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  • Cartoon: "Noddy Bigears; The infighting between Tony Blair and Gordon Brown reaches one of its more intense peaks as the respective teams of briefers do the rounds of the media studios. Meanwhile, the man held responsible for banging their heads together in a no-nonsense beer-and-sandwiches sort of Old Labour way, Deputy PM John Prescott has been caught with his pants down on the job. He is in no fit state to bring the two "statesmen" to heel, as they fight over who gets to steer. Someone's toys will surely end up being thrown out of the car.",
  • Cartoon: "Prescott Cowboy; While Tony Blair is on holiday, deputy John Prescott steps disastrously into the sheriff's boots. He then characteristically shoots himself in the foot by letting slip an aside that George Bush's foreign policies are "crap". Certain similarities between these two political "heavyweights" suddenly become obvious.",
  • Cartoon: "John the Builder; John Prescott makes hay while the sun shines and makes ready to take over the reigns while Blair is away on holiday. He announces with his usual blustering eloquence that thousands of affordable homes for key-workers will be built all over the green belt of south-east England, specifically the "Thames Gateway". Can he fix it? Hmm...",

Regional Policy Commission

  • Chaired by Bruce Millan, the former European Commissioner for regional policy and secretary of state for Scotland. The commission, established by Prescott in 1995, ...,
  • As deputy Labour leader, John Prescott commissioned Bruce Millan, a former European Union regional policy commissioner, to chair the Labour Party’s Regional Policy Commission (RPC) to identify strategies to tackle regional unemployment and economic decline. The conclusions of the RPC highlighted the need to establish Regional Development Agencies (RDAs) in every region to promote regional economic development, and to make these agencies accountable to the newly established regional assemblies. But because of the difference in regional attitudes towards this project, New Labour suggested holding a consultation in the regions where popular consent was most visible. The Major government showed hostility to Labour's proposals, and denounced their "purely" bureaucratic nature., para.8