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  • Sept.03.2018: The thought police turn men into the enemy. Labour MP Stella Creasy wants to make misogyny a hate crime. Misogyny is defined as hatred of, contempt for, or prejudice against women. Tomorrow, the Commons will debate Creasy’s amendment to the “upskirting” bill, which would add misogyny as an aggravating factor. The MP is said to hope that this will be the first step to making it a hate crime, along with offences motivated by hostility based on race, religion, trans identity, sexual orientation or disability. She claims that the public backs such a move. A two-year pilot scheme by Nottinghamshire police, which recognised public harassment of women as misogynistic hate crime, is said to have received overwhelming support. Should misandry — hatred of, contempt for or prejudice against men — also be made a hate crime? And while we’re in the mood, why not make misanthropy a hate crime, thus criminalising all those with a generally grumpy view of their fellow human beings? Making misogyny a crime presupposes that male attitudes to women need to be regulated in and of themselves. It therefore makes men the enemy, not just of women but of decent and civilised values. That is a hateful calumny. In other words, the real hatred involved in the crime of misogyny doesn’t lie with the male sex. It resides instead in the minds of those whose prejudice against men now risks labelling their chromosomes as accessories to crime. Melanie Phillips, The Times.
  • Mar.27.2018: Stella Creasy to call for crackdown on high-cost credit cards. Stella Creasy, credited with forcing the Treasury to impose a cap on interest rates and fees charged by payday loan companies such as Wonga and the Money Shop, will push in parliament on Tuesday for the introduction of similar rules for credit cards. She wants restrictions on credit card charges to help tackle rising levels of problem debt. Consumer borrowing on credit cards, personal loans and car finance has spiralled to levels unseen since the 2008 financial crisis. Creasy and three other Labour MPs have signed an amendment to a finance bill due before the Commons on Tuesday that could lead to a limit being introduced should it be successful. The rule could result in lenders being blocked from charging a consumer more than the same amount they have borrowed in interest and fees. Richard Partington, The Guardian.
  • Nov.16.2017: Labour's Fake News. Labour MPs give support to left-wing conspiracy blog which has been officially declared "fake news" by press watchdog. SkwawkBox has spread conspiracy theories ... At least 8 MPs allied to Jeremy Corbyn have formed links with the website ... Barry Gardiner, Chris Williamson, Ian Lavery, Laura Pidcock, Dennis Skinner, Emma Dent Coad. Centrist Labour MPs have ... accusing the blog of spreading "alternative facts". Slamming Skwawkbox’s coverage of the Westminster sex scandal, Stella Creasy tweeted this week: "It has no place in a fair process, and no place in progressive politics." Wes Streeting said "I don’t think that Skwawkbox is anything other than a propaganda machine pumping out a series of opinion pieces masquerading as news. Labour MPs certainly shouldn’t lend credibility to the idea that Skwawkbox is a provider of news rather than opinion." The Sun, Hugo Gye