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Japan Tobacco, headquartered in Tokyo, specialises in manufacturing and marketing of tobacco products, with a 14.7% market share.[1] The group's products include primarily cigarettes, cigars, chewing and snuff tobaccos. Net sales break down by activity as follows:[1]
  • 60.3%: Tobacco products: overseas, under the brands Winston, Camel, Silk Cut, Sobranie, Glamour, etc.;
  • 28.1%: Tobacco products: in Japan, under the brands Cabin Prestige, Seven Stars, Pianissimo, Mild Seven, etc.;
  • 7.3%: Processed Food products;
  • 4.1%: Pharmaceutical products: primarily for dyslipidemia, osteoporosis and Hepatitis C treatment;
  • 0.2%: Other.


Nine brands make up the core of Japan Tobacco's portfolio.link,more

  • Cigarettes
  • Benson & Hedges
  • Cabin Prestige
  • † Camel
  • Glamour
  • LD
  • Mevius
  • Mild Seven
  • Natural American Spirit
  • Pianissimo
  • Seven Stars
  • Silk Cut
  • Sobranie
  • † Winston, Website
  • Rolling Tobacco
  • Amber Leaf
  • Old Holborn
  • Vaping Products
  • Logic Website
  • Ploom
  • Snus and Cigars
  • xx
  • † also owned by Reynolds American Inc in the USA.
    ‡ also owned by Imperial Brands plc.



Total float: 55.1%
Source: MarketScreener.svg, Apr.2020



Japan Tobacco Inc

  • Nov.2018: Akij Group, a tobacco business in Bangladesh, was acquired to expand JTI's presence in the country. Akij's brands included “Navy” and “Sheikh”, covering the majority of the Bangladeshi tobacco market. Also included was 100% of United Dhaka Tobacco Company Ltd, Akij's holdco, as well as all tobacco-related trademarks and design rights.
  • Aug.2018: Donskoy Tabak, the 4th largest tobacco company in Russia, was acquired. The Greek manufacturer SEKAP, owned by Donskoy Tabak, was also part of the transaction.
  • Jul.2018: JSC Donskoy Tabak, a Russian tobacco company, was acquired. DT's brands included "Donskoy Tabak", "Kiss", and "Play". The acquisition also included 100% of JSC Pereslavl-Tabak, and 94.97% of Syneteristiki Kapnoviomihania Ellados Sekap SA.
  • Aug.2017: PT. Karyadibya Mahardhika and PT. Surya Mustika Nusantara, an Indonesian cigarette maker and its distributor. The firms are purveyors of kretek, a type of cigarette originating in Indonesia that contains tobacco and cloves.ref
  • 2016-2018: Acquisitions: acquired operations in the Philippines, Indonesia, Russia, Bangladesh and elsewhere.
  • Jan.2016: Natural American Spirit non-USA business was acquired from Reynolds American Inc. The acquisition did not include brands in the USA.ref
  • 2015: Logic Technology Development LLC, an e-cigarette business in the USA, was acquired.
  • Apr.2008: Fuji Foods Corporation: a majority stake was acquired.
  • Jan.2008: Katokichi Company Ltd, one of Japan's leading processed foods companies: a majority stake was acquired. WebsiteArchive-org-sm.svg
  • May.2006: AD Duvanska Industrija Senta in Serbia was acquired.
  • Jun.2005: CRES Neva Ltd, in Russia, was acquired.
  • Dec.2001: Austria Tabak, 41% owned by the Austrian govt, was acquired. Founded by Emperor Joseph II in 1784, brands include Memphis.ref
  • Apr.2007: #Gallaher Group plc was acquired and delisted from the London Stock Exchange. ref,ref Brands: Benson & Hedges (with Philip Morris International, British American Tobacco, and Japan Tobacco), Silk Cut, Sterling, Mayfair, Crystal, Nil, Kensitas Club, Senior Service, Dos Hermanos, Gold Seal, Amber Leaf, Sobranie and Hamlet Cigars. todo
  • Dec.2000: Liggett-Ducat, the No.1 cigarette brand in Russia, was acquired by Gallaher.ref The Moscow-based Ducat factory was founded in 1891.
  • Jul.1999: Asahi Kasei Corporation's food business, including Asahi Foods and seven other subsidiaries, was acquired.
  • May.1999:
    Japan Tobacco International SA: RJR Nabisco Inc's non-USA tobacco business, "RJ Reynolds International", was acquired and formed into "Japan Tobacco International", Japan Tobacco Inc's international arm. Brands: Camel, Winston, Salem.[2] JTI.com
  • Apr.1998: Unimat Corporation: an agreement was signed on a tie-up regarding the soft drinks business. JT later acquires a majority stake in Unimat.
  • Dec.1998: Torii Pharmaceutical Company Ltd: acquired a majority of the outstanding shares.
  • 1994: Japan Tobacco Inc was listed on the stock exchanges in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya.
  • 1992: Manchester Tobacco Company Ltd, and AS-Petro, in Russia, were acquired.
  • Apr.1985: Japan Tobacco Inc: the monopolies were abolished, and Japan Tobacco was formed, taking over the business operations and assets of the privatised Japan Tobacco & Salt Corporation.
  • 1984: legislation was passed that changed Japan’s monopolies and public corporations.
  • 1949: Japan Tobacco & Salt Corporation was formed by the Japanese govt to replace the Monopoly Bureau, to help ensure stable supplies and tax revenues for the govt.
  • 1900s: The govt-owned monopoly was extended to include all tobacco products (as well as salt).
  • 1898: The Monopoly Bureau was formed by the Japanese govt to operate the exclusive sale of domestic leaf tobacco.

Tanzania Cigarette Company Ltd

Tanzania Cigarette Company is a Tanzanian tobacco company which manufactures, distributes and markets cigarettes under the brands: Camel, Winston, LD, Embassy, Portsman, Sweet Menthol, Iceberg, Safari, Club, and Crescent & Star. The company also exports cigarettes to the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mozambique and Zambia. TCC is the only cigarette producer in Tanzania and has a 90% share of the domestic market.


Total float: 17.3%
† the Goldsmith family’s investment holding vehicle.[2][3]
Source: MarketScreener.svg, Apr.2020

  • Nov.2000: TCC was floated on the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange.[3]:4
  • Sept.2000: Japan Tobacco International, Japan Tobacco's international division, increased its shareholding from 51% to 75%, becoming TCC's majority shareholder.
  • 1999: Japan Tobacco Inc acquired all RJ Reynolds' non-USA tobacco operations, including its 51% stake in TCC plc.
  • 1995: RJ Reynolds acquired a 51% stake in TCC plc upon its privatisation.
  • 1975: Tanzania Cigarette Company Ltd: the company was renamed.[4]:11
  • 1967: the Govt of Tanzania acquired a 60% stake in East African Tobacco from British American Tobacco Ltd, as part of Tanzania’s Nationalisation program (the Ujamaa Movement). The remaining 40% was acquired in 1975.
  • Dec.1961: East African Tobacco was established, 5 days before Tanzania became independent from Great Britain.

~Mar.1999: RJR Nabisco sold off its tobacco business, RJ Reynolds International, which owns the Camel brand, to Japan Tobacco.ref

Gallaher Group plc

Gallaher Group was the 2nd-largest tobacco company in the UK, with world-wide manufacturing operations. Its best-known cigarette brands included Benson & Hedges and Silk Cut. Until 1997, Gallaher was a wholly-owned subsidiary of American Brands Inc. Since being divested from American Brands in 1996, Gallaher has undertaken a substantial overseas expansion program, acquiring cigarette manufacturers in Russia and Austria, and entering a strategic partnership with Shanghai Tobacco in China.

Japan Tobacco trades in the UK through Japan Tobacco International as Gallaher Ltd.OpenCorporates-sm.svg ref, https://www.international-synergiesni.com/jti-gallaher-limited/, https://www.jti.com/themes/investis_bootstrap/images/jti_logo.svg JTI's UK trading company is Gallaher Limited, 01501573

JTI Int'l t/a Gallaher Ltd

Website, History

  • Apr.2007: Japan Tobacco International SA purchased Gallaher from American Brands Inc.ref

Gallaher Group plc

  • Jan.2006: Cita Tabacos de Canarias SL, a Canary Islands-based 50/50 joint venture between Altadis SA and Agrupacion Tabaquera Insular Canaria SA (a Spanish company owned by the Zamorano family), was acquired. As part of the transaction, Tabacos Canary Islands SA (a contract manufacturer of cigarettes) and Tabacos La Nubia SL (a cigar manufacturer) were also acquired. CITA manufactures, distributes and sells cigarettes and cigars in the Canary Islands, Spanish Peninsula and Portugal.AR-2005:4, ref
  • Apr.2005: Benson & Hedges and Silk Cut trademarks in Malta and Cyprus, and Silk Cut in Lithuania, were acquired from British American Tobacco plc.AR-2005:4
  • Jan.2005: Wismilak Inti Makmur, an Indonesian manufacturer of clove cigarettes and premium cigars, and the 6th largest cigarette company in Indonesia, was acquired.
    ToDo: Research req'd. link, link, link, link, link, Website
  • Jan.2004: Lekkerland Europa was purchased by Gallaher's associate Lekkerland-Tobaccoland, in which Gallaher had a 25.1% holding. Lekkerland is a German company engaged in the wholesale distribution of tobacco and other products and operates principally in EU countries. Following the business combination, Lekkerland-Tobaccoland changed its name to Lekkerland GmbH & Co. KG. AR-2005:94, ref Lekkerland.deArchive-org-sm.svg, Lekkerland.com
  • Jul.2003: KT Merkury, a domestic Polish cigarette manufacturer, was acquired in order to strengthen Gallaher's position in the Polish market.AR-2002
  • Jul.2003: the Group acquired Kompania Tytoniowa Merkury Sp.zoo (subsequently renamed Gallaher Polska Sp.zoo), a Polish company engaged in the manufacture of cigarettes.AR-2003:71
  • Jul.2002: RJ Reynolds-Gallaher International Sarl, a joint venture with RJ Reynolds Inc, was formed to gain access to cigarette sales in most of the European Union.ref The venture was scheduled to run until 2012, but was ended prematurely in 2007, as a result of Japan Tobacco International's acquisition of Gallaher Group.
  • Jul.2002: Gustavus AB, a small Swedish snuff manufacturer of both loose and portioned snuff, was acquired. Gallaher gained the manufacturing capability to enter the Swedish snuff market.AR-2002
  • Jul.2002: Gustavus AB, a Swedish company engaged in the manufacture of both loose and portion snuff, was acquired.AR-2002:69
  • Dec.2001: Liggett-Ducat Ukraine: a factory in Cherkassy, Ukraine was purchased from Reemtsma Cigarettenfabriken GmbH. Subsequently Gallaher launched Liggett-Ducat Ukraine, a strategic venture to further its growth in the Commonwealth of Independent StatesWikipedia-W.svg.ref
  • Oct.2001: Whyte & Mackay Ltd was sold to management, financed by Kyndal International, a vehicle consisting of 9 managers (25%); German bank WestLB AGWikipedia-W.svg; together with Rotch Property Group Ltd (75%), Robert and Vincent Tchenquiz's investment vehicle.ref
  • Aug.2001:Austria Tabak: a 41.13% stake in Austria's formerly-nationalised biggest tobacco company was acquired,ref with the remaining shares being purchased in early 2002.In Jun.2002, Austria Tabak's subsidiary, Altesse Ges.mbH, a manufacturer of cigarette papers, was sold.AR-2002:69
  • Aug.2000: Liggett Ducat: Western Tobacco Investments LLC, holding company for the Liggett-Ducat group, Russia's number one cigarette brand, was acquired.ref In Dec.2001, Liggett-Ducat Ukraine was purchased from Reemtsma Cigarettenfabriken GmbH.AR-2001:55
  • Aug.2000: Benson & Hedges and Silk Cut trademarks in certain European Union countries, including Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Latvia and the Czech Republic, were acquired from ??ref
  • Apr.1999: Dorchester and Dickens & Grant business acquired from RJ Reynolds.AR-2000:3
  • Apr.1999: Gallaher acquired the Dorchester, and Dickens & Grant businesses from RJ Reynolds Tobacco (UK) Ltd, plus the rights to use the Benson & Hedges trademark in Spain.p.8 The transaction included a distribution agreement for Camel and More brands in the UK.ref
  • Feb.1999: Gallaher's Royal Warrant was revoked, after 122 years.ref,ref
  • May.1997: Gallaher Group plc: Gallagher was spun off by Fortune Brands/American Tobacco Company as a separate, publicly-traded company.ref The manoeuvre was a direct result of the darkening environment for tobacco companies in the USA, where the industry faced multiple legal challenges and new regulatory difficulties.erican-brands-1357568.html ref,ref

Gallaher Ltd

  • Jan.1991: A grant of Corporate Arms was made to Gallaher.ref
  • 1990: Vladivar vodka: the worldwide trademark rights to the UK's 2nd largest vodka brand, was acquired by Whyte & Mackay.
  • Feb.1990: Whyte & Mackay Distillers Ltd was acquired, furthering the strategic development of Gallaher's non-tobacco interests. Whyte & Mackay and its three Scottish distilleries were located in Glasgow; one of the distilleries was William Muir (Bond 9) Ld, a bottling company based in Leith, near Edinburgh, producing the blended whiskeys Whyte & Mackay Special Reserve and The Claymore, as well as the single malts The Dalmore, Tomintoul-Glenlivet, and Old Fettercairn.
  • 1989: Dollond & Aitchison suffered a setback when the UK govt abolished free vision tests for the majority of people, and spectacles and contact lenses for retail became liable for VaT. However, Gallaher remained confident, and continued the planned expansion of the Eyeland Express chain. Within two years, Dollond & Aitchison had virtually completed a major restructuring of its retail and service facilities, becoming the largest optical group in Europe with 500+ outlets in the UK, and strong and profitable overseas businesses.
  • 1984: Prestige Group plc was purchased. Under the "Prestige" brand name, the company produced stainless steel cookware, pressure cookers, bakeware, and kitchen tools and accessories. Under another brand name, Ewbank, it also marketed carpet sweepers. Prestige, established in 1937, was the leading non-electrical housewares manufacturer in the UK. Following the acquisition, Dollond & Aitchison opened the first fast-service optical department store in Europe at Yardley near Birmingham, England. Additional stores, called "Eyeland Express," followed.
  • 1979: InfoTab: Gallaher was a founding member,ref along with British American Tobacco, Imperial Tobacco, Philip Morris, Reemstma, RJ Reynolds, and Rothmans Tobacco International. link, INFOTABWikipedia-W.svg
  • 1973: The TM Group, previously called Mayfair, was a company operating vending machines that dispensed cigarettes, drinks, and snacks in licensed and industrial catering outlets. Perhaps TM's best known manifestation in the UK was the ubiquitous Vendepac machine. Another purchase was that of Forbuoys plc, a chain of shops selling tobacco, confectionery, newspapers, and magazines, again with branches throughout the UK.
  • 1971: The Marshall Group, a retail franchise operation that sold mainly tobacco products and confectionery through concessions within major retail stores across the UK, was established.
  • 1970: Dollond & Aitchison Group, whose main specialty was the supply of optical services and advice, spectacles, contact lenses, and accessories, was acquired from . Dollond & Aitchison possessed an extensive branch network throughout the UK. Also acquired was Keeler Ltd, a small ophthalmic instruments manufacturing and distributing operation. Dollond & Aitchison's overseas expansion began in 1974 with the acquisition of Italian company Salmoiraghi Vigano, which added the retailing of optical and medical instruments to the group's interests. Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc > Boots UK Ltd > Boots Opticians.
  • 1962: #J Wix & Sons Ltd was acquired from the American Tobacco Company in exchange for a 13% stake in Gallaher's stock. By 1968, American Tobacco had increased its holdings in Gallaher to 67%, giving it a controlling interest. In 1975, the shareholding had increased to 100%.ref:12
  • 1955: Benson & Hedges Ltd, the independent UK branch, was acquired,ref bringing its Royal Warrant, bestowed by Queen Victoria in 1878 "to purvey cigarettes and cigars for use in her household," and later renewed by subsequent monarchs. Richard Benson and William Hedges began their business in London in 1873.ref
  • 1953: Cope Bros & Company, which had "a promising brand in Old Holborn", was acquired. Founded in 1885, Cope Bros had acquired Richard Lloyd & Sons in 1902; and HC Lloyd & Son of Exeter in 1924.ref
  • 1947: Associated Tobacco Manufacturers Ltd, which included cigar maker JR Freeman, was acquired.ref
  • 1937: JA Pattreiouex, a subsidiary of E Robinson & Sons Ltd, and maker of the Senior Service brand, was acquired.ref
  • 1934: Peter Jackson (Tobacco Manufacturer) Ltd, maker of du Maurier cigarettes, was acquired. (Later renamed as "Peter Jackson Ltd".) International Tobacco Company Ltd and the National Tobacco Company Ltd were acquired at the same time; all 3 had been owned by members of the Wix family.
  • 1932: Imperial Tobacco Company acquired a 51% majority interest in order to forestall an anticipated takeover by American Tobacco Company (Mk3). Gallaher agreed not to engage in export business except through the BAT-controlled Export Branch.ref:59
  • 1928: Gallaher became a public company.
  • 1900: Queen Victoria awarded Gallaher a Royal Warrant "to purvey cigarettes and cigars for use in her household," and later renewed by subsequent monarchs. pic-link
  • Mar.1896: Gallaher Ltd was incorporated to "carry on in all their branches the businesses of tobacco, cigar, cigarettes and snuff manufacture". Tom Gallaher opened the largest tobacco factory in the world in Belfast.
  • 1857: Tom Gallaher started his own business making and selling Irish Roll pipe tobacco in Londonderry, Ireland.ref
Additional Sources: Company Histories, Competition Commission

J Wix & Sons Ltd

  • 1962: J Wix & Sons Ltd was acquired by Gallaher from the American Tobacco Company in exchange for a 13% stake in Gallaher's stock. By 1968, American Tobacco had increased its holdings in Gallaher to 67%, giving it a controlling interest. In 1975, the shareholding had increased to 100%.[5]:12
  • 1928: American Tobacco Company (Mk3) purchased J Wix & Sons from members of the Wix family, marking American Tobacco's re-entry into the UK market.[5]:30 Julius Wix retired, and his two sons left the company the following year to set up their own businesses, amongst which were the Peter Jackson group of companies; the brothers also owned Benson & Hedges at one time.
  • ?date?: Kensitas cigarettes were developed.
  • 1922: J Wix & Sons Ltd was incorporated as a limited company.
  • 1901: Julius Wix founded the business in London.



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