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Gordon Douglass
Gordon Douglass heads the macroeconomics team at GLA Economics which focuses on London’s macroeconomy, macroeconomic data and economic forecasting. He also works on a wide range of other economic areas and has been with the team for eight years. Before coming to City Hall, Gordon worked as an economics lecturer at the University of Dundee and Newcastle University.[1] No WP page or mentions.
Nicholas Garrott
Nicholas Garrott is Special Economic Assistant to the Chief Economic Advisor to the Mayor of London. He studied in a number of areas at Manchester University including economics, history, politics and the European Union, and carried out PhD research on urban development. He worked in The City for a number of years prior to taking on his current role in early 2013. A major component of his current role is the analysis of the impact of sovereign wealth funds and emerging market investment on the London and broader UK economy. He co-authored ‘The Europe Report: A Win-Win Situation’. He also sits on TheCityUK's Independent Economist Group, the British Chamber of Commerce Economic & Trade Advisory Group and advises the Education & Employers Task Force on international issues linked to youth unemployment.[1] No WP page or mentions.
Milja Keijonen
Milja Keijonen works as an economist at GLA Economics. She focuses on macroeconomic analysis and economic forecasting, and is also involved in several other research work streams. Milja previously worked at HM Treasury and in education research. Before joining the GLA, Milja was an economist in the construction industry.[1] No WP page or mentions.
Andrew Lilico
Andrew Lilico, of economics consultancy Europe Economics,[2] argues there is no Housing Crisis.[3] On Climate Change, his view is "If it is more convenient for humans that we allow significant climate change and adapt to it, there is nothing whatever unethical about our doing precisely that." He is likewise untroubled on the matter of mass extinctions of any species.[4]
Origins: Lilico was "dragged from obscurity" by Economists for Britain, a Leave campaign scrambling for supporters who could offer some kind of counter-argument to the legions of economists warning of Brexit’s dangers.[5]
chief economist at neoconservative think tank Policy Exchange (2009–2010); fellow and member of right-wing think tank Institute of Economic Affairs's Advisory Council; article contributor to TheArticle, ConservativeHome; The Guardian; CapX, Politico, the Telegraph; inter alia.
Lobbying: Lilico has written multiple reports on behalf of Japan Tobacco International, who were lobbying against introducing a tobacco display ban and tobacco plain packaging.[6]
Joel Marsden
Joel Marsden works as an economist in the GLA Economics policy team. His main focus is on housing, land use and labour market issues. Before joining the GLA, Joel was a senior consultant at ICF International Inc.[7] He previously worked at HM Treasury and CEDEFOP, the EU Centre for the Development of Vocational Training. His recent report on the London housing market (Working Paper 72 Nov 2015 – "House prices in London – an economic analysis of London’s housing market") is available on the website.[1] No WP page or mentions.
Brian Smith
Brian Smith works across a range of subject areas within GLA Economics, and has been with the team for four and half years. He leads on the analysis of tourism and the environment; as well as undertaking wider macroeconomic analysis on London’s economy. Prior to joining the GLA, he worked in the GLA Economics team at the London Development Agency, and at the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs.[1] No WP page or mentions.
Matthew Waite
Matthew Waite heads up the GLA Economics team at the Greater London Authority, which he joined 12 years ago. GLA Economics provides expert advice and analysis on London’s economy to inform the policy and investment decisions facing the Mayor of London and the GLA group. He has a wealth of experience in analysis economic policy and is an expert on the London Economy. Matthew’s previous role was at the Government Economic Service where he worked at the Competition Commission, HM Treasury and Department for Education and Employment.[1]
David Walker
David Walker is contributing editor to the Guardian's Public Leaders Network, and a former director of public reporting at the Audit Commission until Oct.2010.[8] He has written papers for the Smith Institute, was chief leader writer of The Independent, and presenter of BBC Radio Four's Analysis programme. His Guardian bio is here.


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