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  • Oct.03.2016: Iain Dale’s 100 most influential people on the Right. MP for Richmond Park. It’s certainly not been an easy year for Zac, and it could yet get worse. Having lost the campaign to be Mayor of London, he has almost disappeared from public view. With the Heathrow decision about to land, he’s likely to hit the headlines again. Conservative Home, Iain Dale
  • May.05.2016: 27 times the Tory party have had a racism problem. Zac Goldsmith's campaign has been slammed for 'dog whistle' tactics. Here's a list of times the Tories have had a racism problem and what, if anything, they did about it. Andrew Lansley, David Cameron, Boris Johnson, Bolton Conservative councillor Bob Allen, councillor Robert Fraser, David Wilshire, Orpington Tory councillor Peter Hobbins, Tory councillor for Colne Smith Benson, Lord Tebbit, Tory Dover councillor Bob Frost, Tory MP for Cannock Chase Aidan Burley, ... (I think I have this article elsewhere.) Linkback: Racism Mikey Smith, The Mirror.