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  • Sept.30.2018: Trans twerps rewrite the facts of life, and even the Tories lap up their fiction. A stirring denunciation of corporate fat-cat greed by my fellow panellist, the Labour Party chairman Ian Lavery, on the BBC’s Question Time. It’s up to all of us to take a stand, I think, as individuals. So when Ian was lent £72,000 by the trade union he ran to buy a house (why?), he took the principled decision not to pay much of it back. And then trousered redundancy pay of £90,000 when he wasn’t made redundant but left the union to become an MP. The trade union regulator, a little bemused by this largesse from a union that had 10 members, said at the time that neither Lavery nor the union could provide documentary evidence of the process or the decision by which Lavery was made redundant — or why, given he was leaving for a job as an MP, he needed any redundancy pay at all. Rod Liddle, The Times.
  • Feb.05.2018: Pressure on Corbyn ally Ian Lavery over Labour funding for Ashington FC. Ian Lavery, the Labour Party chairman, is under growing pressure to explain why his football club accepted public investment from a local authority. A Labour-controlled council spent £1 million on a new stand and clubhouse for a non-league team chaired by Mr Lavery, Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign and elections chief. The investment was topped up by staff salaries and utility bills funded by the council’s property arm, which was created to regenerate former coalfield communities. An investigation by The Times disclosed the level of spending by Northumberland county council’s development subsidiary Arch on Ashington football club. Patrick Maguire, Dominic Kennedy, The Times.