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Note: this page is intended purely for brief notes on eg. political leanings + links to columnists who write for the paper + link to Wikipedia. The important bit is to have an "owner's page", with a map + timeline, connections, etc.

"Digital" knows no territorial boundaries, and so it is extremely difficult to categorise news media as "British" or "Irish"...

Political Bias

Another Angry Voice

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British Broadcasting Corporation



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Steve Bannon

Brexit Central

Pro-Brexit lobby group. "BrexitCentral is here to provide an online home for all wanting to follow the twists and turns of our departure from the EU and hold the government to carrying out the instructions of the British public." ref
The Team: Matthew Elliott, Jonathan Isaby, Hugh Bennett, David Scullion, Georgiana Bristol


News media is broken. The time has come for something different. This is why we created Byline, a one-stop crowdfunding and media outlet platform where journalists and quality bloggers reach readers directly.

Bytes Media

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Operates the following sites:

Most interesting is TechRights Wiki: The European Patent Office (EPO) has been granting software patents in Europe despite the law (as per the EPC) explicitly forbidding it. The profit motive ultimately compromised patent quality. There are even more mischievous practices going on, especially after the EPO's former head, Alison Brimelow, got replaced by a megalomaniac called Benoît Battistelli, who gradually drove away anything or anyone who threatens his undemocratic ambition of total power. Techrights wrote about the EPO in the following posts, organised chronologically, with addition of the following colour coding for improved organisation...



Founded, owned and produced by the Centre for Policy Studies Centre-for-Policy-Studies.svg.

Editor: Oliver Wiseman; Director/Editor-in-Chief: Robert Colville, who is also Director at the Centre for Policy Studies. Deputy Editor: John Ashmore.ref CapX CapX is the pro-capitalist think tank that houses "screaming heads and professional trolls" rejected by other pro-capitalist think-tanks. DuckSoap, Dec.20.2015.

City AM

City AM is a free, business-focused newspaper distributed in and around London and the home counties in England. City AM LtdOpenCorporates-sm.svg is owned by Blue Bull LtdOpenCorporates-sm.svg and Nashco LtdOpenCorporates-sm.svg Samuel Joubert, a South African, is the registered shareholder of Blue Bull Ltd; Nashco Ltd's majority shareholders are founders Jens Torpe (484), Lawson Cameron Muncaster (244).

Denoted a "capitalist rag" by Guy Debord's Cat


Centre-right political blog, established in 2005 by Tim Montgomerie, to argue for a broad conservative spectrum which is serious about both social justice and a fair competitive economy. A second aim is to represent grassroots Conservatives,[1][2] and whilst being independent of the Conservative Party, is supportive of it.
The site supported a Leave vote in the 2016 EU referendum.[3]

The Conversation

The Conversation publishes news and views on a broad range of topics sourced from the academic and research community, based on their area of research. The editorial team commissions articles from university and research institutes to inform public debate with knowledge-based journalism. It aims to provide a fact-based and editorially independent forum, free of commercial or political bias.

Founded in Mar.2011 as a not-for-profit resource by a coalition of 19 Universities,[8] The Conversation has grown into a network spanning the UK, the USA, Africa, france, Canada, Indonesia and Spain.

All content is published under a Creative Commons — Attribution/No derivatives license and, as a result, is widely republished by news outlets across the world.[9]


CounterPunch Magazine is an American, USA-focused magazine, published six times per year, and is only available to subscribers.

CounterPunch has been described as left-wing.[10] Its editors have described its coverage as "muckraking with a radical attitude".[11]

Daily Mail

See main article: Daily Mail and General Trust plc


Evolve Politics

Evolve is run in a completely different way to the mainstream media, from our unique pay-scheme that rewards all of our writers and truly encourages freedom of expression, right through to our core values and ethics. Around 20 freelance writers are each contributing daily articles to the site. In return for their work they are paid in two different ways: Firstly, all writers receive a standard flat rate fee for each and every article they produce, derived from our income from supporters. So for each new supporter who subscribes or donates, our writers receive some extra pay. Secondly every writer receives a top-up payment based directly on the amount of views their articles receive each month. Regulated by IMPRESS.


The Daily Express is a daily, national tabloid newspaper, founded in 1900. It aims to offer entertainment as well as cover important news items.
The Express has consistently supported the Conservative Party at every general election since GE-1939 to GE-2010, except for GE-2001.ref In GE-2015, they supported UKIP;ref but reverted to supporting the Conservatives in GE-2017.ref


Financial Times

Freesteel Blog

Global Research


The Guardian is a daily newspaper, part of the Guardian Media Group plc along with its sister papers The Observer and The Guardian Weekly. Profits are reinvested in journalism rather than distributed to owners or shareholders.ref
The Guardian is the only British national daily to conduct an annual social, ethical and environmental audit in which it examines its own behaviour as a company, under the scrutiny of an independent external auditor.ref It is also the only British national daily newspaper to employ an internal ombudsman to handle complaints and corrections.

See main article: Guardian Media Group plc#The Guardian

Guido Fawkes



The Independent, established as a politically-independent national newspaper in 1986, has been online-only newspaper since Mar.2016. It tends to take a classical liberal, pro-market stance on economic issues.

See main article: The Independent


An American right-wing news website, radio broadcast, and media platform. Run by Alex Jones, same dude as #Prison Planet.

Jewish Chronicle

See main article: Jewish Chronicle


London Evening Standard


Mint Press News


Daily Mirror

See main article: Daily Mirror

The Daily Mirror is a national daily tabloid newspaper founded in 1903. Originally pitched to the middle-class reader, it was converted into a working-class newspaper after 1934, in order to reach a larger audience. The Mirror has supported the Labour Party since GE-1945.ref

Morning Star

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Mother Jones

New European

New Statesman

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News of the World

  • See also Rupert Murdoch
  • 2018.01.18: Phone-hacking cases against Murdoch papers settled at last minute. Confidential settlement of cases against Sun and News of the World raises difficult issues for future hacking cases - Mr Justice Mann complained that issues important to another 47 hacking cases in the pipeline had not been determined in a case that would have heard allegations of wrongdoing by James Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks. The Guardian, Dan Sabbagh

News Thump

NewsThump is a satirical and spoof news website, taking a daily swipe at current affairs from the UK and around the world. It is published and owned by Thump Publishing Ltd. We aim to be equal opportunity piss-takers and have no particular affiliation or political preference. It is our stated aim to mock absolutely everyone, eventually. We are not afraid to skip a few steps like checking facts or corroborating sources, and we never let the truth ruin a funny story (it’s much easier just to make everything up). So, for clarification – If you read a story on here, then you are NOT supposed to believe it. It has been completely made up purely for entertainment purposes. It’s also worth noting that we regularly use rude words and stuff, so you need to be 18 to be reading this. ref


In the brash, bumptious, bullshit of our brave new world The Pin Prick seeks simply to serve, to entertain and to annoy. No minute by minute updates. No breaking news. No quarter given. None taken. Otto English. ref


The PMLiVE website and its associated monthly print magazine Pharmaceutical Market Europe (PME) and twice-yearly print titles Communiqué and The Directory are published by PMGroup. They offer the latest pharma news, analysis, jobs and events, including the annual Pharmaceutical Market Excellence Awards (PMEAs) and Communiqué Awards. ref Website


Politico is an American-owned media company, which covers international politics and policy, and distributes content via its website, TV, radio, and newspapers.
Politico Europe was launched in Sept.2014 as a joint venture with German publisher Axel Springer SE,ref and has made several European acquisitions since then.ref It claims to be non-partisan, an assertion which has been disputed by some.ref Website, PoliticoWikipedia-W.svg

ToDo: Check out if this info re ownership and funding is still current (2007): link. See also The PoliticoPowerbase-graphic.svg, link, ...

Press Gazette

Holy crap - see a listing of their websites here, Some serious consolidation going on here. See, Not sure how it fits in with Compelo yet. Good Compelo pic here, Good Press Gazette pic here,

Prison Planet

Prison Planet / Paul Joseph Watson has regularly been involved in known Russian narratives post-terror attacks and has regularly attacked Sweden with confirmed Russian disinformation. He was barred from tweeting in Sweden in 2017, along with Arron Banks' Westmonster. Watson has also vocally opposed YouTube's measures to demonetise fake news and extremist content. Byline

Private Eye

Private Eye is the UK's number one best-selling news and current affairs magazine, edited by Ian Hislop. It offers a unique blend of humour, social and political observations and investigative journalism. Published fortnightly, the magazine is read by over 700,000 readers and costs just £2.00 an issue.
Their (free) Special Reports are well worth reading. ref Private EyeWikipedia-W.svg


Reaction is produced by a team based in London and is edited by its founder Iain Martin, political commentator and author. Ian Martin has surfaced in The Times, and in CapX. Team: Robert Salisbury, Iain Martin, Maggie Pagano, Alastair Benn, Mark Fox. Advisory Board: Viscount Ridley, Sian Hansen, Lord Hill (Jonathan Hill, Baron Hill of OarefordWikipedia-W.svg), Nicole Gray Conchai, James Olley.

Red Brick

The Register

Renegade Inc


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Russia Today

  • A known arm of the Russian state, who openly admit to operating as part of Putin's war apparatus.
  • Apr.20.2018: RT’s propaganda deserves mockery but not a ban. Have no doubt: RT, the television channel formerly known as Russia Today, is a malign force. Its presentation, graphics and reports contrive to convince viewers that it is a serious channel offering genuine news coverage, but it exists to push a stream of conspiracy theories and rumours, mixed with subtle promotion of Moscow’s line on world events. ... OfCom has opened 7 investigations into whether the channel had breached impartiality rules since the Salisbury nerve agent attack. Ofcom’s inquiries could lead to RT losing its broadcasting licence. But while it is clearly a mouthpiece for Moscow, we should not ban RT. Such a move would backfire, with retaliatory action to expel our journalists in Russia that would hamper both understanding of events there and the free flow of news for opposition forces. Ian Birrell, The Times.

Signs of the Times (SOTT)


  • Regulated by IMPRESS
  • Run by 52-year-old Steve Walker as a sideline to his job as boss of a mailing company, has grown in profile and popularity since the rise of Mr Corbyn and his unexpected success in the snap General Election.
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  • Jan.01.2018: Fresh Attacks on SkawkBox on Year's Day - What They're Not Telling You. The attacks are fake because (a) they cherry-pick parts of the decision and (b) fails to mention IPSO's funding and management in order to treat the organisation – which is not Leveson-compliant – as an independent and official arbiter. SkawkBox, '
  • Nov.17.2017: Attacks on SkawkBox Intensifying and Desperate. Wonder Why... A week ago, we reported on the Murdoch Times using a decision by IPSO on a complaint made about smears in the Mail and Sun to attack this blog's credibility. That attack has now been repeated and intensified across the right-wing press including, yesterday, Murdoch’s Sun. The SkawkBox, '
  • Nov.16.2017: Labour's Fake News. Labour MPs give support to left-wing conspiracy blog which has been officially declared "fake news" by press watchdog. SkwawkBox has spread conspiracy theories about a cover-up of the Grenfell Tower disaster. Other conspiracies reported by Skwawkbox include the unfounded claim that the BBC deliberately manipulated footage of Theresa May’s disastrous Tory conference speech to spare her embarrassment. At least eight MPs allied to Jeremy Corbyn have formed links with the website, giving it interviews and in some cases encouraging the public to donate money to it. Chris Williamson, Barry Gardiner, Ian Lavery, Laura Pidcock, Dennis Skinner, Emma Dent Coad, Centrist Labour MPs have ... accusing the blog of spreading "alternative facts". Slamming Skwawkbox’s coverage of the Westminster sex scandal, Stella Creasy tweeted this week: "It has no place in a fair process, and no place in progressive politics." Wes Streeting said "I don’t think that Skwawkbox is anything other than a propaganda machine pumping out a series of opinion pieces masquerading as news. Labour MPs certainly shouldn’t lend credibility to the idea that Skwawkbox is a provider of news rather than opinion." The Sun, Hugo Gye
  • Nov.09.2017: New Establishment Attack on The SkwawkBox. Some months ago, the SkawkBox lodged a complaint against the Daily Mail and The Sun about their "fake news" allegations against this blog. IPSO took an inordinate amount of time to reject the complaint and support the two newspapers. The social media attempts to smear this blog based on IPSO's decisions have already started to appear, with even the Tory "joke-Momentum" Activate claiming IPSO has "confirmed" that the SkawkBox is "fake news". The Establishment really doesn't like + fears + will attempt to intimidate the New Left Media. The SkawkBox, '
  • Oct.01.2017: SkawkBox Receives Impress Trust Mark. The SKWAWKBOX was invited by independent press regulator IMPRESS to register with the organisation and receive the IMPRESS Trust Mark for Trust in Journalism. The SkawkBox, '


The Spectator, first published in Jul.1828, is a weekly magazine on politics, culture, and current affairs. The magazine also contains arts pages on books, music, opera, and film and TV reviews.
The Spectator is generally supportive of the Conservative Party, although regular contributors include some outside that fold.

See main article: Press Holdings#Brands

Spiegel Online


spiked is an online magazine, whose stated aim is to be a "metaphorical missile against misanthropy".ref It claims to support free speech — but only if you "freely speak" in favour of their pet ideologies. It is sneakily funded by the Koch brothersWikipedia-W.svg, via their Charles Koch Foundation.

See main article: Spiked


A known arm of the Russian state, who openly admit to operating as part of Putin's war apparatus.


See main article News UK

Sunday Times

See main article News UK

Tabloid Corrections

Blog aiming to rub the noses of naughty newspapers in their own bullshit. "Tabloid Corrections is a blog reporting on factual inaccuracies and bias in the British mainstream press. It covers newspaper lies and also the more common (but equally despicable) trait of misleading and misreporting prevalent in the press. The blog focuses mainly on UK tabloids (Sun, Mail, Mirror, Express) but also features broadsheets when necessary. It also covers fringe outlets on the extreme right (Britain First, Breitbart London) and left (Morning Star)." ref

Tax Research UK


Third Sector


The Times is a national daily newspaper based in London. The Times and its sister paper The Sunday Times are published by Times Newspapers, a subsidiary of News UK, itself a wholly owned subsidiary of News Corporation Inc. The Times and The Sunday Times were founded independently, do not share editorial staff, and have only had common ownership since 1967, when the Astor family sold The Times to Canadian-owned Thomson Newspapers Ltd, who already owned The Sunday Times.

True Publica


Vice News UK

Owned by US company Vice Media Inc., Vice News covers emerging current affairs world-wide, especially those not given much coverage by the mainstream media. Some more traditional journalists are less than impressed with its "edgy, hip" approach. Others consider it to be "brilliantly edited and often utterly compelling". Owned by US company Vice Media Inc, it has offices in 35 countries.


The website was launched one day prior to Trump's inauguration as President by Arron Banks and Michael Heaver, former press adviser to Nigel Farage. Westmonster is modelled along the same lines as Breitbart NewsWikipedia-W.svg and the Drudge ReportWikipedia-W.svg. IOW, they cherry-pick articles from the media that support their views, and re-title them with something eye-catching. The site is supplemented with "opinion" pieces. Website

Wired UK

Wired UK, launched in Apr.2009, is a bi-monthly magazine reporting on science and technology, business and lifestyle. It covers a broad range of topics including design, architecture, culture, the economy, politics and philosophy.
Both in 2011 and in 2014, Wired UK was named as the magazine of the year by the Digital Magazine Awards.ref
Owned by American mass media company Condé Nast Inc, Wired is a UK offshoot of the original US version WiredWikipedia-W.svg.

Zelo Street

Tim Fenton's blog Zelo Street is an established UK media and politics blog. It is totally independent of party or business interest and is entirely self-financing. New content is posted daily. Feedback is welcomed and support even more so! Latest updates, and archive material, are always online. ref
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