henry Jackson Society are so secretive about their funding that they pulled their support for two parliamentary groups rather than reveal where they get their cash from. The Charity Commission announced earlier this year that it was investigating the HJS amidst allegations that it had been paid by the Japanese govt to spread anti-China propaganda. Patel's "family holiday" to Israel this summer: the meetings were arranged by Stuart Polak, the honourary president and former director of Conservative Friends of Israel. In 2009, Peter Oborne wrote a comprehensive report on the extensive power that CFI exerts within the Tory party. It’s worth reading in full. Adam Ramsay, openDemocracy.
  • Dec.04.1998: The wonks are coming of age. Rarely have think-tanks had such an opportunity to influence policy. Eamonn Butler of the pro-free market Adam Smith Institute claims "We have the same relationship with this govt as we had with the previous one". Caroline Daniel, New Statesman.


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