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"The War You Don’t See" (John Pilger, 2010)

the Occupied Territories.
In 1948, when Israel was founded, these were to be the borders. And this is what's left of Palestine today (2011), fragmented and dislocated by military occupation that defies international law and is backed by one of the world's most sophisticated propaganda machines.

The Israel-Palestine conflict: a brief, simple history


Benjamin Netanyahu

  • Jan.15.2017: "The Lobby" Al Jazeera 4-part expose of the Israeli interference in British politics. Al Jazeera.
  • Oct.10.2017: Al Jazeera ‘vindicated’, as Ofcom rejects all complaints about ‘The Lobby’. Al Jazeera has declared itself "vindicated", after British regulatory body OfCom rejected all complaints made against the channel’s undercover series "The Lobby", broadcast in January. The four-episode investigation looked at efforts by the Israeli embassy in London and a number of pro-Israel lobby groups to influence British political debate, including by smearing critics of Israeli policies and supporters of Palestinian rights. In its lengthy rulings, Ofcom notes that the complaints received "raised a range of issues about the programme including that they were anti-Semitic and were not duly impartial". Other complaints "considered that the programme was materially misleading". According to Ofcom, this latter allegation was dismissed without further investigation, following information received from Al Jazeera. With respect to the other complaints, Ofcom found Al Jazeera not in breach of the obligation to “due impartiality”, and similarly rejected claims of antisemitism. "We also noted that a number of the organisations featured in the programme, such as Labour Friends of Israel and Conservative Friends of Israel, are not defined by any adherence to Judaism or having a predominantly Jewish membership." In what some will see as an ironic twist, Ofcom made reference to a controversial definition of antiSemitism that Israel advocacy groups have used in seeking to undermine Palestine solidarity activism and attack critics of Israel. Citing this definition, Ofcom rejected claims that "critical analysis of the actions of a foreign state constituted anti-Semitism", since "the overall focus of the programme was to examine whether the State of Israel was acting in a manner that would be expected of other democratic nations". Ofcom also rejected complaints made by three individuals who featured in the documentary: Ella Rose, Jewish Labour Movement director; Russell Langer, now at the Jewish Leadership Council, and Luke Akehurst, head of BICOM’s ‘We Believe in Israel’ project and a Labour Party activist. Shoah.
  • Mar.2015: Here's How Mark Zuckerberg Saved Binyamin Netanyahu. The fact of the matter is, without Facebook, Binyamin Netanyahu would not be Prime Minister of Israel today. Day in and day out the press in Israel was bashing Netanyahu with everything and anything and then some. Then there were the polls. So, how did Bibi do it? Netanyahu did what anyone who wants the world to see who they are would do, he took over social media! Israel Shield blog.

"The Lobby"
Al Jazeera Investigations exposes how the Israel lobby influences British politics.
  • One of the most controversial exposés was "The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy" by John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen M. Walt of the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard, first posted in full on the Kennedy School Web site and then published in executive summary form by the London Review of Books (March 24, 2006). See The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign PolicyWikipedia-W.svg.


  • Apr.09.2018: Jeremy Corbyn Calls for Review of UK Arms Sales to Israel Over Gaza Border Deaths. British Labour Party head Jeremy Corbyn called for a review of arms sales to Israel in a message condemning its "illegal and inhumane" actions against Palestinians protesting on the border with Gaza. The message was read Saturday at a demonstration in support of the Palestinians outside of the PM's office on Downing Street and posted on Corbyn’s official Facebook page. “The killing and wounding of yet more unarmed Palestinian protesters yesterday by Israeli forces in Gaza is an outrage. Firing live ammunition into crowds of unarmed civilians is illegal and inhumane and cannot be tolerated. The UK government must support the UN Secretary-General’s call for an independent international inquiry into the killing of protesters in Gaza and review the sale of arms that could be used in violation of international law." Haaretz.
  • Apr.08.2018: Jeremy Corbyn condemns Western 'silence' over Israel’s killing of at least 27 Palestinians on the Gaza border. Jeremy Corbyn has condemned Israel's killing of at least 27 Palestinians on the Gaza border as an "outrage" and attacked Western "silence" about the deaths. In a message read out at a demonstration outside Downing Street, the Labour leader demanded that Theresa May support the United Nation's call for an independent international inquiry into firing of 'live ammunition into crowds of unarmed civilians'. Britain should also consider stopping the sale of arms to Israel that "could be used in violation of international law", he said. Foreign secretary Boris Johnson has said nothing since the first killings on Mar.30. His deputy Alistair Burt issued a statement saying "There is an urgent need to establish the facts, including why such a volume of live fire was used and what role Hamas played in the violence". Twitter post. Rob Merrick, The Independent.

West Bank

African Migrants

Netanyahu said Israel had a deal to resettle African migrants in the West. Hours later, he suspended it.] Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced Monday he would scrap controversial plans to deport African asylum seekers, saying he had reached an “unprecedented understanding” with the United Nations to help resettle many of those migrants in Western countries. Many others would be allowed to remain in Israel. But just hours later, Netanyahu hit the brakes — writing that he would suspend the new plan until he had met with delegates from southern Tel Aviv, where many African asylum seekers now live. In the initial statement released by Netanyahu’s office, Israel said it was working with the United Nations to resettle at least 16,250 migrants in Western nations under the plan, which would be carried out in stages over five years. Netanyahu later said at a news conference that Israel would offer temporary residency status to the same number of asylum seekers as were resettled in Western nations. About 38,000 Sudanese and Eritrean migrants live in Israel. Most of them entered the country illegally via the land border with Egypt before a border fence was completed in 2012. The Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) said a joint working group would come up with a plan for African migrants in Israel. Under the agreement reached with Israel, the agency said, it would work with other countries to facilitate the departure of asylum seekers from Israel. Netanyahu told reporters that Canada, Italy and Germany could be among the countries where migrants would be resettled. Representatives of those countries did not respond to requests for comment, but the German Embassy in Israel said it was not aware of any proposal, and Italian media reported that Rome was not a party to any agreement on the asylum seekers. Many of the migrants have flocked in recent years to neighborhoods in southern Tel Aviv, rapidly changing the historically working-class areas into what has become known as “Little Africa” and sparking tension with the local Jewish population. Adam Taylor, The Washington Post.


  • Nov.19.2018: Quakers’ Israel investment ban condemned by Jewish leaders. Quakers in Britain have announced a ban on investment in firms that profit from the “military occupation” of Palestinian territories by the Israeli government, prompting a furious response from Jewish leaders. The decision has been viewed by Jewish groups as an endorsement of the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel. Quaker leaders have compared the move to past protests by Quakers against apartheid and the slave trade. It has sparked anger from the Board of Deputies of British Jews, which described the decision as “appalling” and called for the policy to be reversed. The Religious Society of Friends said today that it would not invest funds in companies “profiting” from Israeli settlements in Palestinian territories. The move “fits into a long Quaker history of pursuing ethical investments”, the group said in a statement, adding: “It follows decisions not to invest funds in, among others, the fossil fuel industry, arms companies, apartheid South Africa and, going even further back, the transatlantic slave trade.” Kaya Burgess, The Times.
  • Sept.29.2017: British Labour is also a victim of the Zionist lobby. Time after time, we try to expand the discourse related to solidarity with the Palestinians in order for it to go beyond confronting the occupation and blockade, ie. "bad Israel" and to including the concept of "good Israel" that Israel is trying to convince the world exists. Does "good Israel" really exist? Could the "Zionist dream" with its ideal conditions and without being subject to resistance from the victim or any international opposition, constitute a normal human life? What would happen if we reveal that the “good” that Israel willingly chooses is no less evil than the evil that it is forced to commit in the #West Bank and #Gaza? Such exposure is exactly what Israel fears. Perhaps it is because of Israel’s fear of this that the [[|Israel Lobby|Zionist lobby]] is forced to tighten its control in order keep up with the growing solidarity with the Palestinians that not only stems from the ugliness of Israel's crimes but from a deeper understanding of the concept of the Jewish state itself. In the past two years, the British have voiced their resentment, their fear of the Zionist lobby and, most importantly, its success in silencing them more than ever. The Zionist lobby has intensified its campaigns, relations and means of pressure, this time in coordination with the Israeli Foreign Ministry and the Israeli ambassador in London. Al Jazeera's investigation revealed how the Zionist lobby infiltrated and penetrated not only the corridors of British politics, but also the corridors of the personal life of British officials. They even went as far as trying fabricate a scandal for one of the Conservative ministers as punishment for his rejection of settlements. Despite the discovery of such actions and plots, no punishment or measure have been taken in accordance with the diplomatic standards. The peak Zionist lobby's success is embodied by the British govt's adoption of the new definition of anti-Semitism, which considers any unconventional criticism against Israel anti-Semitic. This change occurred in late 2016 when Theresa May promised to issue a govt resolution to adopt a definition recently formulated by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA), which stated that "anti-Semitism could include criticism of Israel as a Jewish state". Not only did the Zionist lobby succeed in making Theresa May adopt this definition, but the harshest blow came in the form of Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn, known for his unprecedented support in the British political arena for the legitimate rights of the Palestinians and his full awareness of the essence of the Zionist project, agreeing to adopt this new definition of anti-Semitism. Hence, it seems that the Zionist lobby in Britain pre-empted the "benefits" the Palestinians would gain from electing their "friend" Corbyn as head of the Labour party by adding new restrictions to the British political scene. Dozens of members of the Labour party have revealed their membership has been frozen for months after the Zionist lobby filed complaints against them, accusing them of anti-Semitism. In the past two years, Britain has been criticising the Zionist lobby, not in defence of the Palestinians' rights but in defence of the British people's rights. ... ... Hanin Zoabi, Aletho News.
  • Jan.31.2017: Does the Nazi Lobby call the shots in British politics? Russia's alleged attempt to sway the results of the US presidential election pales by comparison to Israel's proven infiltration of Britain's political sphere. The British govt has done its utmost to sweep the explosive findings of an Al Jazeera undercover reporter under the rug. This is unsurprising. Israel is a special case, uniquely permitted to get away with anything from snubbing international law and UN resolutions to inserting spies and working against unsympathetic politicians in the US Congress and UK Parliament. Much has been written about the power of the Israeli lobby in the US, and its ability to destroy the careers of out-of-step lawmakers. One of the most controversial exposés was "The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy" by John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen M. Walt, that smashed taboos and brought down an avalanche of criticism on the writers' heads. However, the extent to which Israel's emissaries have succeeded in manipulating British Conservative and Labour MPs, as well as student bodies and the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign, had evaded the spotlight until now; a spotlight that quickly dimmed due to the govt's conciliatory responses. (...) Theresa May's personal affiliations are no secret. Her rapping of former US Secretary of State John Kerry on the knuckles for his branding of the Israeli govt as "the most right-wing in history", which it certainly is, spoke volumes. May rejected a call by Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn — an unabashed pro-Palestinian politician who features large in the lobby's sights — to open an investigation into Israel's reach and methods to sway the country’s democratic process. The govt's reaction to hard evidence of a plot — discussed by a senior Israeli political officer based in Israel's London Embassy, and the Conservative Party's deputy chairman's chief of staff — to take down two influential politicians, Sir Alan Duncan and Crispin Blunt, was not only muted but bordering on the apologetic. (more...) Linda S. Heard, Shoah.
  • Dec.12.2016: New UK anti-Semitism definition includes criticism of Israel. British Prime Minister Theresa May today announced the govt's formal adoption of a definition of anti-Semitism that includes criticism of the State of Israel and Zionism. The PM made the announcement in a speech for the Conservative Friends of Israel, selected excerpts of which were released ahead of time by Downing St. The definition in question was agreed on in May.2015 by the Berlin-based International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA). The text is based on, and very similarly-worded to, a controversial draft definition published in 2005 by a European Union agency, and which was later abandoned as not fit for purpose. The Guardian article: The IHRA's definition reads: "Antisemitism is a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews. Rhetorical and physical manifestations of antisemitism are directed toward Jewish or non-Jewish individuals and/or their property, toward Jewish community institutions and religious facilities." More detailed guidance on this, released by the IHRA in May, said this could include criticisms which target Israel, if this was "conceived as a Jewish collectivity". Middle East Monitor.
  • Permanent Temporariness. It was in 2003 that I realised something fundamental had changed. I was in Downing Street with the prime minister’s foreign affairs adviser, David Manning; the overcoated figure bursting into our meeting was Jack Straw. He wanted to tell Manning that he had persuaded Joschka Fischer, the German foreign minister, to add Hamas to the EU list of terrorist movements. Manning believed strongly that there could be no solution to the Israel-Palestine issue without Hamas involvement and had firmly supported EU efforts at inclusive peace-building. Officially, the EU remained committed to a political solution, but it now seemed that two key member states were heading in the opposite direction – towards a militarised resolution. The wind had changed. ... The message was clear: the Islamic resistance in Palestine was to be neutralised, and psychologically defeated, by the massive display of Western force in Iraq, rather than brought into the political process. Britain and the US expected that the chastened Palestinians would then make the necessary concessions to Israel. (...) The Palestine PapersWikipedia-W.svg have shown that the Palestinian negotiators, too, were more than willing to work with Israel on its security requirements; and that as their collaboration increased, so did demands for further collaboration. (...) A two-state solution therefore does not solve the problem of how to maintain Zionism, it compounds it. Alastair Crooke, London Review of Books.