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Business for Sterling was formed in 1998 to put the business case for keeping the pound. "We are not party political. Nor are we anti-European. Our campaign is supported by companies trading throughout the European Union. We support the single market - and although we are concerned about the inherent design weaknesses of Economic and Monetary Union (EMU), we wish the euro well for the countries which have chosen to participate."ref


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Business for Sterling is a non-party organisation with a council of over 300 business leaders. BfS has a national network of thousands of business supporters, half of whom run companies trading with the EU, with business councils in Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and every English region. ref

New Europe Council: New Europe is a cross-party group supported by former foreign secretaries (David Owen and Malcolm Rifkind), chancellors of the exchequer (Denis Healey and Nigel Lawson), heads of the diplomatic service (Sir John Coles and Sir Anthony Acland), ambassadors, academics and journalists. Its parliamentary group is led by Frank Field MP. Chairman, The Rt Hon the Lord Owen CH, EU negotiator in Former Yugoslavia 1992-95 Advisory Council: Sir Antony Acland GCMG GCVO, Head of the Diplomatic Service 1982-86 Lord Ashburton KG KCVO DL, Chairman, BP 1992-95

John Burnett MP Janet Bush, Director of New Europe, formerly Economics Editor, The Times Sir John Coles GCMG, Head of the Diplomatic Service 1994-97 David Colvin CMG, UK Ambassador to Belgium 1996-2001 Ian Davidson MP Sir Ewen Fergusson GCMG GCVO, Chairman, Coutts & Co 1993-99 The Rt Hon Frank Field MP, Minister for Welfare Reform 1997-98 The Rt Hon the Lord Healey CH MBE, Deputy Leader, Labour Party 1980-83 Alan Howarth MP Lord Howell of Guildford Lords Chief Opposition Spokesperso, on Foreign Affairs Sir Martin Jacomb Peter Jay, BBC Economics Editor 1990-2001 Tom Kremer, Chairman, Seven Towns Ltd The Rt Hon the Lord Lawson, Chancellor of the Exchequer 1983 - 89 Christopher Leaver, Treasurer of New Europe Dr Caroline Lucas, Green Party MEP 1999- Sir Donald MacDougall, Chief Economic Advisor to HM Treasury 1969 - 73, Chief Economic Advisor to CBI 1973 - 84 Sir Laurence Martin, Director, Royal Institute of International Affairs, 1990-1996 Neil Mendoza, Chief Executive, Forward The Rt Hon the Lord Prior PC, Chairman, GEC 1984-98 The Rt Hon Sir Malcolm Rifkind KCMG QC, Foreign Secretary 1995-97 Lord Sainsbury of Preston Candover KG, Chairman Chief Executive, J Sainsbury plc 1969-92 William Shawcross, Writer and broadcaster Mary Ann Sieghart, Assistant Editor, The Times 1988- Martin Taylor, Chairman, WH Smith PLC and International Advisor, Goldman Sachs John Wakefield, Editor of LWT's Walden 1988-94 David Webster, Chairman of Safeway plc 1997 - Members of the Advisory Council are serving in a personal capacity only.

New Europe Research Trust Chairwoman: Dr Ann Robinson, Director General of the National Association of Pension Funds 1995 - 2000 (Chairman of Trustees)

Research Trust Professor John Barron, Master, St Peter's College, Oxford 1991 Dr James Forder, Fellow in Economics, Balliol College, Oxford 1997 - Robin Guthrie, Chief Charity Commissioner 1988 - 92, Director of Economic and Social Affairs, Council of Europe 1992 - 98 Anatole Kaletsky, Associate Editor, The Times 1997 - Ruth Lea, Head of Policy Unit, The Institute of Directors 1995 - Paul Ormerod, Author of The Death of Economics, Director, Volterra Consulting Ltd 1998 - Robert Rowthorn, Professor of Economics, University of Cambridge 1991 - Anthony Thirlwall, Professor of Applied Economics, University of Kent 1976 -

Members of the New Europe Research Trust are serving in a personal capacity only.