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Guardian Media Group is a privately-held British mass media group, whose operations include The Guardian, The Observer, the Manchester Evening Post, and several radio businesses.
GMG is 100% owned by The Scott Trust Ltd, a private foundation, which protects the group from commercial and political pressures, unlike its publicly-listed rivals.ref



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Corporate Grouping

  • The Scott Trust Ltd
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History of the Observer, Rachel Beer, Frederick Beer, Rachel Sassoon Beer, Alfred Harmsworth,

  • ?date?: Kable Ltd, a provider of market intelligence, consultancy and research reports, events and magazines to the global information and communication technology (ICT) businesses operating in the Public Sector, was acquired. Key brands are KableDIRECT, an online subscription driven market intelligence product and GCExpo, the largest annual exhibition for UK Govt IT and procurement.[1] kablenet.comArchive-org-sm.svg
  • ?date?: Guardian Professional division of Guardian News & Media was formed.

The Guardian

  • The GuardianWikipedia-W.svg, Guardian Public Leaders Network
  • Jan.26.2018: Guardian Hires Smear Merchant. The Guardian has appointed a new deputy political editor: step forward Pippa Crerar, formerly of the Evening Standard. Ms Crerar's previous form includes a central role in the Standard's promotion of Tory hopeful Zac Goldsmith in the run-up to the 2016 London Mayoral election, a campaign which was marred by smears, Islamophobia, and the kinds of baseless accusations of terrorist sympathy aimed at Labour's Sadiq Khan that disgraced the Tory effort. Those smears were encouraged by the Standard - including by Ms Crerar. ...along with her closeness to former very occasional London Mayor Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson. Zelo Street, Tim Fenton
  • Jan.25.2018: New Guardian Deputy Political Editor - Starting As She Means To Go On? Journalist Pippa Crerar has been active on social media on a number of contentious issues. (She has tweeted a lot of stuff that looks very anti-Labour.) Zelo Street, Tim Fenton
  • Jan.12.2018: The 2018 Public Leaders Network editorial advisory board. Leaders from public, private, community and the voluntary sectors, with rich expertise in public service, comprise this year's board. Alicia Barnes, Chris Catterall, Sarah Ellson, Gareth Hills, Henry Kippin, Carmel McKinney, Nerys Parry, Tom Usher, Hilary Woodhead. The Guardian, '
  • Jan.13.2017: The 2017 Public Leaders editorial advisory board. Leaders from the public, private and voluntary sectors, with deep expertise across all public services, comprise our editorial board in 2017. Michael Beaven (Methods Digital), Niall Bolger, Dwayne Branch (PwC), Kate Carr, Aisling Duffy, Peter Fleming, Karen Holmes, Hayley Lewis, Steve McGuirk, Matt Stevenson-Dodd. The Guardian, Jane Dudman
  • ^ Kable Ltd sold to Guardian Professional. Fusion Corp. Original archived on Sept.03.2009.