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The European Foundation is a think-tank, founded to conduct a vigorous campaign in the UK and across Europe to reform the EC/EU into a community of free-trading, sovereign states. It publishes "The European Journal".

After the parliamentary battles over the Maastricht Treaty, Bill Cash MP established the European Foundation in 1993 to help campaign both in the UK and across Europe in favour of reforming the EU into a community of free-trading, sovereign states. Its regular publication, The European Journal, provided an outlet for arguments to be made and advanced and the work of the Foundation has been promoted over the years by stalwarts such as Russell Lewis, Andrew Rosindell, Allister Heath, Matthew Elliott, Tony Lodge, James Barr and Annunziata Rees-Mogg. Their work – and that of many eurosceptic campaigners – was also informed by the efforts of Anthony Cowgill’s British Management Data Foundation, which successfully made the European treaties comprehensible to the layman. The outreach to the wider eurosceptic research community generated by The European Journal subsequently inspired the creation in 2015 of the ‘Brains Trust’, a small group of eurosceptic subject matter experts who met monthly to discuss and deconflict research as the referendum drew near. The 50 Groups Behind Brexit. Jonathan Isaby & Matthew Elliott, BrexitCentral, Mar.18.2017.


UK Advisory Board

International Advisory Board

  • Georges Berthu (FR)
  • Jens-Peter Bonde MEP (DK)
  • Claus Bunk Pedersen (DK)
  • Margit Gennser (SE)
  • Anthony Coughlan (IR)
  • Wilhelm Hankel (DE)
  • Frank Dahlgaard MP (DK)
  • Ulla Klotzer (FIN)
  • Professor Roberto de Mattei (IT)
  • Keith Marsden (CH)
  • Manuel Monteiro (PT)
  • John O'Sullivan (US)
  • Professor Ivar Raig (EE)
  • Jan Zahradil MP (CZ)
  • Philippe de Villiers MEP (FR)