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Transparency Rating: Transparify  [1]

.. downright deceptive about its funding ... Taxcast by Tax Justice Network @ 9:00 mins,

Nice blog post here (short) on the delusions of Brexiteers:
... This is the delusion of a “Global Britain” straining to be unshackled from its European Union chains. At the heart of this delusion is a claim that is preposterous on its face—that economic integration with the world’s largest trading bloc, one adjacent to Britain's borders, will be replaced by more natural cooperation with the “Anglosphere” made up of the former Empire, and the Americans.


Not just opaque, but deceptive to boot.
Utterly fails to disclose Bahrain's central role in its funding. The Guardian reported £25m. Bahrain Watch claims that the Bahraini govt use the Institute to "present" it as modern, liberal and business-friendly; and to influence UK foreign and security policy. In 2014, the UK signed an agreement with Bahrain to expand and reinforce its naval presence in the Gulf. ref, p.11